HTC ' Likes ' Awards 2011

I was invited by HTC to attend the recent HTC 'Likes' Awards 2011, can't describe how honoured i am to be invited to the event ! I hope to be a consistant media coverage blogger for them other than maintaining my position in kpop asia :D

HTC ‘Likes’ Awards 2011 is Singapore's first ever event sociated to social-holics in singapore and it was Suntec convention centre on the 22th of July.

Well know stars that attended the event to present the prizes and also their performances were

Our very own home grown singaporean - Derrick Hoh
Angelic vocals that captivated many audience's hearts on youtube/live - Jayesslee (Janice&Sonia)
Ex leader of 2pm and internationally well known - Jay Park
International artiste - Plain White T's

Jay Park was the first to appear to present the awards for the Most stylish award to hellven chua (who was coincidentally my friend ). Other awards that were given out were the Best Lookalike, Best dance Moves, Htc Local Hero, Most OMG picture were given out by the other stars that were present on the very day itself

And the very first performance was by the twins, Jayesslee!

Performing 3 songs by international stars – Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning, Jessie J’s Price Tag and last but not least, Bruno Mar’s Just The Way You Are. They also bought their own band for their performances, harmonizing their voices with the music and practically melted the audience's hearts. What's more, their talent not only relyies on their vocal capability but also their talent in handling other instruments (keyboard/guitar) !!!

Derrick hoh then took to the stage with songs from his latest singles. In which he serenade-d a lucky fan in the audience up, i bet all the derrick hoh fans must be jealous!

A surprise mini Denizen fashion show was held before Jay Park started taking over the stage with his hit songs - Nothin on you, Abandon & Tonight !! I can honestly say that most of the crowd were actually Jaywalkerz (Jay park's fans) because you can hear the loud fanchants and cheers for him!

And this was the Faster finger award, where Shan & Ross were the judges to decide who wins a grand prize of $1000 and a HTC chacha/salsa phone! It was kinda entertaining to see the participants typing their lives out LOL

Ending the night was Plain White Tees. Honestly speaking, I'm not a fan of country music so i left the place earlier due to my aching tummy, it must be due to the fact that i'm too hungry!

Before i end, i want to thank HTC for giving me this opportunity to attend this event :) Benvoda for telling me about it and also for the pictures! I managed to meet several of my media-blogger friends like Ksnaps too :)

Korean Music Wave 2011 (KMW)

Really, really hate it when I feel like blogging up multiple entries and photobucket's acting up! It's like, you finally have the motivation inside you to finally blog and because you can't upload pictures, you can't blog!

Initially i wanted to blog about something else before KMW, but i forgot what it was ... (you see! Must blog on the day itself than will remember).

Soo anyway, we attended KMW only after DalShabet performed! (Not against them or anything... I kinda like their " Supa Diva " one! But well everything was planned last minute afterall as we were watching Harry Potter before this). This wasn't a media invitation, so obviously this post will not be as detailed as my previous kpop-events related posts :)

When we entered, X-5 just finished performing and it was DNA's turn to perform.

As much as I want to pic spam non stop for you guys .... I CAN'T !!! I can't believe i forgot to bring out the camera's battery on the day itself. Thus i've no choice but to use pictures taken with BFF's camera :P But it's better than nothing! Most of them are still clear hoho.

Grabbed some of the epic pictures (Captions may be added in by me)

Anyway, the host for that day was Kevin from Ukiss and Min from Miss A (yay). I've to say kevin is really cute cause he kinda reminds me of calvin (txaojvam)

I've no idea what are the names of the Teentop members but the one with curly boom hair's expression is really, really priceless :P

They performed Supa Luv, Clap and Angel.

And i really went high when the people in the following pictures appeared.....

JIA : HI ! We're back in singapore!


I swear suzy looks like an angel when she starts singing

They started their performance with their hit songs from 2010, Breathe. Fanchants were evidently heard everywhere. (of course!!! I practically shouted !). Following their interview with our singaporean and arrirang tv host, they continued with Blanky, Love alone and finally BAD GIRL GOOD GIRL ! Thank god i was very close to the T stage (I was at penB), I saw them bending down in front of me .... woogaga....

Then, Ukiss took over the stage with 0330 (MY FAVOURITE SONG), followed with everyday, bingeul bingeul, manman hani.

And when the 21st century girls appeared, I thought my ears were going deaf T_T

Yep it's 2NE1 !!

CL greeting us with her impressive english!

Your fierce and cool maknae : Minzy!

Dorky, adorable and apparently sleepy in the picture : Dara!

And with beautiful barbie-like-look and awesome vocals - Park bom!

Look at how happy CL was :D I guess she didn't expect to have so many blackjacks in singapore!

//Imagining Parkbom as a singaporean hooligan//

Park Bom : " You where not happy, come lah! I burn you i tell you "

2NE1 performed songs like - Fire, Lonely, I am the best, Can't nobody and I don't care

And apparently i've no more pictures (HAHAHA i know lots of you was anticipating bigbang's pictures). Cause rebecca isn't a fan of bigbang either, so she just took videos because she was lazy.

Anyway, here are some of the fancams taken by others. Credits to the respective fans

Jung Mo Rae’s Singapore visit

Kpop Asia team caught up with Korean up and rising actress, Jung Mo Rae last Thursday during her short stay in Singapore.

Elegant, reserved, and mature; you may have seen the stunning Jung Mo Rae in Korean commercials for ‘Dove’, ‘Lotteria’, ‘Paris-baguettes’, ‘Samsung’ while strolling around Seoul, or even here on Singapore screens as the King’s wife in award winning K-Drama ‘Dong Yi’. We caught up with Jung Mo Rae during her brief holiday-visit to our sunny shores, to ask about her innocent persona, her acting career, and her future in the Korean entertainment industry.

Welcome to Singapore! Is this your first time visiting us?

Yes, this is my first time in Singapore. I went out to OneFullerton last night, and have been dining, relaxing, and having a wonderful time. Singapore is a very clean country, and the scenery is beautiful. The view of the Singapore skyline was especially wonderful and inspiring.

You’re pretty new to the Singapore audience. Can you tell us more about yourself and your career?

I started in the Korean entertainment industry in high school, so around 7-8 years. It has always
been my dream! I began by modeling for magazines and advertisements, last year I began acting. I participated in a variety show titled ‘Hot Brothers’, and since then many opportunities have opened up for me, such as ‘Dong Yi’. I was also recently offered to act in an international drama from Korea, Japan and China called ‘Strangers 6’, which I was very excited to be a part of! Strangers 6 will be released in November all around Asia!

Dong yi is currently showing in Singapore right now. Can you tell us more about the role that you portrayed?

For Dong Yi I played the role of one of the King’s wives, in the last few episodes. That was the first
drama that I got to act in, and the producer cast me because I had a ‘Clean and innocent’ screen

What do you enjoy more? Acting or modeling?

Modeling is where I began and have been doing since high school, and I’ve only had a few years experience as an actress. But I’ve become to really appreciate and love acting, so if I had to choose I would act! I’m really grateful for the acting roles (even if small) I’ve been given so far, and I feel that I’ve got a lot to learn as an actress.

Many Korean artists are multi-talented, deciding to act, sing, dance, host, model, etc. Do you have any plans to try out other aspects of the entertainment industry?

I’m currently very focused on becoming a great actress and working on advertisements. But in the
future, yes, my ultimate goal is to become a great all round entertainer in Korea who can do all those things.

What are your plans for the future?

I’d like to organize my time better and be more efficient (and keep away from distractions!). With
my plan to focus on acting, I want to make sure that each job I do now is done well! You can catch Jung Mo Rae on MBC Hot Brothers, Infinite Challenge and the upcoming Strangers 6.

Photos by: Glenn Taubenfeld

I've sooo many delayed posts T~T Am trying to find time to blog them up ASAP but due to the photobucket, everything's delayed! I've tons of pictures coming right up! Stay tuned :)

Yuki's Departure (To Korea)

Prior to Yuki's departure, I managed to rush out this photobook thanks to all the lovely people that turned up! Before the actual day (Saturday), I actually spent 3hours assorting the pictures and the contents inside and pasting the pictures in! Can't believe i spent that long but overall, it's all good, beautiful, and i received a video from alfred that made me very happy.

Inside the book, contains all the wishes from all her close friends and etc ^~^ I had to practically sneak everybody out at the airport so that i can secretly ask them to write for me! And luckily, i managed to do so without Yuki even noticing, and even wrapped it up!

So here's a preview of how it looks like outside. Not going to show the insides though =\

I want to thank everybody for making my surprise photobook gift possible. I actually had like, 4 surprises in plan for Elaine.

#1) The photobook with everybody's wishes

#2) Celestina's surprise appearance

#3) I wanted to make hot chocolate for her (but i didn't have time)
#4) Birthday cake (To celebrate her birthday in advance)

In the end, i only managed to accomplish the first 2 due to the lack of time. But nontheless, i'm glad that she's extremely happy when she saw the book.

Full list of people i wanna thank : My parents, celestina, yvonne, huirong, huirong's boyfriend, joycelyn, joanne, alex, zacson, huiyi, vivienne, hannah, linda, brian, elynn, betinna, faerlyn, kelvin and the rest that turned up! Thank you very much!

Here are the group photos! (you can request the full sized photos from me)

Okay i think most of us were unhappy with how we look in the picture due to the lack of sleep. I thnk i look bloated... yes?

And a closeup shot .

How can i forget a picture with Alfred !

Haha but we both agreed that our face were kinda bloated or whatever. So we decided to censor our faces. HAHAHAHA! But at least it's still a picture taken with him okay!

And introducing to you, Bettina 's daughter. Faerlyn!

Ain't she the cutest thing ever! I swear she's so cute and also the smartest toddler i've ever seen!

And here's a shot with elaine.

I didn't censor my face even though i look bloated from lack of sleep and whatever mainly because - I don't care.

We'll always be here waiting for you. 1day, 1 week, 1month, 1year, 10years.

Time is not a matter, cause we're already connected by hearts.

Work hard, never give up. Do us proud!