K-Pop Heal the World Concert - Press Release

As mentioned from the previous post, http://bit.ly/iYpSZT , I'm the official blogger for the event " Kpop Heal the World ", words cannot describe how happy i was when i received the email from the company!

And I received the press release which was emailed to me recently. Being readers of my blog, you'll be one of the first few to actually be notified of everything regarding the event!

(Please read through the press release as I'll reveal some secret tips which will enable you to get closer view/contact with your favourite idols and also (maybe) a chance to snap pictures with them!)

Press Release or immediate release 1/5/2011

K-Pop Heal The World! 2011

June 4th, 2011- Korean Pop has become a mainstay in Singapore’s concert schedules; fanatics line up for days to purchase category 1 tickets, aspiring dancers mimic every glittery step of their favourite bands, and Korean superstars arrive to tides of screams and camera flashes on the sunny shores of Singapore.

K-Pop Heal the World’, the much anticipated star studded concert on June 4th at the Max Pavilion, Expo intends to bedazzle audiences with top quality acts- But differing from the other profit-priority concerts, will use the Korean stars as role models to spread positive messages to the youth. K-Pop Heal the World allows for fans to connect with their idols as each band will perform 5-6 songs each set, hold fan meets, meet-and-greet sessions, and press conferences. The focus is for these Korean artists to speak to the youth about natural disasters that have occurred around the world, whether it be the recent Japanese earthquake and Tsunami, the Haiti disasters, or the Indonesian volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.
The Korean artists who have come on board for K-Pop Heal the World can truly promote a cause, at the same time give concert -goer’s unbelievable performances of hip-hop dancing, moving ballads, catchy pop tunes, and crazy on-stage antics!

The Acts

I'll post up a detailed intro of each idol groups on my next post (I know i said that on my previous blog post but i want to share the press release with the all of you first!)

Details of Concert
Date: 4th June, 2011
Time: 1800-2300
Location: Max Pavilion Hall, Singapore EXPO, 1 Expo Drive, #01-01 Singapore 486150

And who do we have to thank for making this event possible? Definitely http://www.kpop.sg/ / www.facebook.com/kpop.asia !

Not forgetting the Partnering sponsors!

Korean Tourism Organisation
The Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Fish & Co
Mercy Relief
On n Pro
Official Hotel: Conrad Singapore
Official Media Partner: U-Weekly/ 1003FM/ Omy.sg/ Wanbao
Official Restaurant: Sarang Restaurant
Official Drink: H-Two O
Official Magazine: Teenage Magazine
Official Music Channel: MTV Asia

Now it's the moment you've been waiting for, I'll reveal how you'll be able have direct contact and (maybe) take pictures with them. If you've paid attention to what I've been blogging about, you'll realize that I've revealed where they'll be having their meals and the hotel where they'll be staying. Thus, you know what to do right ? :) The first time i had direct contact with my idols (but i didn't take any pictures) was at the hotel where ft island stayed. It was awesome ! I never had the chance to have snap pictures with them cause the news of where they'll be staying is all over the place! (but i actually stayed behind, waited for them to appear and had closer contact with them, like less than 1m?)

And knowing where your idols are living, predict where your idols will go shopping (most of the time ion, marina). My friend predicted correctly and he snapped a picture with the brown eyed girls during Seoul Out' 09!

THUS, you're having an opportunity to actually have a closer contact with your idols by knowing all the information before hand on my blog!

IF you want to have a bigger chance of snapping pictures, having their autographs or shake their hands, get your tickets now and stand a chance to win the meet and greet tickets!


( If you're a t-ara fan (diadem), DO note
that we'll be celebrating Jiyeon's birthday on that very concert! So get your tickets now ! )

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