Yuki's Departure (To Korea)

Prior to Yuki's departure, I managed to rush out this photobook thanks to all the lovely people that turned up! Before the actual day (Saturday), I actually spent 3hours assorting the pictures and the contents inside and pasting the pictures in! Can't believe i spent that long but overall, it's all good, beautiful, and i received a video from alfred that made me very happy.

Inside the book, contains all the wishes from all her close friends and etc ^~^ I had to practically sneak everybody out at the airport so that i can secretly ask them to write for me! And luckily, i managed to do so without Yuki even noticing, and even wrapped it up!

So here's a preview of how it looks like outside. Not going to show the insides though =\

I want to thank everybody for making my surprise photobook gift possible. I actually had like, 4 surprises in plan for Elaine.

#1) The photobook with everybody's wishes

#2) Celestina's surprise appearance

#3) I wanted to make hot chocolate for her (but i didn't have time)
#4) Birthday cake (To celebrate her birthday in advance)

In the end, i only managed to accomplish the first 2 due to the lack of time. But nontheless, i'm glad that she's extremely happy when she saw the book.

Full list of people i wanna thank : My parents, celestina, yvonne, huirong, huirong's boyfriend, joycelyn, joanne, alex, zacson, huiyi, vivienne, hannah, linda, brian, elynn, betinna, faerlyn, kelvin and the rest that turned up! Thank you very much!

Here are the group photos! (you can request the full sized photos from me)

Okay i think most of us were unhappy with how we look in the picture due to the lack of sleep. I thnk i look bloated... yes?

And a closeup shot .

How can i forget a picture with Alfred !

Haha but we both agreed that our face were kinda bloated or whatever. So we decided to censor our faces. HAHAHAHA! But at least it's still a picture taken with him okay!

And introducing to you, Bettina 's daughter. Faerlyn!

Ain't she the cutest thing ever! I swear she's so cute and also the smartest toddler i've ever seen!

And here's a shot with elaine.

I didn't censor my face even though i look bloated from lack of sleep and whatever mainly because - I don't care.

We'll always be here waiting for you. 1day, 1 week, 1month, 1year, 10years.

Time is not a matter, cause we're already connected by hearts.

Work hard, never give up. Do us proud!


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