T-ara - 롤리폴리 (Roly Poly) Dance Cover Teaser ( Tyler )

I know I've been updating my blog less regularly nowadays, but do know it's mainly cause i'm real real busy with learning kpop dances, filiming, school and other events and such !

Nonetheless, please don't leave meee yeettt ! At least i'm entertaining you with video instead~!

For those who've yet to see me in person (real life) yet, you can watch the following video teaser for T-ara's Roly Poly.

But before you continue, i would like to answer some of the common questions asked in the video

Q1 : Is that a pikachu on your wall ?
A1 : Yes it's drawn by me and my dad when i was young, unfortunately i lost that artistic side of me

Q2 : Are you having a boner?
A2 : No, apparently it was a mistake to wear boxer shorts while dancing, and i didn't realise the " lump " there, so it appears that i have a boner.

Q3 : Why are you covering a girl's song
A3 : Why not? Other famous youtube people who covers dance songs like DarrenTp and Cloudstrife719 also dance to girl's songs! I believe that dancing to another gender's songs isn't a problem at all cause at the end, we're still dancing... yes?

So yeah, here's the videoo!

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I'll be updating about many things with many pictures soon! Like Yuki's departure and many others... so busy T_T I've like a photoshoot for a blogshop this weekend.

Anyway ... J2T's teaser for Jay Park - Abandon & 2pm - I'll be back will be up soon too!

To haters : I can't see, i can't be bothered with what you write :) I accept negative comments that will HELP US TO IMPROVE and not rubbish. So yeah, whatever~

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