FICTION - B2ST (BEAST) - Penguin Step Tutorial

A new dance-duo will be out with their new dance tutorial for b2st - fiction!

Yes, they're J2T ! It's actually just me and my friend :D

Here's the preview! The full tutorial will be out soon, so please support and show us much love!

(Please leave constructive bad/good comments ! We wish to improve even more for everyone! )

Coolest Optical Illusion

Porbably the coolest optical illusion that only requires 30seconds of your time (and maybe ruin your eyesight alittle LOL)


1) stare at the negative Luo zhi xiang's red dot for 30seconds
2) Turn your head to the wall (or anything that's blank) and blink non stop

Results : You'll see a colourful luo zhi xiang while blinking.







Start tracking your twitter now!

Today I'll be teaching you guys, how to track your followers with this amazing website

Step 1 : Head to
Step 2 : You'll be directed to this website shown below

Step 3 : Click " Sign in with twitter "
Step 4 : Enter your information down .

The main good point about this site is that even though you logged in using your password and username, no details/information is left behind! Meaning your account won't be hacked by this website, neither will your account be spammed with nonsensical stuff or whatsoever

Step 4 : There's 3 different functions available

Fn1 : Helps to track who unfollowed you recently
Fn2 : Helps to track who are the people whom you're following, who're not following back!
Fn3 : The history of unfollowers!

The website not only provides accurate statistics, but also provide a user-friendly interface and most importantly, it's FREE-OF-CHARGE!

Shall try out the different functions now...

(I didn't even realised i lost 25followers this week T_T No wonder my followers have been stagnant)

As easy as that and you'll be able to track who unfollowed you!

However, the first time whereby you login and enter, you won't be able to see who unfollowed you as your followers lists isn't tracked down yet. So since it's FOC and hack-free, why not just give it a try?


Few days back I was looking through twitter and i happen to chance upon your favourite (probably) beast member, yoseob's twitpic account. As you all know, he's famous for his baby face and when i saw what he twitpic-ed, may i say i was kinda impressed?

I'll share what i saw later, but look at this picture below!

The guy with a baby face and powerful vocals from beast is actually #smallbutpowerful too! .... LOOK AT HIS ARM MUSCLES AND ABS X.X

Which then got me thinking further about people who look down on small sized people or people with baby faces. You know, most times people don't believe that I can do 50pushups in 1minute, or 10 and above pullups. WAE (why) U NO BELIEVE?

I mean, yes i know i look weak, fragile, petite and whatsoever but WAEE. I'm #smallbutpowerful okay!!

You must believe that everybody have their own inner strengths , will power = strength.

Before i continue, there's my idol, jang woo young from 2pm, who also has a baby face (and super awesome and poisonous cheeky cheeks).


And one thing i realised is that i've lost of habit of training ever since i started working at premier pure, i stopped jogging at late nights, doing squats, weight lift and yada yada. I feel so practically weak nowadays and I've lost my motivation to exercise.

So i've decided, I'll use jang woo young (and others, continue reading to see) as my motivation to work out (i'm a hottest because of his cheeks and nothing else ....okay maybe khunyoung).

SO IF I SUCCEED. I'll look like this in the future

(A pic of wooyoung for the suspense effect when you scroll down)

TADAHHH! I purposely choosed one weird looking pic of me to make it look funnier :P

Okayokay I know, khun is grabbing all the spotlight (I'll edit him off later...LOL)

So once i've a muscular body like that, maybe i'll get to have girls thinking about me! LOLOL . (By the way, I realise woo looks so happy in the pic above HAHAHAHA)


Okay lah, those pics were mainly for my own motivational purposes :D HYOMIN LEHHHH. And once I've a muscular body, i'll be able to show off my sexy curves like woo (LOL)

Before I end, i wanna share the following pictures with you guys LOL. I finally learnt how to add layers in photoshop and use the magic eraser to erase the background, thus my hands got itchy and i decided to edit 3 more pictures ;D

#1 Lee Jae Jin (so this is how he'll look like if he has a muscular bod ....)

NAME ALL MY IDOL BIASES DOWN LOL. (this is for entertainment purposes only)

#3 And when boredom strikes, there's a female face in a man's body =\ JIYEON's still pretty horh ~ But I've to censor her (beep) since she's still a girl :)

Well, back to reality... I'll not achieve that type of body you see above cause basically, i'm born with a very small body structure (bones blahblah), so maybe in the end, I'll end up looking like jokwon O.O

Nonetheless, I may start working hard and work out more often. (I STILL HATE MY FRICKIN PUNY TINY SMALL WHATSOEVER SMALL WRISTS)


Feel free to share this with your friends if you find this funny :D

(If you find me weird idolising wooyoung, then ask the founder of hottest (2pm's fanclub), who is a fanboy of woo. Besides that, in wooyoung's fanbase .... Male > Female in number)

Kpop Heal the World Concert - Present Day

Fanaccount & Fancam :

To kickstart the whole concert was dharni, who actually has a slight similiar resemblance of everyone's favourite big bang singer, tae yang. He displayed an impressive array of different beatboxing skills that made all of the audience go "WOAH!", seriously speaking, his beatboxing skills is no kidding matter !

Afterwards, was a dance performance by O school's own crew! Coincidentally, i saw one of my school's dance teacher inside, am i amazed or what! The school kicked off with a michael jackson and beyonce tribute dance routine, followed by Boa, 2ne1 and Bigbang choreo!

And the appearance of Orange Caramel which made the whole audience scream and shout for them!

This is the first time ever that After school's cutesy sub-unit ' Orange Caramel ', will arrive in singapore to perform. They started off with their debut single : Magic girl . Following their first song, they sang a chinese rendition of their 2nd song , A-ing (The day you went away) and ending their performance with the cutesy bangkok city !

I was totally amazed by the appearance of Nana and her goddess-like appearance, cutesy raina and also bubbly lizzy! No surprise to why they're the winners of the ' photogenic award ' !

Known as the Korean's version of Japan's superstar group ' Arashi ', the 4 hearthrobs that make up 'T-Max' rocked the expo with songs such as Fight the bad feeling, Blooming, Don't be rude, Bang bang boom' and also their well loved song : Paradise.

(something for all of their fans to know, they actually wore the same outfits worn 2years back at Sundown Fest)

They also provided a huge array of fanservice for the fans present on the very day!

Known as Korea's own version of The Pussycat Dolls, and also the Female Version of 2pm, Afterschool is here and they kicked off with BANG! , followed by Because Of You , Diva and lastly Shampoo! Their latest hit shampoo has been well received by many fans and kpop lovers, and this is their first overseas promotion of this song ! Singaporean playgirlz must be awfully stunned and starstrucked by the beauty of the ladies from After school, right? :D

The Afterschool members dancing to because of you

Known as Rain's protege group, Mblaq's here again in singapore BUT performing new songs such as Stay and Again! Fanservice is a must by Mblaq as all the A+ were swooned by their hearthrobing actions and vocals.

Mblaq (Music boys live in absolute quality) started the whole performance with Oh yeah, Y rap, You are my, Stay and ending their performance with Again!

And not forgetting the famous tanktop stripping scene from leejoon!

AND FINALLY WE REACHED THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY (well for me at least it was).

T-ara came out with their dazzling wae ireoni outfits and all the fans (including myself) quickly rushed to front to have a better and closer look at our favourite idols. Starting off with Wae Ireoni (Why are you being like this) , the girls made many fanboys/girls and diadems alike scream and shout at the top of their voices

(I shouted to the point i kept chao sia, so embarassing!)

Following Wae ireoni, they performed their cutesy song, YAYAYA ! The loudest cheer i've heard the whole day was for t-ara :D

For the first time was performed by T-ara and everybody were swooned by the butt shaking actions, as a diadem myself, it was a dream come true T_T

After their performance of For the first time, they went back to their dressing room to prepare the paws for their performance of Bopeep Bopeep! Much fanservice was given especially by Eunjung and Jiyeon! Hyomin did too and she winked at my area *faints*
After performing, they threw their paws off stage and fans were fighting (practically fighting - punching one another) for the paws. Very disturbing scene but our attention was caught by their last performance of the day.... I GO CRAZY BECAUSE OF YOU~ OHOHOHOHOHOH!

How can i forget this segment? The fans sang a happy birthdays' to T-ara's Maknae, Jiyeon!

And to end the stage with a combined performance with all the idols (except afterschool), Kpop Heal The World was definitely a night to remember for all diadems,A+,Playgirlz and kpop lovers alike!

And the event wouldn't be made possible, if it wans't for Kpop asia, their sponsors and also their event partners! I thank Kpop asia (Yiting, Mr Taisuke & Melissa) for sponsoring me such an awesome experience!

Cr for pictures : Glenn Taubenfeld

Kpop Heal the World Concert - Fan account

Today's entry will be more like a step by step fan account instead of a normal media-coverage post! Decided to do something different as compared to the other media bloggers.

This is not my media coverage but mainly my fancount as the pictures weren't sent to us to blog about the event yet.


After my exams, I headed off to the MRT to pass edwin (the winner of my giveaway) the tickets for Kpop heal the world, and also meeting one of the admins of MBLAQattack (mblaq's official forum) to collect her letter for Mblaq.

At around 6.30pm, i reached Conrad Centennial hotel where i was supposed to attend the Meet & greet + Press conference session! There, i got my Media Pass (which was super awesome for all the wrong reasons, will explain why later)

(... Yada yada, the rest of the details are explained yesterday @

After the press conference, i went ot meet my friends outside marina, in the meantime, buy my dinner. Unfortunately, T-ara came back to the hotel and went up their rooms while i was doing so, thus i didn't had the chance to pass jiyeon or hyomin my gifts. Nonetheless, i stood outside the hotel waiting for them, only to get chased off by the security of the hotel.

Being the " I hate sweating " type of guy, i decided to go into the hotel (my friend didn't follow me as they were sort of, blacklisted by the security) and stay by the lift to wait for T-ara to come down so that i can pass my gifts. The only reason why i was able to loiter around the hotel was thanks to my MEDIA PASS! Haha, i said i was authorized to wait for them :P

Anyway, after waiting for an hour and communicating with some of the thai fans, I managed to come in contact with monkeu, one of my friends that I met 2years back during the Brown Eyed Girls fansign. Where she told me that MBLAQ is heading out for supper. After leaving, I was talking to this lady about T-ara's whereabouts and coincidentally, she was the translator for mblaq! I spoke to her alot about Mblaq, their schedule and blahblahblah. And around 10minutes later, several koreans came down ( I didn't know leejoon was with them). Apparently, a guy was dancing to his own reflection of the lift (which i later confirmed it was leejoon and not mir/seungho like what i twitted) . DAEBAK ! A male idol dancing in front of you! And our distance ain't no laughing matter.

After the encounter with leejoon, I gave up waiting for t-ara ( i waited for 2hours and i had exams that day, so i'm super exhausted), bringing home their bithday presents along with me ):


(Thanks to this whole event, i got to make friends with the owners of SGKwave &

Was super late and I had to rush to expo max pavilion hall. Chanced upon alton and I went to the entrance to enquire about where i was supposed to go, and i was directed to go to the extreme end of the backstage. While searching for the room i was supposed to enter, i walked pass T-ara's (without knowing) waiting room, and was outside Mblaq's waiting room (without knowing AGAIN) finding someone to ask for directions. There, i saw a korean lady directing mblaq to another room and i saw the guys shouting/screaming some random words (I think someone shouted DAEBAK!), and thunder saw me again, and eyesmile-d at me! Haha .

After that, i managed to find one of the security there and asked them where i was suppose to head to, and i was directed to the media room. There, the fanmeet was held and apparently i was too late T_T Mblaq and After school just left the place (after staying there for less than 10mins). On the positive side, i got myself a copy of an autographed limited edition 3D blaq style album :D

The image looks weird cause it's 3D

Afterwards, we (the media people) were briefed as to where and what we're supposed to do, forbidding of photographic materials yada yada.

And tadaahh! The concert goes on! And it was a splendid one! Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures ( as it's very time consuming to be focusing ) and i took short video clips instead. The reason why I had to do things fast (if you're there, you'll know), is that the security will start getting cranky when you start taking photos/videos, one was even escorted out of the concert hall!

Soooo, less talk, and i'll let the videos do the talking. If you've followed me in twitter : , you would have known what are the event highlights !

After the event, i chanced upon natasha and alfred! And tadahhh! I'm home

Kpop Heal The World - Press Conference + Meet&Greet

Attended the Kpop Heal The World press conference + meet & greet today. Was so disappointed that I didn't even get to have a glance of t-ara today as they had to attend a last minute fliming (as according to what the MC said).

Anyway, it was kinda awkward for me too as most of the other media bloggers were equipped with their big ass DSLRs' whereas I've only my "weakling" samsung camera! Should have borrow Elaine's Canon60D!

Soooo ... The whole conference was kinda awkward, as most of the Q&A questions were directed towards MBLAQ =\

Here's some of the pictures i've taken!


The t-max member's facial expression - So funny/cute LOL

Seungho and thunder were looking this way! HIII !


The girl that asked MBLAQ several questions :)

Mir : * Takes a peek at what's leejoon's doing *


Some of the event highlights

Seungho said he likes chilli crab, G.O said "chilli clap?" And did the clapping action

G.O said he recognises some of the A+ whom he saw at MULA last year

A+ sang the "Lee Joon is lovely~" song and he was so embarassed

(quotes from SGKwave)

I think that some might you may complain about my picture quality. BUT i've a special video specially flimed for you guys!

*still upset that i didn't get to see t-ara*