Seoul' Out 09 day & BEG fansign

Remember few months back i blogged about the Seoul' Out event ?

Well i definitely enjoyed my time rocking to the music the T-max, Brown Eyed Girls, Ft island, Ji su lee and mario sang ! Not forgetting the various korean cultural shows that was put up! 10 cheers for RedSpade entertainment !

I was at the event with my joann and a couple of other friends on that very day. May i say it was indeed a very rushing day ! I had to rush to Marina Mandarin hotel after the concert so that i could have a closed up look at the brown eyed girls ! I managed to pass small gifts that i bought for narsha and ga-in too ^_^

Eitherway ! Here're some of the videos ! (My camera was flat that day so i didn't snapped any)

Kudos to the person who took the fancam!

So yeah that practically sums up mostly for everything. I apologize for not taking any pictures of them .... actually i did ! One pic only though, using my handphone ...

After the whole thing ended. I went to buy a gigantic chipmunk for narsha as her early birthday present! Unfortunately, i accidentally deleted the pictures for the chipmunk, but you'll see it in a while ...

On the 13th, Me, sophy and a couple of others were helping in the organizing of queues and preparations of the arrival of brown eyed girls at orchard central, it was very tiring of us but we're glad we did our part to ensure the fansigning goes well. Imagine handling 600+ people on that very day whom were present !

The stage where the fansign was held

The brown eyed girls did some introduction and stuffs, i have to say the arrival of them are the killer time of the day! Everybody was practically going crazy! However we managed to go through it all :D

Look at this video for their arrival. You can see me passing narsha the gigantic chipmunk at 4.45 ! ^^

And this was taken by a friend of mine!

After the fansign was concluded, the fans sang her a birthday song in korean! Awesome!


Cause i was invited to have dinner with the Brown Eyed Girls at Esplanade's ' No Signboard Seafood '. I have to say this is really a once in a lifetime experience! Like seriously serious. What are the chances of you having dinner with your idols ! *happy fanboy* .

Here are some of the pictures i took of them after the dinner (we wasn't allowed to take pictures of them while they were eating).


The lady in pink is the owner/founder/boss of Lacoco!!

And the 11-course dinner !


The prawns were gigantic !

And ending everything with my signed poster ^^ WIth my name specially on it !


(narsha wrote one of the letters wrongly XD )

Anyway i have to thank the owner of lacoco hair salon, mrs kim who flew all the way over from korea, to singapore to greet brown eyed girls, me and the other bloggers. I have to thank her for giving me this opportunity to watch the concert, and also help in the organizing of the fansign, and lastly the dinner!

Seoul' Out 09

Are you ready singapore? For when the sun comes down there'll be a concert that'll be rocking your night away!

Red spade entertainment is bringing several koreans stars to singapore for the Seoul'd Out 2009 celebration in conjunction with the sundown festival! (

On the line up, there's Mario , Ji su Lee , Brown Eyed Girls , Ft island & T-Max !

And may i have the honour of introducing some of the bands that're coming?

Ft Island

From left to right - Hongki (Vocals), Jae jin (Bassist), Minhwan (Drummer),
Jonghyun (Leader/Guitarist), Seunghyun (Guitarist/Rapper).


Heard of Boys Over Flowers but have yet to seen one in your life? Fret not! Ft island is here to rock your day in Seoul' Out 2009 ! Bringing their famous hits from " I hope to Bad girl , Or even older tracks like Love sick " , they're definitely one talented band. Unlike other boy bands who've set a record for dancing and singing. Ft island excels in different areas, like drumming, guitaring and most importantly, singing !

Brown Eyed Girls

Clockwise direction : Jea, Miryo, Narsha, Ga-in

Are you ready to get charmed by the 4 ladies in brown eyed girls? Bringing their latest smash hit " Abracadabra & Sign " , this will be one of those nights where you'll go woo-gaga thinking of them. Need no more explainations as the video will do the talking.


Did you know the song " Paradise " From the well known hit drama " Boys over Flowers " is actually from T-max. If you don't, well now you do!

Anyway! Early bird tickets are priced at $65. The k-pop event will be held at the Fort Canning Park on Dec 12. So get your tickets fast !

For more details, you can refer to the follow picture :)