Mnet Ultimate Live Asia ( MULA )

Guess who's attending this event tml ? Me! (yay) Anyway the ticket was sponsered by a company and i'm not required to blog about it :D Good right good right!

Mnet Ultimate Live Asia, also known as MULA will be hosted at MBS (marina bay sands) singapore tomorrow at 4pm.

More from i-Weekly:

- Each of the 5 groups will perform 6 – 8 songs.
- The T-stage will allow you to get closer to the stars! Other than that, merchandise will also be sold at the venue itself, while stocks last.
- One of the surprises of the event will be Fan Service (Definitely looking forward! ;D)
- It’s a free-standing event.

And who are the groups that are attending this grand event?

It'll be Miss A , B2st , Mblaq , 2pm and 2am !

2pm , Miss A and 2am even did their own greetings for singapore! Take a look at the videos below!

In any case, i'll be heading there tonight to queue for the tags which gives us priority access. Will be heading there with rebecca, jiali, veronica and idk who. Most of them are gonna oogle at 2pm =x

As for me, i'm going to the concert for the sake of Miss A! Say A ! Unfortunately suzy will not be attending the event herself as she's got a movie fliming on tomorrow itself. Just so happens she's my favourite and prettiest member ):

But whatever, i'll still enjoy the event ! Of course they're still eyecandies like Min from Miss A , wooyoung the superrrr cheeky guy from 2pm , gikwang from b2st and of course the awesome vocals from 2am !

In case some of the people attending are unsure of the standing plans and moshpits allocated, here's the plan.

Anyway to those who're not attending, don't be too sad alright! I'll be an angel *halo* and help video/take pictures down of the individual groups (i'll take more pictures of Miss A) :D

For more information and juicy bits of the event itself, feel free to follow me at twitter , my ign is tylerhikaru.

Link :

Look forward to my next entry ^^
Everybody please include in your tweets this hashtag ( #icantbreathe ) to support Miss A tomorrow!

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