F1 2011 & Family Dinner

Was working for the F1 Grand Prix for my school's intern during the weekends last week. I must say that it was the most murderous and tiring job i've ever worked for! Not only do you only get 3 hours of sleep a day, you'll have to stand up for 16hours++, eat set meals, handle many super rich guests and also have to put on a smile !!!

I almost fainted at several occasions too ):

Anyway i was working as the Bartender for the Roxy bar, was glad that my job was air-conditioned (at least) and i got to meet many rich people. I'm also helping out the restaurant beside the bar, serving guests like Linken Park, Lee kuan yew and The Miss Universe participants too :)

This job requires me to have black/dark brown hair so here it is ! PICTUREEESSS!!! Totally digging the 2nd day look, so punkish !

I was kinda surprised that one of my followers actually came to the roxy bar to take a picture with me while I was busy working too :P So embarassing hahaha!

On monday 26/09, had a family dinner at Ah Yi Abalone Restaurant near Turf City. Before heading there, me and my bro's back was aching like no tomorrow, so we decided to head for a body massage at novena!

Anyway i managed to dig out my old Samsung camera which i haven't touch in ages but since today is a special occasion, i decided to bring it out with us to camwhore!

Seriously it's been ages since i've last camwhore-d using a proper camera and i've no idea why too LOL ! The only pictures i've took this year was by using the webcam/reflections.

Traditional shark fin in every chinese 10course dinner. Don't bash me cause i'm eating it please. I know and have watched the videos of the processes while they're killing/torturing the sharks. But it's not like i'm having it everyday... right?

Super awesome food. Jellyfish, Crispy pork slices and idk what's the rest but they taste simply too good

My favourite ! Brocolli with chinese mushrooms~!


Some weird fish that i didn't like

Black Pepper Alaskan King Crab. First time eating this... it's meat tastes abit weird

Was lazy to take the rest of our dinner so it's back to the camwhore session :P

I'm getting alittle bored... are you? :P

OHHH and this is how my face looks like after 3 weeks of using the Expose skin care mentioned here ( http://tylerhikaru.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-100-foolproof-method-of-getting-rid.html ) . Still having quite a number of spots on my right face but it's healing fast :) As for my left side of my face, still having alittle bit of acne due to the F1 -.- Lack of sleep!!!

Btw after zooming in so much, i realise it's 4 layers of eyelids and wasn't triple eyelid -.-

Anyway sleep early people! Those going to Miss A 's fansign/Rehearsal tomorrow, seeya ! :D


  1. Why do yoy have such FAIR SKIN??? omgg. *envy*
    Why are you so white? XD Do you always stay indoor?

  2. @Kayee Curry I hate to sweat so i prefer to stay indoors. But in different cases like, if i'm dancing or doing sports, i love to sweat :D