Kpop Heal the World Concert - Present Day

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To kickstart the whole concert was dharni, who actually has a slight similiar resemblance of everyone's favourite big bang singer, tae yang. He displayed an impressive array of different beatboxing skills that made all of the audience go "WOAH!", seriously speaking, his beatboxing skills is no kidding matter !

Afterwards, was a dance performance by O school's own crew! Coincidentally, i saw one of my school's dance teacher inside, am i amazed or what! The school kicked off with a michael jackson and beyonce tribute dance routine, followed by Boa, 2ne1 and Bigbang choreo!

And the appearance of Orange Caramel which made the whole audience scream and shout for them!

This is the first time ever that After school's cutesy sub-unit ' Orange Caramel ', will arrive in singapore to perform. They started off with their debut single : Magic girl . Following their first song, they sang a chinese rendition of their 2nd song , A-ing (The day you went away) and ending their performance with the cutesy bangkok city !

I was totally amazed by the appearance of Nana and her goddess-like appearance, cutesy raina and also bubbly lizzy! No surprise to why they're the winners of the ' photogenic award ' !

Known as the Korean's version of Japan's superstar group ' Arashi ', the 4 hearthrobs that make up 'T-Max' rocked the expo with songs such as Fight the bad feeling, Blooming, Don't be rude, Bang bang boom' and also their well loved song : Paradise.

(something for all of their fans to know, they actually wore the same outfits worn 2years back at Sundown Fest)

They also provided a huge array of fanservice for the fans present on the very day!

Known as Korea's own version of The Pussycat Dolls, and also the Female Version of 2pm, Afterschool is here and they kicked off with BANG! , followed by Because Of You , Diva and lastly Shampoo! Their latest hit shampoo has been well received by many fans and kpop lovers, and this is their first overseas promotion of this song ! Singaporean playgirlz must be awfully stunned and starstrucked by the beauty of the ladies from After school, right? :D

The Afterschool members dancing to because of you

Known as Rain's protege group, Mblaq's here again in singapore BUT performing new songs such as Stay and Again! Fanservice is a must by Mblaq as all the A+ were swooned by their hearthrobing actions and vocals.

Mblaq (Music boys live in absolute quality) started the whole performance with Oh yeah, Y rap, You are my, Stay and ending their performance with Again!

And not forgetting the famous tanktop stripping scene from leejoon!

AND FINALLY WE REACHED THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY (well for me at least it was).

T-ara came out with their dazzling wae ireoni outfits and all the fans (including myself) quickly rushed to front to have a better and closer look at our favourite idols. Starting off with Wae Ireoni (Why are you being like this) , the girls made many fanboys/girls and diadems alike scream and shout at the top of their voices

(I shouted to the point i kept chao sia, so embarassing!)

Following Wae ireoni, they performed their cutesy song, YAYAYA ! The loudest cheer i've heard the whole day was for t-ara :D

For the first time was performed by T-ara and everybody were swooned by the butt shaking actions, as a diadem myself, it was a dream come true T_T

After their performance of For the first time, they went back to their dressing room to prepare the paws for their performance of Bopeep Bopeep! Much fanservice was given especially by Eunjung and Jiyeon! Hyomin did too and she winked at my area *faints*
After performing, they threw their paws off stage and fans were fighting (practically fighting - punching one another) for the paws. Very disturbing scene but our attention was caught by their last performance of the day.... I GO CRAZY BECAUSE OF YOU~ OHOHOHOHOHOH!

How can i forget this segment? The fans sang a happy birthdays' to T-ara's Maknae, Jiyeon!

And to end the stage with a combined performance with all the idols (except afterschool), Kpop Heal The World was definitely a night to remember for all diadems,A+,Playgirlz and kpop lovers alike!

And the event wouldn't be made possible, if it wans't for Kpop asia, their sponsors and also their event partners! I thank Kpop asia (Yiting, Mr Taisuke & Melissa) for sponsoring me such an awesome experience!

Cr for pictures : Glenn Taubenfeld

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  1. Haiii.. I'm a citrine diadem too.. I really wish I was there to see them. :(