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Tell me i've been hardworking blogger this few days, RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT !!!

I think I can see myself slowly improving quickly by looking at the amount of hits I have currently LOL. A mere fraction of my previous hits but I'm still loving it :)

Anyway today's post will be about my trip to phuket onboard the Superstar Virgo on the 11/03-14/03 with my classmates from Singapore Polytechnic, DHLFM !!!

Day 1 - Onboard the Superstar Virgo WE GOOOO !!!

I've been a total clutz cause i totally messed up the timing for the reporting time for my cruise trip LOL. We were supposed to report at the cruise centre at harbour front of the 11/03 at 10am but i got the time wrong and (was supposedly planning to) reported at 12pm.


Lol literally it was like a murder trying to hail for a cab especially on sunday mornings. I was initially planning to slowly take my time and take the bus to harbour front if the reporting time was 12pm -.-

So anyway i managed to report like ... 1hour and 30minutes later thanks to all the bitches who stole my cabs away from me even though i waited like forever. STILL, I'M EARLY LOL.

@ The Departure point with all the people from DHLFM ^^

I suppose it's common for all our passports/ezlinkcards/ic to look ugly .... right? TELL ME I'M NOT ALONE!

After awhile, me and my cabin mates checked into our cabins. This were the 3 people!!! Banadan (i still don't know what's the proper pronounciation of his name), Wei xian (in blue) and Joseph (in black).

Honestly speaking, sleeping with Banadan (the indian guy) was tortureous like SERIOUSLY SERIOUS. He always never fail to wake the rest of us up in the middle of the night thanks to his monsterous snores. Thanks for ruining our sleep -.-

And my classmates were slacking at a destinated cabin room while waiting for our brunch.

Brunch that wasn't really very appetising nor impressive. 

The view from the cruise. USS !!!! I'll be going there on tuesday :D

@ The Helipad at deck 13 :) We played many games that people would normally play during camps. Like chop chilli chop, bang chucky, watermelon watermelon and more !

The famous sea monster


Dinner at a western restaurant - Bella Vista

@ Le cabin recuperating around 2am that night. Spend the rest of the day playing werewolves with le clique after dinner. Was expecting a good sleep but was ruined by the banadan (coursemate from class 6) -.-

AND I FOUND OUT RECENTLY THAT IPHONE4S HAD THIS CAMERA FUNCTION CALLED THE " HDR ". Helps you to capture high definition images !!!! Actually i only realised it during the 3rd day but i don't care lol. The above picture is taken using HDR. NOT EDITED AT ALL. CHIO RIGHT

Day 2 - A day of doing nothing other than lazing at the pool .

Breakfast and lunch with Le clique

Had some briefing that feels like forever. Did a cruise tour of the Superstar Virgo's facilities, kitchens, laundry area. Made compulsary by our lecturers. AFTER THAT - LE SWIMMING TIME.

The kids pool, Pool of neptune or something lol

The awesome waterslide that freezes you as you reach the top thanks to the seabreeze. There's also jacuzzi and more but we didn't take any pictures =\

BBQ Buffet for dinner that day. Didn't take much pictures as half of the clique were sleeping while the other half of us were swimming. But still, FUN :D

Day 3 - Trip to Phuket + Gala dinner

The sea @ phuket looks so blue as compared to our ugly cyan coloured sea in singapore.

With belinda. I look super shag that day thanks to banadan (yes that indian guy again),  HE KEPT SNORING TILL THE ALL OF US CAN'T SLEEP. Thus explain the " gui lian " (ghost face) in this picture.

Taken with belinda :D

The streets of phuket.

Our first stop was supposed to be at the bungee jumping area but due to us being students and unable to afford the 2000baht pricing per bungee-jump. We backed out and headed to the shopping mall.

Nothing new, most of the shops you find in singapore are also found there. Prices.... not much difference -.-

We opted for streetmarket shopping afterwards as it's a better option for us! We get to bargain and yet get good stuff at the same time ^^

Poor rabits all living in one cramp cage... ONLY 100baht each (less than $5). ONE HAMSTER IN SINGAPORE COSTS $15 !! WHY YOU TELL ME WHY

Helped out a couple of friends, in terms of bargaining and searching for cheap buys while we were at the Expo. Why am i good in bargaining you may ask? BECAUSE MY MUM TAUGHT ME THE EXPERT WAY OF BARGAINING LOL.

While i was at shanghai last year, she chopped off 400RMB off my shades which initially cost 480RMB. Meaning i only bought it for 80RMB and there are actually more expert-bargaining she did and taught me.

A big ass picture of me. You can pretty much see how tired i was lol .

After street-shopping. We rushed back to the cruise and made preparations for our Gala Dinner.

The picture pretty much explains everything :D


The first candid picture that i LOVEEEE. Taken by my cute classmate laraine LOL.

After dinner, we all went to play werewolves again before heading back to our individual cabins to wash up. Later that nightr, everybody had a drinking session (we bought 2 chivas at phuket @ only $90).

Day 4 - Leaving the Superstar Virgo

Finally time to return to singapore!!!!

A couple of group photos before we left for home.

AND THAT'S ALL FOLKS. LOL. In total I spend around $100+ on this entire trip. It was definitely an enjoyable one..

For now, i'm currently busy editing pictures for my upcoming blogshop and also preparations for my stay at the Hard rock hotel tomorrow :D  USS AT TUESDAY~~!!!!! Yay.

Will blog again ASAP :)

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