SMRT Problems

Going to touch on singapore's problem on transportation & population.

This issue first came to my mind when i wake up every morning, anticipating a fun filled, knowledge enriching day at school and i've to face the crowds at the MRTs every day without fail. It's either squeezing, pushing, or the odour problems, the worst are during the peak hours.

And after reading some articles at the straits times about SMRT implementing extra train-busses during the peak hours so that the waiting time for trains would be 3minutes. It got me thinking.....

It would really be awesome if we only need to wait 3minutes for a train. But apparently i'm waiting for 7minutes everyday before i can finally NOT board the train. Yes, i said NOT.

Due to the insane crowd everyday, everybody is practically squeezing their bodies as if we're oranges preparing to be squeezed. My friend was talking about how uncomfortable she felt while squeezing in the train and she felt as though her whole body including her b**bs were squeezed by people. No wonder some people from other countries claim that sg'reans have the smallest b**bies, maybe this is one of the leading factors! (i'm kidding)

Anyway, for the past two weeks, i've to queue up in order to board the train at J.E interchange and everytime the train comes, i'll have to try my very best to squeeze into the train. However, without fail, the others will out-squeeze me and end up i'll have to wait for another 2-4 trains before i can finally board it.

Few days back, i woke up as early as 6am and left home at 7.50am as i wanted to have early breakfast with my poly mates at 8.30am (my lesson starts at 9am). By looking at the mrt distance-time chart, it says it only requiries an estimated time of 35mins (+ waiting time) to reach from Senja - Dover.

However, i ended up reaching SP at only 9.02am . AWEOMEEEE. A 1 hour trip and so much time wasted where i can actually put them into much more use instead of wasting time squeezing my body with the crowd.

Then comes in the population side of this whole issue, after studying Social studies for the past 5years in my secondary school life, i've learned that the population rise of singapore has taken a toll and have been rising slower as compared to past years.

Since in singapore, you'll have to face overcrowding at places like towns, trains, busses etc. Isn't a retardation of citizenship growth temporarily good in singapore? This ensures SMRT has the esssential time it needs for building more train tracks/trains to prevent overcrowding at MRT stations for the future generation.

And the overcrowding issue is enough to discourage people from taking the train (other than odours, pushing etc).

Thus people start taking the alternative path which is = Cars/Vans/Lorries.

However, as years pass. Prices of the transport available for private usage is increasing, and at the end of 2010, it has came to a rise that affording a car would be hard for those average well to do families.

One of their reasons for raising car costs - Encouraging citizens to use public transport more

Well, not that i'm trying to say anything against the govt, or SMRT. But i seriously hope that SMRT will operate more trains during peak hours like the mornings and not only afternoons. It's not like SMRT's making a loss if they operate more trains during peak hours right? More trains = more people riding comfortably = happy = $ .

(It feels real good to actually be blogging again~~~~~~ )