Asian Hairstyles #1

Due to the fact that it's examinations week, and i've been very busy with my school projects and stuffs that i've no time to do a new youtube video/tutorial....

Here's a series of photoshoot I did showing a couple of the asian short hairstyles I've tried before (there's still more, will do them next time). Tell me which is your favourite!!!

Photos are not edited (using liquify or any sort), Photoscape is used in cropping, resizing the photos. Some pictures are in sepia, I'll explain why later :) Pimples are still visible in most pictures (those red little tiny dots lol)

Sony DSLR - Auto Exposure, Auto face detection, Self timer x3

Model - Tyler

Knitted Top - Zipia

Ragged Skinny Jeans - Zipia

HERE COMES THE TORTURE! But you can look at just the hair instead of my face instead.

The bangs i always go out with, not styled but naturally voluminized (?) =
Meaning no wax is used in creating the volume-d waves present in the picture

Front View - After tidying. Without any usage of wax, an easy hairstyle for lazy people.

Side view

In sepia

Acting cute posture #1 LOL .

I think that sooner of later, you'll all be bored of my bangs...

* Iiee wishh moii dhweams whill cum thrus *

The only eyesmile you'll see in this whole gallery. Dimples covered with my hands! :D

Sepia series of my bangs, with a slightly more wavy fringe now.

OMG I LOOK SO FIERCE HERE .... *smiles more*

Another hairstyle which i think most of you people would be more accustomed to!

I used to comb my hair up everyday when i was young with gel, thanks to the influence of my dad. He calls this hairstyle " Armani " and i've no idea why! But yeah, a hairstyle that i've been using mostly throughout my primary school life.

Unlike the typical korean hair-up look. This look only focuses on the fringe, thus the crown of your hair is just volume-nized with some wax to make it look more decent, use alittle wax to flatten your sideburns to make it look neater.

Damn act cool but i like this picture, thus here's two different shots of it !

I FORGOT TO RESIZE THIS PICTURE, so if my face looks weird, now you know why.

A modified look of the " Armani " hairstyle my dad taught me. Slightly messier to give it a wavy appearance.

FML second picture i forgot to resize.

Anyway here's the thingy i used for styling my hair (if i were to actually style it). Redken Moulding Paste. You can effectively use it to style many different hairstyles, doesn't leave a sticky feel after usage and can last for many hours after application of hairspray.

This is the front view of the wavy look i was talking about.


* Attempting to style my hair to the typical korean hair up look *

* Still in progress *

* Still in progress *.... But heck! Let's snap some pictures while we're doing it !

And we're done! But i didn't use any hairspray, thus the hairstyle will result in a slightly messier look, but still acceptable right!

A crazy wild hairstyle now. I look like a lion :D

I've posted this in facebook earlier so this isn't a new picture. But yeah, this was a hairstyle i tried out. Astro-boy inspired. By pushing your fringe to the center, and voluminized and styling of the crown, flattening of the sideburns, results in this look!

" You are my one and only~ "

And now i'm going to tell you why i've been using sepia in some of my pictures!

Due to the auto exposure of all the pictures, some of them might look too striking (bright) or whatever you want to call it. Another reason why is because i can use it to conceal my eyebags effectively :P Just compare!

Without sepia.

Let's play !!!

Alittle pouting won't kill ...


If i smile slightly alittle wider in the picture below, my dimples will be revealed x.x

I realised that in all of the pictures in this gallery, you can't see my dimples. LOL

Trying a very retro hairstyle now.

SEE SEE! Does it reminds you of him? Hahahaha! Just kidding, i'm nowhere near him in terms of smarts

Okay that's the end !! Leave a comment telling me which is your favourite :) And shhhhhh if you don't like any of them.


As the title mentions, it's my first time trying out bangs!!! Before the day itself, i initially had thoughts of trying out bangs as i think i'm the only cut on the universe who've yet to try out bangs. However, the thought of me making a fool out of myself really what i wanted so i kicked the thought out of my head.

LUCKILY and THANKFULL, my hairstylist, Kason (from tampines 1, twister) recommended bangs to me to try things out and surprisingly, it didn't turn out all that bad :P

Anyway here are some pictures where i look so miserable due to lack of sleep before the haircut!

Here's a pic to wake you up incase you're feeling sleepy ~

SOOO YEAHHH! I also redye-d my hair to a much brighter colour than my previous one. Met alfred at scape for an alpha entertainment kbox event and had dinner with him and his friends. Awesome bunch of people!!!!!

AND SEEEE! I still can look good with my hair up! Who says i can't !

Idk how to resize the picture below so sorry if it looks weird :P

Here's a series of pictures taken before i headed to one of my friend's birthday :D

Totally digging the editing of exposure nowadays :D Trying to learn abit of picture editing skils from minjun and other ulzzang :D