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Hi people, so yeah i'm back to blogging and even though i'm kinda unsure if anybody will still be here to read my blog now (after much opening and closures of my previous blogs), i hope that i'll still have alittle bit of my readers back with me.

This time, what i can promise as blogger is that i'll try to update regularly and ensure that my blog is filled with more happy stuff *vomit out rainbow nyancat*. Another promise in which I will deliver is that I will NOT close my blog down EVER again as i find it kind of hypocritical closing and opening new blogs time after time and i think my advertisers and bosses will also get sick of me trying to start all over again.

Nough said, for those who've been reading my blog since " ", in which i deleted during the late novembers last year and are now here to support me once again, I would like to express my gratitude to each and every one of you reading this =) Though the closure of actually cost me quite alot. I, however managed to steer myself back in what i want in life and ensure that i'll deliver it wholeheartedly. I sacrificed my previous blog who had more than 700 unique hits daily (it's peanuts to many big star male bloggers like yutakis,eric or typicalben but it's a whole lot to me) for something i had to do last year but this year, I'll give it my best when it comes to blogging, OKAYYYY!!

OKAYYYY, so now let me talk about this blog now, shan't we?
After visiting this blog, you must be wondering

Well to answer your question, I've actually wanted to have a unique online personality in which i can take, a name whereby people can recognise me by and i don't want to let my image be taken over by another person. For example, in the past if you google TYLER, nothing about me would appear unless you scroll down to the 20th page or so (i think), otherwise it'll all be posts about Tyler Ward and many other musicians who have the same name as me ORRRR if you search " TylerH ", then my name will start appearing.

As for zaysong, it actually derives from this name called Zayson which i thought of not long ago. I actually want it to name my future son this name but heck, my blog's my baby, right? To top it off, my surname is NG. Thus the name ZAYSONG (Zayson + Ng = Zaysong).

Maybe some of you may think i'm hypocritical changing names here and there but hey! It's my decision and choice to choose what i want to name my blog, right? Other famous bloggers can have cool names but their actual names have completely no relevance to their actual names so why can't i? >=) So help me in making ZAYSONG appear in google search by just typing ZA by increasing my hits, ok?

That said, i guess most of you will be probably be bored of what i'm actually writing down now as it's all words and no pictures... soo here's some pictures of me in case you actually forget how i look like LOL.

So yeahhh!! You can expect my old usual blogging style like how i used to blog on, EXCEPT with more content, tips, pictures and many others !!! Just stay tune and be patient k?! :D I'll also be editing alittle more of my blog's layout when i'm back and also preparations for my upcoming blogshop. EXCITED NOT

(Sucks to say this but i'm actually going for my school's cruise trip to phuket in another 10hours -.- so i'll only start blogging on thursday 15/03 onwards!!! BUT STILL SUPPORT ME K)

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