Personality Quiz #2

Take a piece of paper and write down the answers.. The
analysis is in the end....

You are in a deep deep forest... as you walk on you saw an old hut standing there
(1) What is the status of the door? (Opened/closed)

You enter the hut and see a table...
(2) What is the shape of the table? (Round/Oval/Square/Rectangle/Triangle)

On top of the table there is a vase... in the vase there is water.
(3) How much water is it filled up with? (Full/Half/Empty)

(4) and what is the vase made of?

You walk out of the hut... as you carry on your walk in the forest... you see a waterfall from far... there is water running down...
(5) What is the speed of the water? (Choose a number ranging from 0 to 10)

Some time after the waterfall... you step on something hard on the ground... as you
look down... you see glistening gold in colour. You bend down and pick it
up... it is a keychain chained with keys...

(6) How many key /keys you see hanging on the keychain?
(Choose a number ranging from 1 to 10)

You walk on and on... trying to find your way out... suddenly you see a castle.
(7) What is the condition of the castle? (Old/new)

You enter the castle and saw a pool of murky water with shining jewels floating on it...

(8) Will you pick up the jewel? (YES/NO)

Next to the murky pool... there's another pool... with clear water and money floating on it...
(9) Will you pick the money? (YES/NO)

Walking to the end of the castle there is an exit... you proceed to walk out of the castle. Outside the exit, there is big garden, you see a box on the ground.
(10) What is the size of the box? (small/medium/big)

(11) What is the material of the box? (cardboard/paper/wooden/metal)

There is a bridge in the garden some distance away from the box,
(12) What is the bridge made of? (metal/wooden/rattan)

Across the bridge, there is a horse.
(13) What is the colour of the horse? (white/grey/brown/black)

(14) What is the horse doing? (still and quiet/nibbling grass/running about)

OH NO!!! There is a tornado coming... some distance from the horse.
You have 3 options:
(i) run and hide in the box?
(ii) run and hide under
the bridge?
(iii) run to the horse, ride on and gallop away?


Here are the
(1) The door: opened door - you are a person who is willing to share
closed door - you are a person who is keeping things to yourself

(2) The table:
Round/oval - any friends that came along, you will accept and trust them completely
Square/rectangle - you are a bit more choosy on friends and only hangout with those whom you think are on the same frequency
Triangle - you are really very very picky about friends and there are not many friends in your life

(3) Water in vase:
Empty - your life is not fulfilled
Half filled - what you want in your life is half fullfilled
Full - your life is completely fulfilled and good for you! :)

(4) Material of vase:
glass/clay/porcelain - you are weak in your life and tends to be fragile
metal/plastic/wood - you are strong in your life

(5) Flow of waterfall:
0 - no sex drive at all
1 to 4 - low sex drive
5 - average sex drive
6 to 9 - high sex drive
10 - gone case!!! super high sex drive!!! Can't livewithout sex...

(6) Keys:
1 - you have one good friend in your life
2 to 5 - you have a few good friends in your life
6 to 10 - you have a lot good friends

(7) Castle:
Old - shows that your last relationship is not a good one and is not memorable to you.
New - your last relationship is good and it's still fresh in your heart.

(8) The jewel from the murky pool water:
YES - when your partner is around you, you will flirt around with others.
NO - when your partner is around, you will stick around with him/her most of the time.

(9) The money from the clear water pool:
YES - even when your partner is not around you, you will still flirt around with others.
NO - even when your partner is not around,
you will still think of her and and will be loyal to her, not flirting around with others.

(10) The size of the box:
small - low ego
medium - average ego
big - high ego

(11) Material of the box
(outlook of the box):
cardboard/paper/wooden(non-shining) - humble personality
metal - proud and stuck up personality

(12) The material of the bridge:
metal bridge - have very strong bond with your friends
wooden bridge - average bond with your friends
rattan bridge - you are not in good terms with your friends

(13) Colour of the horse:
white - your partner is pure and good in your heart.
grey/brown - your partner is only average in your heart.
black - your partner doesn't seem to be good in your heart and appears to be bad sign.

(14) Horse action:
still and quiet/nibbling grass - your partner is a very homely and humble person.
running about - your partner is a wild type person.

This the last but most important part of the test.
From how I ended
the story... a tornado approaches...
What are you going do? There are only 3
(i) run and hide in the box?
(ii) run and hide under the bridge?
(iii) run to the horse, ride on and gallop away?

What will you choose?
Now, the above is signified by these things:
tornado - problems in your life
box - you
bridge - your friends
horse - your partner

(i) So if you choose the box, you keep your problems to yourself whenever you are met with problems.
(ii) or if you choose the bridge, you will go to your friends whenever you are met problems.
(iii)or lastly if you choose the horse, you seek your partner whenever your partner whenever you are met with problems.

So if you think this is worth to take some time to
send it to your friends, then you are a friend

Or you think it is kind of true, you can also send it
your friends cause you are true too.

Results for me : I am a person who is willing to share. I am choosy on friends and only hangout with those whom you think are on the same frequency (not really true). My life is not fulfilled at all and i am weak in my life and tends to be fragile (true to a certain extent). 6 - High sex drive (err...?) Keys : 1 - Shall not comment much about it :) My last relationship isn't a good one and definitely not memorable to me (100% true, it was a nightmare..). When my partner is around, i will stick around with him/her most of the time and when he/she is not around, i will alwas think of her/him and be loyal to her,not flrting with others. Average ego, humble persoanlity. Average bond with my friends and my partner is only average in my heart (i'm single...?). My partner is a homely and humble person ( i hope so). I choose to keep my problems to myself whenever i am met with problems

2011 Girls' Generation Tour (Singapore) - Press Release

As you all know, world reknown Girl group - SNSD aka Girls' Generation will be in Singapore this December !!! It's the first time SNSD will be having their concert here in Singapore so i'm expecting a whole lot of sones appearing for this event on that very day, right?

2011 Girls’ Generation Tour is set to be on 9 December 2011, 8.00pm at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. With the wait just been made shorter and sweeter,The muchanticipated number 1 Asian Girl Group Girls’ Generation will now make their way to Singapore on 9 December 2011, 8.00pm at the Singapore Indoor Stadium to perform in a solo concert for the first time in Singapore with 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour.

Concert ticket sales will be out to public around the end of October 2011 with more details to be released soon. Follow me on twitter : @tylerhikaru and i'll be providing the latest updates for you!

Concert organiser for 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour Running Into The Sun previously
announced that Girls’ Generation’s second concert tour will be presented in Singapore in
February 2012, but their date with the city has been brought forward due to a change in their

Creative Director of Running Into The Sun, Beatrice Chia-Richmond, says, “We hope this will be an early Christmas present for fans and we’re sure this will end the year on a sweet note. With many fans young and schooling, we hope the change will be for the better, with Girls’ Generation performing here in December during the school holidays.”

Girls’ Generation consists of nine girls in their 20s and they’ve hit a global phenomenon with
their dance moves, saccharine-sweet smiles and slender long legs. The nine members are:
Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun. They are often referred to as SNSD, an acronym of the group's Korean name So Nyuh Shi Dae.

2011 Girls’ Generation Tour, the group’s second concert tour, made a debut in Seoul on 24 Jul
2011 with over 31,000 fans from all around the world. The girls sang a total of 32 songs, while
switching outfits seven times, during the three-hour performance.

I think I'll be there for the event this year, will you? :)

Winners for the twitter giveaways

SNSD Genie Album : @InspiritEngjel
SNSD Baby Baby Album : @JJongCarissa
SNSD POSTERS: @onlyy_woohyuun

(the winners supposed to be other people, but apparently they didn't follow either yukisg or tylerpikachu, so the i reset the randomizer)

This winners please email me by friday, thanks!

Tyler says...

It's been quite awhile since i've last did a this, like writing down how i feel from time to time about certain stuffs.

With the recent minor amount of hate going around, I just had the urge to clear this up.

Recently, there's a couple of people on twitter calling me a stalker, comparing my looks with alfred, or even a more ridiculous one - Me being friends with alfred because I want to gain his fame/Fame hungry.

Like seriously?

Are you a person who did a 24/7 research on me to find out that I'm a stalker? Oh yes you did :O Because if you didn't, how did you come up with the conclusion that i'm a stalker? And if you actually found out i'm a stalker after all this intense research, doesn't that makes you one yourself? Contradicting isn't it .

Besides, do you know the definition of the word " Stalker " ?

1.A person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person.

2.A person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention

For your information, I don't see how i can be stealthily hunting/pursueing someone when i only go out with my close friends, neither did i harass anybody and giving them attention obsessive attention (like seriously who are you having in mind?). I didn't even stalk T-ara nor Miss A when they came singapore so who do you think i'm stalking?

Secondly if you want to compare my looks with alfred, saying that i'm uglier than him and such. I think that both our looks are very distinct and different. He's unique in his own way and so am I. Need more explanation? I doubt so, because i didn't even compliment myself in any way EVER, nor did i actually REQUESTED for people to call me good looking and such. So why compare?

The person who actually did all this comparing and spreading of nonsensical rumours was actually a HUGEEEE fan of alfred and claimed that she's EXTREMELYYYYY close to alfred ! Even twitting that she knows about alfred's personal matters (Eg : That alfred will be flying off at 15October to korea for training .... LIKE WUT?)

How did she even know something that alfred himself didn't know? Or something that neither did that korean trainees know? So simply amazing ..

And the last, is me being maligned as someone who's making friends with alfred only for fame.

LIKE SERIOUSLY SERIOUS? I got to know alfred way before he was even selected as a trainee. I got to know about him after the 1st audition because Elaine and I was discussing about the shortlisted participants and somehow we clicked and TADAHHH! We became friends.

We reached 700 twitter followers at the same time, so how in that sense, made people have the impression that i'm trying to become famous just by being friends with him :O Did he publicly promoted me? Probably in your imaginations. On the other hand, I did help promote him alittle way before he even got selected to receive the full contract and i didn't see anybody complaining.

I'm not typing all this out because i'm trying to make up excuses of what i did. Because in actual fact, I didn't even do what was mentioned above nor had the intentions of doing it. Instead of standing in a corner being maligned by others, i think it would be better if I were to stand up for myself and say what i want to say.

If I'm hungry for fame, wouldn't i be just pretending to be someone i'm not and show off everything i have, calling myself a international superstar that everybody loves? But did I ?

When I did voluntary work, donated $, did good deeds or do something good to make someone happy. Did I go about twitter/facebook and brag about it, trying to make people have an angelic impression of me? Nope i didn't (maybe in some cases yes, if i'm just purely kidding or if it's with someone close to me). I've my flaws and i want people to see this because like the rest, i'm human. I can do the wrong stuff at the wrong time and when I do good things, I see no need for all this to be made KNOWN to the whole world cause what goes around, comes around. I believe that though karma can't be seen, how we act will eventually affect us in the future.

And in any case if you think that I'm extremely affected by this, extremely pissed or angry yada yada, I'm not :) Cause i know that there are always awesome people out there who believes in me.

Having said all this, I wish all the haters all the best in their lives :)

Miss A Fansign/Concert

I wonder why is Miss A's min so happy ....

Nahhh nothing much, she's just happy cause she saw me !!!

( Picture credits to nicole)
Haha I'm just kidding. She had that facial expression just like the other members of Miss A when i told them that this was my 3rd time seeing them live in singapore !!

But the longest i spoke was with min because there was no language barrier :D

Anyway i attended both Miss A's fansign and concert last thurs/friday.

Met the Miss A admins at Citysquare mall and coincidentally, i met up with these people...

(Left to right) Symone, Giscille, Stephanie and Mengjia :D

These are the people who participated in last year's Alpha/JYP entertainment audition . It's my 2nd time meeting them and idk, i think i can click quite well with them.

S&S - Symone & Stephanie

I think there's no need for me to describe much about them as they've already establish quite a name for themself in singapore's kpop wave. They're known for their height, S shape bodies and awesome youtube covers. I really really really like their Sistar- So cool cover and think that it's currently the best in youtube =\ Both of them are 16!!

(P/S : Many people think they're twins but they're not, they're more like close sisters)


I think I treat her like a dajiejie among all the girls. She's the first person whom i've clicked well with since the first time i saw her :P She LOVES gummy bears!

Meng Jia

Being known as the best singaporean who can dance SNSD's GEE and having a similiar name to Miss A's Meng jia !! Just search " Meng Jia " on youtube and you can see her performances on Kpop Dance battle and such, she also did Gee for her JYP/Alpha auditions!

Just showing a couple of their camwhore pictures while i was away from my camera HAHAHA!

SUP . .. i have triple eyelids on that very day too ... HAHAHAHA

SEEE !! She got the dajiejie feel right !

Participating in their camwhore session. I can't help but feel like my head's a peanut, so small and looks crushable!!!

Then again it's maybe cause i'm at the back .... or maybe not hahaa

And stephanie joins them !!!

WAHAHAHAHA i'm a lucky guy HAHAHAHA! That was what giscille was saying when she took this photo for us.


Then again it kinda looks sexy.... FAKE. Hahahaha!

After a couple of camwhore sessions. Me, giscille, amelia and S&S headed to have our dinner... like 30mins before Miss A arrives? We had to rush our dinner like mad .

Da jie jie enjoying her meal

Oh and this is Amelia :)



Initially i didn't want to upload this because only Suzy looks good. But I can't help it !!! Look at her smile !! #likeakid


After getting my album autographed personally by the Miss A members. Me & the girls went to the Expo Pavillion to watch the rehearsal of the members. Even while rehearsing, they still put up a great show !!! I was already spazzing during Jia And Fei's rehearsal performance of " Run the world ", because they were actually doing beyonce's original choreography , but better =\

Then some private stuff happened so I shan't talk about it that much, *skips to next day*


I skipped the Press Conference the next day cause i was too tired to attend it. Woke up around 1 and quickly prepared to head down and meet .....


She was one of the shortlisted participants for last year JYP/Alpha audition. Spent an awesome time with her for that 2 days :D Singing korean songs out of the blue, talking about stuffs and yadayadayada.

I personally think that her side view really resembles suzy IRL.

Triple eyelids still there ;P

Idk why but i think i look weird on that day. Busy settling so many stuffs before the concert

Ohya and i want to apologise to all those who've bought the tickets from me. I felt that i've been quite dao that day ):

I didn't take any pictures during the concert cause I was at the VIP area and i don't want to get involved with any securities #goodboy


Gave out a couple of tickets minutes before the concert as the seats were very isolated, nontheless i hope everyone of you enjoyed yourself during the showcase !

Here's symone with an autographed Eeyore which she ... errr got smacked by min ? Hahaha! I don't know how to describe the situation, but all i can say is that she was real lucky

Here's a closeup of the Eeyore ! CUTE RIGHT. I kinda wish i had suzy's ):

Actually i've no idea on how i should actually blog about this event cause i've no pictures and just words about the concert would be absolutely boring. Luckily i wasn't required to blog about this event :P

Healthier way of going blonde!!!

Alot of people have been asking me why I'm able to have blonde yet healthy hair even after all the bleaching and ammonia and stuff.

Well, here's the answer to your question - I'VE NEVER DONE BLEACHING BEFORE!!!
( actually i did it once, last year and i ended up with that macdonald hair colour ...)

All the past colours i've had in the past that looks like it's blonde, or like it's bleached ....

Like ....

Is actually the results of being Ash green !!!

I only got to know about what ash green was during the june holidays, where i decided to get out of the brown hair zone and try something lighter. I asked my hairstylist ( Kason from Tamp1, Twister ) if i should go for bleaching and he strongly recommended for me to go for the healtheir way - Ash Green .

Why ash green? By going ash green, your hair only undergoes the normal hair dyeing process, and as ash green's original colour is dark, the molecules are smaller and thus easier for your hair to absorb.

By bleaching, you're actually forcing your hair pigments to lighten, thus damaging your hair severely (though at the same time, it's easier for guys to style their hair) , but sooner or later will result in split ends !!!

Once your hair has fully absorbed the ash green colour ( around 2-3 hours ), it'll slowly fade from the Original Ash, grayish green colour to the blonde you desire !!

What better way to achieve the colour you want !!

Though i don't really like the current fading process cause of it's colour - Ash Green... It kinda gives me the anime alike feel, making my hair looks like a wig -.-

But i can't wait for the colour it'll fade to this time cause i requested for the lightest shade of ash green! The colour closes to the natural bleach :)

WAHAHA i can have healthy hair and also the colour i desire at the same time !!!

And what better way to celebrate other than to camwhore .... ( actually i'm just saying this because i already took the pictures hahaha! )

Nontheless you'll seldom see me styling my hair out unless it's for REALLY REALLY special occasions. Otherwise I'll just be heading down to twister to style my hair =\

I'm vain yet lazy ._.

Another reason why i actually love having my colour closest to the natural bleach-ed blonde is because it makes my hair looks more voluminized. Making it look as though i've already used waxed and a straightener to do my hair but in actual fact, i did not ^^

And if you realised. I always take my pictures with my side view cause it gives a cool vibe.... right !!!

Besides , the right side of my face appears to be more seemingly flawless, whereas there are still a number of pimples on the left side of my face

And the good thing about using exposure + gamma brightness setting to edit your photo is that it makes your jaw line sharper and pimples seemingly invisible.

BUT IF you look in very closely, you can see that the left side of my face is slightly red :P

And to share with you guys a funny one i took while camwhoring ....

HAHA! Caught red handed LOLOL ! Look at the way she lies down while watching the tv -.- #bestmaidever

But don't say that i'm mean LOL ! She always teases me so this is my form of revenge, giving her a chance to entertain people XD

I'll be updating my Miss A fansign + Concert pictures tomorrow :)

Soooo be patient wahahahaha!!!