F1 2011 & Family Dinner

Was working for the F1 Grand Prix for my school's intern during the weekends last week. I must say that it was the most murderous and tiring job i've ever worked for! Not only do you only get 3 hours of sleep a day, you'll have to stand up for 16hours++, eat set meals, handle many super rich guests and also have to put on a smile !!!

I almost fainted at several occasions too ):

Anyway i was working as the Bartender for the Roxy bar, was glad that my job was air-conditioned (at least) and i got to meet many rich people. I'm also helping out the restaurant beside the bar, serving guests like Linken Park, Lee kuan yew and The Miss Universe participants too :)

This job requires me to have black/dark brown hair so here it is ! PICTUREEESSS!!! Totally digging the 2nd day look, so punkish !

I was kinda surprised that one of my followers actually came to the roxy bar to take a picture with me while I was busy working too :P So embarassing hahaha!

On monday 26/09, had a family dinner at Ah Yi Abalone Restaurant near Turf City. Before heading there, me and my bro's back was aching like no tomorrow, so we decided to head for a body massage at novena!

Anyway i managed to dig out my old Samsung camera which i haven't touch in ages but since today is a special occasion, i decided to bring it out with us to camwhore!

Seriously it's been ages since i've last camwhore-d using a proper camera and i've no idea why too LOL ! The only pictures i've took this year was by using the webcam/reflections.

Traditional shark fin in every chinese 10course dinner. Don't bash me cause i'm eating it please. I know and have watched the videos of the processes while they're killing/torturing the sharks. But it's not like i'm having it everyday... right?

Super awesome food. Jellyfish, Crispy pork slices and idk what's the rest but they taste simply too good

My favourite ! Brocolli with chinese mushrooms~!


Some weird fish that i didn't like

Black Pepper Alaskan King Crab. First time eating this... it's meat tastes abit weird

Was lazy to take the rest of our dinner so it's back to the camwhore session :P

I'm getting alittle bored... are you? :P

OHHH and this is how my face looks like after 3 weeks of using the Expose skin care mentioned here ( http://tylerhikaru.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-100-foolproof-method-of-getting-rid.html ) . Still having quite a number of spots on my right face but it's healing fast :) As for my left side of my face, still having alittle bit of acne due to the F1 -.- Lack of sleep!!!

Btw after zooming in so much, i realise it's 4 layers of eyelids and wasn't triple eyelid -.-

Anyway sleep early people! Those going to Miss A 's fansign/Rehearsal tomorrow, seeya ! :D

MY TWIN !!!!

Just done feeding my pet hamsters and was preparing to head to bed. But I ended up here blogging another entry for youuu people.

It's been quite awhile since i last blogged about my life or posted pictures of myself, other than the picture-full-post (http://tylerhikaru.blogspot.com/2011/08/asian-hairstyles-1.html), I've been rather lazy posting up new posts or updates with pictures of myself.

Thus, today i shall reward you readers with em :D

So yeah, shall start off with the day i went to bukit panjang to see the alpha entertainment trainees. Was playing with alfred kart-rider and he cheated !! My phone lagged, thus i'm in 2nd place ;A;

Who's going to the concert too!?

Got to meet the Alpha Ent Sg trainees - S&S, Mengjia , giscelle (Idk how to spell) and a couple of others :D Mengjia and giscelle were real friendly !! They accompanied me for the 1hour+ while alfred was having his interview with SGkwave & SGxclusive

A webcam-camwhore session requested by the Miss A SG fanclub :)

Who's your neighbourhood sealja? :P

That was also the day where quite a couple of my twitter followers seen me in real life for the very first time!! First time getting flooded by compliments by people who saw me, but yeah. I think i'll be seeing those people during the Miss A Showcase too .

I forgot what I did while camwhoring for this photos but like i said before. Taking pictures of reflections is still the easiest way to camwhore (for me). A big time saver waahahahaha!

Just to sidetrack abit and show you guys my twinn!!!

Well, he's not really my twin but those who've seen me in person has said that I've an uncanny resemblance with this guy (From BB.Boys). While ignoring the resemblance we have, I'm really envious of his jawline!!

Scheduled a haircut session at Twister, Tampines 1 with kason again! This time, his way of cutting my hair was using the wet-cut method... Meaning he's cutting my hair while it's wet !

And obviously my hair ends up awsome-ly without looking weird and has natural volume too! Had to cut it shorter because i'm having my Hilton Hotels internship (which is like tomorrow). Soo troublesome !!

And to side track abit, this lady from AKB48 really looks like elaine!!!! Especially her facial features - Jaw line & Nose

TADAHHH! End results !! Didn't colour my hair but will be doing so at the 27th!!! Probably going blonde or a light shade of ash green... or maybe redish pink? I've no idea, will be consulting my hairstylist then :D

And here's some pictures of me with stupid poses to show my twitter followers my new hair!!

With awesome short hair :DD

& I'm ending this post with hyomin's recent twitpic <3

In any case, if there's any enquiries you would like to ask, feel free to ask me @ http://www.formspring.me/Tylerhikaru . I'll always be willing to answer them!

My foolproof method of getting rid of acne

A VERYVERY LONG POST! But if you want to get rid of your acne and have flawless skin, READ THROUGH EVERYTHING AND TRUST ME. It works and I'll teach you how!!

Ohyessss! Today I'll be introducing one of my flawless and foolproof method of getting rid of acne completely and also having flawless skin.

What everybody want in this modern day is NOT to have acne, blackheads, whiteheads or cystic acne, in which what we call our pimples, zits yada yada and the list goes on. In the older generation, many believe that having pimples is a good thing, cause in chinese, pimples are called " 青春豆 " - Which means if you get it, you're young (YAY!!! -.-) .

My background story with acne -

Since young, I THOUGHT i was one of those whom were blessed with perfect white smooth baby skin ... till the age of 16...that belief of mine was changed. Well, thanks to a playful friend of mine whom actually touched the dusty/dirt-filled classroom floor before touching my face, which resulted in me growing my first pimple on the left side of my face the next day...

That very first virgin pimple started spreaded throughout my face (for i don't know what reasons) and ended out with me consistently growing pimples for YEARS. The first product I tried was OXY 10 and i can say that it made my face even worst -.-

I went to a dermatologist in tampines (Maple Clinic) and kovan cause my mum was worried that my baby-white face will be gone (they're more concerned about my face then i do lolol) , still , my face condition didn't IMPROVE, however it was CONTROLLED.

Now, after many years of going to many dermatologists, trying out countless number of products. From oxy, follow me to korean brands like homme, odbo to france products like christina, levisage and etc. Non of them really really tamed my face condition. However, I was sort of satisfied as I only grew around 4-6 pimples weekly so i can't be bothered as it disappears fast...

TILL 3WEEKS BACK!!! The nightmare begins as I started munching on a big packet of seaweed peanuts. THOUGH I KNEW THAT PEANUTS ACTIVATES THE ACNE ON MY FACE (as told by my previous dermatologist) and also thanks to my greediness. I had a major breakout the next day that I almost wanted to stay shut at home for the next few weeks.

However, I obviously couldn't do that as i still had events to attend and such. Thus i went online and started my research on products overseas THAT actually WORKS 100%


But before i go in depth about the product, I shall tell you the steps other than using facial products which will help you in clearing all your nasty acne. AND TRUST ME, IT WORKS!!! I've only been using these few steps for a week, with the product and my face is getting so much better *_* My nose is so clean and smooth too! (No Joke)

Step 1) Change your pillow case at least once a week

(if possible 3days once!) .

No matter how " clean " you think your pillow is, believe it or not, it isn't ! Since you're already growing acne, there must be a source that prompts it to grow - DUST. Thus changing your pillow case can really prevent dust from clogging up all the pores on your face.

Step 2) Eat heathily

Whatever your dermatologist or whatever wife's tale that tells you that your diet doesn't affect the acne growing on your face or the texture of your face... DO NOT BELIEVE IT.

Now let's talk about this logically, if what you eat doesn't affect how your body behaves and stuff, why would people even get diabetes from eating too much sweets (Sugar). Likewise, whatever you eat in your everyday diet affects your body, your face and your complexion.

Cut down on the amount of oily food you take in, NEVER EAT PEANUTS (for my case), take in more veges and fruits (Kiwis and lemons are good for the face)

Step 3) Vitamins

Most of the times, what we eat doesn't really gives us the neccessary or sufficient amount of vitamins our body need. Thus taking vitamins really does help in replenishing our body with the neccessary vitamins it needs.

Research has shown that these vitamins play a part in preventing acne and help in healing of acne scars/marks - Vitamin A/C/D/E, Niacin and Zinc (http://www.beauty-tips.net/skincaretips/acnecare/vitamins-and-acne.htm#axzz1XFXfDvvv).

I never really bothered taking vitamins in the past, but now that i started taking them, my face complexion has really improved by a whole lot !!! I'm currently taking centrum, which has vitamins from A-Zinc. Meaning, it has all the vitamins you need in preventing acne from growing!!

Step 4) Be happy - As simple as ABC

Step 5) Sleep early and wake up early.

Research has shown that our skin starts healing at around 10pm- 3am. Thus sleeping early would mean that your skin would be healtheir and have glowing like celebrity skin. Though it must be hard to adhere to this step, but just try... okay? :D


Or ever let anybody touch your face! My background story has said it all. Once a pimple starts growing, it never stops.

Step 7) Dealing Cystic Acne

Cystic acne are the most troublesome type of pimples and I normally have it once in a while. Cystic acne are those pimples which starts out with a small bump, and slowly "ripens" into a pimple with a yellowish or whitish thing on it's center.

Many people believe that you should just leave it alone. BUT trust me, You should'nt leave it alone and it is a MUST to squeeze it.

Why squeeze it? - The yellowish whitish things are actually inside your skin pores and will literally consume your skin if it remains there. You don't want your skin to end up like Mark Lee do you? However, when i say squeezing of the cystic acne, you would have to do it professional way. Let the people at the facial salons do the job. Or do it my way....

*Squeeze it only when it's ripe (whitish yellowish thing appears)*

Best to do it while bathing. Wet your face with warm water, or take a cloth and dip it in warm water and place it on your face for 3mins (to open the pores). Next, using both your index finger and figure out where the pus (whitish yellowish thing) is. Next you would use both your index finger, and " clamp " it like this > . <

Nope that is not a facial emoticon. But the . is your cystic acne and the > < are your index fingers. When squeezing, NEVER touch your cystic acne cause it'll irritate it, or push it deeper into your skin epidermis, resulting in widespread of cystic acne below your skin surface. Thus, only do it on the area near the cystic acne. And always do it gently!!

After squeezing. Wet your face with cold water to close your pores. If you did it correctly, only the pus will come out and not blood. But if you don't believe in your skills, it's time for you to go and have a facial !!!

Now that i'm done with all the steps. I hope that you'll adhere to all of it faithfully and i hope that you'll have flawless skin in a matter of 3weeks. Good luck~! :)