Kpop Heal The World - Press Conference + Meet&Greet

Attended the Kpop Heal The World press conference + meet & greet today. Was so disappointed that I didn't even get to have a glance of t-ara today as they had to attend a last minute fliming (as according to what the MC said).

Anyway, it was kinda awkward for me too as most of the other media bloggers were equipped with their big ass DSLRs' whereas I've only my "weakling" samsung camera! Should have borrow Elaine's Canon60D!

Soooo ... The whole conference was kinda awkward, as most of the Q&A questions were directed towards MBLAQ =\

Here's some of the pictures i've taken!


The t-max member's facial expression - So funny/cute LOL

Seungho and thunder were looking this way! HIII !


The girl that asked MBLAQ several questions :)

Mir : * Takes a peek at what's leejoon's doing *


Some of the event highlights

Seungho said he likes chilli crab, G.O said "chilli clap?" And did the clapping action

G.O said he recognises some of the A+ whom he saw at MULA last year

A+ sang the "Lee Joon is lovely~" song and he was so embarassed

(quotes from SGKwave)

I think that some might you may complain about my picture quality. BUT i've a special video specially flimed for you guys!

*still upset that i didn't get to see t-ara*


  1. thank you for sharing ^^
    these are nice pix, dont worry & thanks for the vid ^^
    Mblaq Fighting ^^

  2. @Hind : I don't think the pictures are as nice as the other media people who were using their DSLRs, but thanks anyway :)