[Fanfic] Revenge is sweet - Chapter 3

Pairing : Yoseob/Hyunah . Hyunseung/Hyunah. Hyunseung/Kikwang

Rating : PG13

“ Happy 3rd Anniversary Hyuni .” Hyunseung said to a very happy looking Hyunah. Hyunah was smiling back at him in the small picture Hyunseung was holding. It was the only picture he had left of Hyunah. Kikwang had confiscated everything related and connected to Hyunah from his personal belongings not so long ago.

“ You lived with the girl, there’s no point on keeping her pictures of her stuff around. You can go stare at her in person if you really want to see her face” Kikwang told him bluntly. Probably out of jealousy.

Which is exactly where Hyunseung have been doing since then and was doing since the girl walked into the living room.

Hyunseung kept his silence as he watched Hyunah on the couch with a remote on hand. He watched as Yoseob sauntered and sat by Hyunah’s side. How they share that lovey dovey look (pun intended yay). How casual Yoseob’s arm was, sneaking behind Hyunah’s shirt when he thought no one was watching. How comfortable Hyunah’s face was when Yoseob does so. He hates it. DAMN he hates it.

It never came across his mind that Hyunah would actually move on. Somewhere in the back of his head, Hyunseung always thinks that Hyunah would wait for him. When he realised that he was wrong, something in his heart snaps. He can’t handle it when he thinks someone else was holding Hyunah’s hand. Kissing that adorable pouting lips that is made and moulded just for him.
“ HYUNI IS MINE!!!!! “ Seunghyun wanted to shout it out to the world.

But when the night comes and he sleeps alone in his room. Hyunseung realized he was wrong.
He can hear them …

He can hear almost everything through those thin cow shit walls. Hyunah’s muffled nags, laughter, aroused groans, high pitched squels, everything..

Hyunseung’s head betrays him by gladly providing memory images of Hyunah’s lustful face, Hyunah’s expression and everything … he decided that he had enough.

Everyone was gone for their schedule when he followed Hyunah to her room. The one place in the house he persistently avoided because it’s the place where hyunah and yoseob do their business. But this is their shitty 3rd anniversary day and he had craved for Hyunah for so long it’s killing him. He holds the younger girl in a back hug and felt Hyunah’s startled reaction. Hyunseung whirled the girl, slamming her back against the wall and press their lips together. His hands running through the strands of Hyunah’s jetblack hair. And for that very moment, it felt like they’re together again.

It took a while for Hyunseung to realise that he was kissing a perfectly pursed lips.
“ Oppa… I’m sorry. I’mw ith yoseob now and I love him “
Hyunseung didn’t remember exactly when did he enter the club. He didn’t remember going half drunk to a private room with somebody either. He did remember releasing some tension, emotional and sexual tension. Kissing that person as though he was hyunah. The people in the secluded dark-lit room was too tired and drunk to care when somebody walks in. Hyunseung could only feel the flashing light blinding his eyes a few times before he fell asleep (remember this part)….

Today all hell breaks loose

His phone won’t stop ringing. Their manager was literally screaming into his ears. Hyunseung was struck dumb with the things happening and all he can do was to seat there blankly, watching the news on tv, a gossip tabloid in his hand. All showing the same thing – Him.

Him looking drained, drunk and barely naked with not one, not two, but three girls sprawled on and around him. He swear to god he didn’t remember there was three of them. Shit (Can’t help but laugh while writing this)

His individual CF offers was cancelled.Same goes with the movie proposition he was getting and Hyunseung thinks his appearance on some variety show is not going to happen either.

Hyunseung though about his life as an idol, his career, his family and how these compromising photographs could basically end everything. But the funny thing is, he didn’t really care. There is a gaping hole in his soul right now and he what he only wanted was Hyunah.

“ You look like cow shit “ Hyunah suddenly stands in front of his door frame.

“ I feel like shit “ Hyunseung muttered.

Hyunah sighs and sat beside Hyunseung in the light deprived room. Even in the darkness he can see how miserable Hyunseung was. He reached for the gossip tabloid in Hyunseung’s hands. The large bold letters screams “ Hyunseung the angelic faced bad boy and a series of incriminating pictures” shown.

Hyunah looked at one of the picture with Hyunseung in them. He watched the girl’s expression carefully for signs of disgust, repulsive feeling that Hyunah might show.
God he hates himself right now.

“ Told you not to leave your hair that long, Hyun. It made your forehead look smaller and accentuate your already small ey-..”

“ Hyunah… “ Hyunseung whines.

“ Err… sorry “ Hyunah smirks. She sighs again and nudges hyunseung’s shoulder. “ Don’t worry so much. The damage control team will think of some way to clear this mess up. Besides, people loves you. So what if you have one wild night out. A young man in the prime of his life doing something like this-, “ She taps on the tabloid

“ – with three hot beautiful girls-,” Hyunah whistles….

“ Why I bet some people will actually be your fans after reading this “ .

“ Hyunah. Stop it. Not everything is a joke. “

“ Seriously Hyun, “ Hyunah’s eyes widens. “ Now if you were an 100years old grump doing it with a 15year old boy. Well there’s nothing much I can say about that “ Hyunah made a face.
Something in what Hyunah said intrigue Hyunseung. “ You really think so? “

“ Well of course I do. An 100 year old grump with a 15year old teen boy? Do you even know how scary that is? It’s so wrong in so many different ways, it hurts my head just by think about it “

“ No you dumbass “ Hyunseung shoves Hyunah playfully, already feeling his tension recede.

Hyunah had that effect on people. “ the whole young man prime life things stuff “.

“ Oh yeah sure I do… “

Hyunseung always wonders why Hyunah was so forgiving in terms of his one night stands. “ So is that what you were thinking? Back when we we’re… all those nights I slept with kikwang? … “

Hyunah’s face tensed. “ Oppa, let’s just not go there. Okay? “ She forced a smile.

“ Sorry. “

“ the public’s opinion and a lover’s opinion are two very different things… “ Hyunah mumbles quietly.

Hyunseung gaze at Hyunah silently. So Hyunah WAS hurting.

“ I’m sorry “

“ Huh ? “ Hyunah shot her a look

“ For doing those things, for letting you wait while I … sorry for hurting you. For being a total cow shit”

“ Oppa, it’s a pile of water under the bridge” Hyunah let out a smile

Hyunseung scoots closer. This is it.

He may never have the chance to say this again, so he is just going to say it right here, right now. Hyunseung holds hyunah by the hand.

“ it’s just that, God Hyuni, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I was too blind to see it “ Hyunseung’s gaze met the depth of Hyunah’s eyes.

“ Hyunseung… it’s not … “ Hyunah shook her head

“ I know…. I know … “ Hyunseung let hyunah’s hands go, then scoot back to a maintain a safe distance between them. He knows Hyunah would appreciate it.

“ My career is going down the drain as we speak, but all I can think of is how stupid I was for letting you go, Hyunah. “ He honestly tells hyunah. He wants to hold her and never let go. He feels his heart might explode as he said it, but Hyunseung doubt that Hyunah can see that.
Hyunah gave him a smile.

Hyunseung thinks that maybe it’s not that bad, Hyunah will be here and hold his hand through all this cow elephant bull rhino deep shit. Not as a lover, but definitely as a friend.
Yeah it’s going to be okay, Hyunseung thinks back to the only face he now knows he truly loves….

-Hyunah’s Point of view-

“ I think you need to talk to him “ Yoseob guides hyunah to hyunseung’s room. “ He came home a bit drunk and won’t talk to anyone. “

This is one of the reasons why she loved Yoseob. His kind unselfish heart. Hyunah knew that Yoseob is always alittle nervous seeing her and Hyunseung together, but now he is the one dragging Hyunah in for Hyunseung’s sake.

“ Yoseobie “ Hyunah called out the name that’s engraved in her heart.

The younger boy looked at him, puzzled.

“ I love you, you know that? “ Hyunah gave yoseob a peck on the lips that made him gave the eyesmile she loves so very much.

“ You look like cow shit “. Hyunah said to Hyunseung, entering his room.

The news didn’t came as a surprise for Hyunah. It might be shocking for others, but definitely not for her. The pictures speaks for itself though the headline captured it perfectly. The angelic
faced bad boy. She couldn’t have agreed more.

Hyunah is more than aware of Hyunseung’s philandering habits.

All those nights Hyunseung came home smelling -…. Like he had been with a guy.. you know. ..Sometimes maybe a few of them. Hyunah could smell the uncanny man scent on Hyunseung’s hair, he can smell it on his fingers, mouth, body and every inch of skin that Hyunah had done mapping with her fingertips and tongue. Can’t he at least clean himself up a bit before coming home to Hyunah smelling like that? It wouldn’t kill him to take a shower after doing what he was doing with kikwang, or god knows who, right?

But it’s okay. Because Hyunseung always comes home to him.

Hyunseung could bang the entire female/male race if he wanted to, but as long as he comes home to Hyunah, then it’s okay. Hyunah would then told him in an embrace and she knows everything would be okay. Hyunah would wake up in the morning and Hyunseung would be sleeping beside her, and she confirms that it will be okay.

But when Hyunseung asks to be with Gikwang, Hyunah dies inside. Hyunseung won’t be coming home to her anymore, he would come home for him.

“ My career is going down the drain as we speak, but all I can think of is how stupid I was for letting you go, Hyunah. “ Hyunseung’s eyes were filled with emotions so familiar to her. That spark, the one thatHyunseung used to have the first time they fell in loves so long ago, that spark is back.

Hyunah smiles…

Hyunah thinks that she should perhaps feel sorry for the playboy. At least be a bit remorseful about what she did… but she’s not.

Not even an ounce of regret.

“ Hello ? Did you get the pictures? “ She muffled the phone with a handkerchief as she speaks

“ Yes, these pictures are phenomenal ! Where did you get them and how?” The journalist takes off his glasses as he grins in his cubicle. “ And are you sure you don’t want any monetary payment for it? “

“ When or how is not important, nor does the payment. Just make sure you print them on the agreed date. It has to be out on the exact date “

“ Yes yes of course. Everything is as how we agreed. But tell me, who are you? You’re clearly a great photographer, we can offer you a job at our - . Hello? Hello mam you there?”
Hyunah took off the sim card and dumped it on the ground, crushing it with her killer heels.
She inhaled deeply, “ Happy anniversary Hyunseung-ssi “. Hyunah whispers before Yoseob caught up with her.

“ Who is that you’re calling? “ Yoseob shows up with a Red Santa hat.

“ Nobody, now baby are you ready to have a good time? “ Hyunah smiled that smile.

“ Hell yeah!!! Time to party cause it’s Christmas “ Yoseob smiles back.

Everything is set and she had to double check it herself, just to make sure….

Revenge is sweet.

[Fanfic] Revenge is sweet - Chapter 2


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Nontheless, enjoy! The next chapter will be the last.

Pairing : Yoseob/Hyunah . Hyunseung/Hyunah. Hyunseung/Kikwang

Rating : PG13

“ Aish… I burnt it. Just look at it, it’s inedible… “ Yoseob’s arm slumped against his sides. Disappointment on his face.

“ It looked delicious. “ Hyunah said softly, reaching out for Yoseob’s arm gently.

“ It does?” Yoseob perks up hearing Hyunah’s white lie. Yoseob knew that Hyunah just wanted to make him feel better but by God it’s working.

Hyunseung stood there, watching them and remembers how it was like holding those rose colored glasses. He used them with Hyunah before, and he used it again with Kikwang. But the glasses eventually wears off anyway…

It was one thing to have Kikwang as a secret alluring “mistress”, but it’s a whole different ball game to have him as a boyfriend. Hyunseung soon finds out that Kikwang was not as lenient nor was he as forgiving as Hyunah was.

One of those nights, coming home from one of his many one night stands, Hyunseung will always find Hyunah in their bed ready to hug him and hold him while whispering sweet things to him, washing away Hyunseung’s shame and guilt for not being able to keep his loyalty to his lover. His Hyunah.

Kikwang? Not as much. Few months ago, Hyunseung had to duck his way out of his apartment because he decided to make his head a walking target for everything he (kikwang) throws at him. That was pretty much the last time he ever spoke to him. It was kind of like, a last straw for him (kikwang) or something.

Guess he’s too used to the loose knot Hyunah always had on him.


“ Are you coming? “ Hyunah asks walking back towards their bedroom.

“ Be ready in a sec… “ Yoseob jumps energetically, arranging the sorry looking eggs with toast and the glass of milk in the plastic tray. Mr sunshine himself would be envious at the way Yoseob’s face was beaming right now.

Hyunseung didn’t know when it all started. Only that one day he starts to hear hyunah laugh again. And also how hyunah was back to being her mischievious, playful self. He didn’t know when Yoseob entered the picture too. Only that the eye smile boy started to look like a couple as he started sticking to Hyunah most of the time. He did notice Hyunah stops sleeping at her own room and begun sleeping in a room with Yoseob. Almost like the way she started to sleep with Hyunseung’s room when they were together.

But when Yoseob pulls Hyunah close at his birthday party and planted a couple of passionate kiss on the Hyunah’s lips that Hyunseung generally got the idea what was going on.


“ Woah, careful there…. Easy does it yoseob “ Hyunseung helps yoseob steady the tray on his hand.

The glass of milk quaver dangerously before it settled, yoseob then steps forward cautiously but not before giving Hyunseung a reassuring look and said “ Thank you Hyunseung-hyung. I’ll take care of it “ before leaving with a smile.

Hyunseung couldn’t help but referred the “ it “ part to Hyunah


Hyunah walks pass a gift shop all decorated with reds and greens and golds to suit the holiday season atmosphere. She stuck her gloved hands further down her coat’s pockets and blows warm breaths to the freezing air.

Everything is set and she had double checked it just to make sure.

Hyunah spent the entire afternoon practicing her dance for her solo appearance for her upcoming comeback “ Bubble pop “ and she wants everything to be perfect.

She stops in front of a familiar restaurant and tries to tame the waves of memory and emotions that slowly befalls him. Hyunah closed her eyes and the images are as clear as crystal in her head. There she was, grinning sheepishly, giddy and most importantly, in love. There was Hyunseung, looking back at her with a park in her eyes.

“ I can’t believe I’m here, I can’t believe you’re here too! I can’t believe we’re actually doing this. I feel like I’m dreaming and I don’t want to wake up, I wish for this to continue “ Excitement in her words, Hyunah looks at Hyunseung, his smile stretched from ear to ear.
“ Believe it Hyuni. It’s not a dream. It’s not going to end because it’s real, I love you and I’m going to love you forever and ever and ever till we grow old and you are freaking tired of me “ Hyunseung smiles back.


The world stops turning for awhile when Hyunseung kissed her for the first time under the mistletoe. And every year they would come back to this very restaurant to celebrate their anniversary. They only did it twice though, didn’t really made it for the third time…. Hyunah lets out a bitter smile.


“ Hello? “ Hyunah picks up her phone, eyes still fixed on the restaurant’s window. Watching a certain seating spot near the X-mas tree where she used to seat with Hyunseung. It’s empty now, and they placed a grand piano there instead. Changes… changes …. Changes…. Hyunah thinks. Nothing ever stays the same…. Ever .

“ Hyunah-beeeee, where are you? “ Yoseob sounds distressed.

“ I’m on my way home, is everything alright? “ Hyunah begins to continue her walk, leaving the restaurant and memories behind, vaguely capturing the sight of a man half carried into a taxi by one of the restaurant waiter.

“ Something is up. Just get here fast, okay? I love you “

“ Okay. I love you too “

(Reread it if you don’t understand)

What was that one line Hyunseung used? Ah, that he loved Hyunah but he was also in love with Kikwang? Did he actually said those words? Really? …. Like seriously?

Who the heck did he quote that from? Some high school guys or girls he banged earlier? That line is too cheap and Hyunah knows what cheap is. She has been called cheap, hot, pretty, whatever you name it, she’s been insulted before.

Hyunah agrees, of course she agrees. It’s not like she can make a face and whine her way out of it cause she knew it was beyond repair. The damage was done.

That’s when the depression starts. There was not a day where Hyunah wouldn’t wake up with swollen eyes, a dry mouth, and a terrible headache. Just all the wonderful effect of excessive crying combined into one. But she was a professional and she knew it, that’s what professionals do. She acted happy and hid behind empty hollow smile.

It seemed to work though, Hyunseung didn’t even notice anything was wrong with her. He even asked Hyunah for advices when he had couple fights with Kikwang.

Oh that self-centered, self-absorbed, megalomaniac selfish bastard.

Sometimes Hyunah just want to kill hyunseung… or at least do some serious damage to that egoistic bastard.

---------------Flashback ends---------------

“ Hyunah ah, where have you been? “ Yoseob was the first person to greet him as soon as Hyunah enters their house. There was worry in his eyes and Hyunah stops at her track.

“ I was at the studio practising bubble pop. Yoseob, what’s going on? “ Hyunah asks but the sound and images from the huge flat screen tv in their living room immediately took his attention..


He is in deep shit. Like seriously deep cow bull chicken rhino shit. Totally elephant shit. With the capital “S” shit.

Life couldn’t be worse than this. It just couldn’t .

Hyunseung sat on his bed and closed his eyes as his mind played back fragments of memory from 3 days back….

[Fanfic] Revenge is sweet - Chapter 1

Let’s just play pretend that hyunah is in b2st since she's already in troublemaker. Many people requested for both boy-girl and boy-boy relationship story so I’ll be adding both themes inside ^^

Initially I wanted jun hyung to be the one to start off the story with hyunah, but I decided to change it to yoseob instead because yoseob’s character suits the character I have in mind.
Story inspired by my favourite authors – Jodi Picoult, Miyahearts (khunyoung fanfic writer) and others.

The morning doves woke her up. Chirping and singing in the blissful morning a streaks of sun rays escapes from the curtains to reach her eyes that sparkles. Her cheek brushed to the soft hair of the boy sleeping next to him, tickling her nose as she turns to see the alarm clock at the nightstand. “ He looks cute as he sleeps “, she thought to herself.

“ Don’t leave me… “ Yoseob croaked sleepily. His eyes still closed as he nudged his nose to hyunah’s bare shoulder, tightening his hug across her . Hyunah could smell Yoseob’s hair from that distance… scent of strawberries… he must be using my shampoo again! Still… it’s ever so comforting and soothing.

“ I’ve a morning schedule silly, don’t you remember? “ Hyunah planted a light kiss on Yoseob’s forehead.

“Forget the schedule. You’re not going anywhere. I’m kidnapping you as from now on.” He showed a frown with his lips pouted out, using both his legs and arms to grab hyunah’s waist in a death grip.

“ YOSEOB-YAHHH!!!! “ Hyunah gave the boy an endearing look. “ Wherever I go, you know I’ll always come home to you….right? “

Yoseob eyes flutters open “ Ahhh my daily dose of honey in the morning “. He gave hyunah his special eyesmile that caught the hearts of thousands worldwide. “ Keep them coming and I might let you go, bee “.

Hyunah smiles and gently kissed the boy, morning breath and all.


About ten minutes later, hyunah finally made it out of their bedroom. Yawning and looking around to see if the other members are awake. As she walked into the kitchen, she saw hyunseung there by the counter.

“ Morning schedule? “ Hyunseung asks, lifting a glass of milk and drank it slowly. He looked tired and beat. Probably another wild night with kikwang, because Hyunah obviously knows the other guy doesn’t have a schedule last night.

“Yeah….” Hyunah took a carton of orange juice from the fridge and made a face when she realized it’s empty. AGHHH how many times much she remind dongwoon to throw away the carton after gulping it empty? And still he dares complain that hyunah nags too much.

“ Errr … you might want to skip wearing anything low cost today. “ Hyunseung suddenly says, gesturing hyunah with his pinky while holding the glass of milk with the rest of his fingers.
Hyunah bends her head down and stares at the direction hyunseung was pointing at and found a red blotch on his skin… just a distance under her left collarbone. Definitely doesn’t take an astronomer to figure out what it is.

“ Aishhhh, yoseob… really .. “ Hyunah muttered, trying to cover it by pulling her hoodie up a little.

“ So I guess things are going great with you guys… “ Hyunseung lets out a smile.
Rubbing his eyes, hyunah walked into the bathroom, leaving hyunseung in the kitchen. “ Yeah it’s awesome. “ She said with the lack of enthusiasm, she really hates morning schedules.
Hyunah didn’t look back and close the bathroom door right away, but if she did, she may have seen the look of Hyunseung’s lips falling flat or the longing look in his eyes.

The next morning, hyunseung walks into the kitchen and finds yoseob there this time. He was wearing and apron and bustling here and there, with an egg beater on one hand and a sizzling frying pan in front of him.

“ Wadcha doing? “ Hyunseung leans on the kitchen counter top.

“ I’m making breakfast “ Yoseob smiles. His eyes forming everybody’s favourite crescent. “ It’s for hyunah.” He adds when Hyunseung throws him and incredulous look.
“ Oh….” Was all Hyunseung could say.

Hyunseung starts to observe the younger boy who works diligently, cracking the egg and making the toast. When Yoseob flipped the fried egg, Hyunseung felt the need to speak and he did.

“ Ahh!! You don’t want to do that… Hyuni likes her eyes sunny side up, unflipped “ Although it’s no battle, hyunseung can’t help but feel a little victorious. There was a side of hyunah that yoseob didn’t know, and he does. Maybe they’re not as close as he thinks, yet. Maybe he and hyunah was the closer one after all. Maybe there’s some other things that hyunah is not sharing with yoseob. Secrets that only he and hyunah knows. Hyunseung holds down a grin from winning that invisible trophy.

“ Yeah, but when we were at Daegu, I made her egg this way and she said it tasted a lot better than her usual unflipped ones.” Yoseob watches the pan closely, not wanting to overcook those eggs.

Hyunseung froze. “ You two went to Daegu? “ He can see that invisible trophy of his slowly dissolves. Maybe he didn’t win thie battle after all …

Yoseob nods, with his eyes still stuck on the pan. “ It was her parent’s anniversary, and she wanted me to meet them and her siblings too. “

“ Hyunah took you to see her family? “ Hyunseung asks for the obvious. Reminded that he didn’t lose the battle, because he just lost the whole freakin war. Not that there’s a war going on for hyunah. He never fought, he consciously gave hyunah up.

There must be something in his voice that made Yoseob avert his eyes from the frying pan to Hyunseung

“ Uh yeah…. “ Yoseob starts to smile sheepishly. “ It was when you were out to Japan with kikwang, and the rest of the members were in Singapore “ He paused, looking at hyunseung.

“ But hyunah really did like the sunny side up- unflipped thingy. He did. “ Yoseob said in a comforting tone, as if he felt the need to cheer hyunseung up. “ It’s just that, this one is ….better … OMG IT’S BURNT “ His voice trailed off before yelling and cursing at the egg as it decides to be too overly done just when Yoseob stops watching it.

“ What’s up guys? “ Hyunah suddenly appears in the kitchen, taking both Yoseob and Hyunseung off guard. She still have sleep in his eyes but her smile was o-so-fresh.

“ YAHHHH! What are you doing here? “ Yoseob yelps. Still trying to save the poor looking burnt eggs.

“ Huh? Why can’t I be here? “ Hyunah throws in a confused look.

“ I’m making you breakfast, in bed. So you need to stay in bed or you’ll miss the whole point of it. It’ll be just …. Breakfast instead of something special…. You know …” Yoseob stares with one hand lifting his egg turner and the other one on his hip, unaware of how silly he was looking.
Hyunah blinks, and another blink, and she burst out in laughter.

Hyunseung smiles on the scene despite something felt twisting and splintering uncomfortably in his heart. He always loves hyunah’s laughter. Back in those days, he would always do the silliest stuff just to make hyunah laugh, and she would.

Used to. That’s the word.

It is 13 days to go to their 3rd anniversary IF they were still together. But it’s the 11 month and 5 days since they … went separate ways. There were no dramas. No shouted. No tears. It’s safe to say that they separated on good terms and it happens too smoothly as contrary to what hyunseung was expecting. He was honestly speaking, disappointed. He was expecting hyunah would at least protest or show some kind of objection rather than nodding and smiling and accepting it like Hyunseung was only proposing that they shouldn’t do their laundry today and was not breaking up a romantic relationship…. Like it was nothing.

But he didn’t mind much at that time. He was too overjoyed to the fact that he can officially date Kikwang and stop sneaking behind Hyunah’s back all the time.

Ohhh, he is not going to play an angel and pretends that he never goes behind hyunah’s back before. There were times when he ended up in some other guy’s arms and beds. But this was Kikwang. With his adorable smiles and aegyo and he was in love. At least for that moment…


That is the end of this chapter. Leave your comments and tell me what you think. If there isn't much comments then I doubt I'll continue (though i already have the perfect plot in mind to serve as a tribute for troublemaker and the title). I swear i could have written more if there's something to auto type for me or something... hahaha!