Twist your hair with Twister!

School has reopened for all the poly peeps! How's school so far?

Currently loving school so far thanks to my awesome classmates and also lecturer. I feel that i'm much closer to my classmates recently as compared to my first year with them. Starting to know more about them too!

A ladybug candy given by one of our lecturers :D

Lunch at Ikea with the DHLFM/02 peeps! My favourites are the cold water prawn and the wings!

Had my haircut last wednesday at twister. I never fail to leave that place feeling fabulous with awesome hair :D A sudden boost to my confidence

10 Tampines Central 1
#05-26 Tampines 1
Singapore 529536
Tel: +65 6481 4044

Operating hours:
Weekdays 11am - 9pm
Saturday 11am - 8pm
Sunday 11am - 7pm

Look for kason if you want hairstyles like mine!

How does it look!?!?! Good on me right!!

When i have awesome looking hair. I feel naturally happy and that's when my camwhoring mode gets turned on !!

When it's up, its a naturally wavy korean type of hairstyle.

And when it's down, it's a korean style of bangs!

Kason has flewn to korea several times so he's always updated of the latest hair trends. Not only that, he's the salon director of Twister @ Tampines!

><br />
<img src=

Closeup of how kason styled my hair for me.

I can now even have fabulous hair when I go to school!

The picture below is not styled, just blown dry.

Did you know you can actually style your hair without usin any wax/clay? I'll be teaching you how to do so soon together with my upcoming youtube videos :D Just gotten my sponsored Canon G12 !! Meaning i can take high quality pictures from now on!

Photoshoot + Facial

Winners for the Hada Labo Giveaway (choosen vi a randominizer so there's no biasness)

Extensive whitening mask - Geraldine Seet
Hydrating mask - Ivy
Facial mist - Charlene
Essence - Cecilia
Lotion - Sylvia wong

Winners plesase contact me via and i'll mail the items to your house!!

I'll be hosting more giveaways so just keep coming back and you may be a lucky winner!

Okay soo recently i went to acc weemeimei to a photshoot, which was supposedly have me inside as one of their models. However i backed out due to some clashes with the photographer's friends. Was having really bad complexion that day.

Had to mail all of this out to TWP customers!

Probably one of the smallest studios i've ever seen lolol

After meimei was done with her shot. The photographer asked if we would like to take a few shots together. So tadannggg! The pictures have not been sent to us yet sooo we're still waiting :)

We went to BPP to have our lunch later. First time seeing YOSHINOYA in a kopitiam like seriously. The name reminds me of noya yap btw lol. 

Bought some candys from the shop at b1 .

Was supposed to head to ECP to cycle with edison, meimei and jansen but the plans were cancelled due to some last minute problems.

I still remember meimei spamming the taxi call button lol .

Last sunday, went to accompany my friend for a facial at AMK. Wasn't really happy that day so that explains the shirt :)

Dinner specially cooked by pauline, the beautician ^_^ I've been her regular for 2 years since Elaineyuki recommended to me. However it's been quite awhile since i've last been there as my complexion is slowly improving ...


So i ended up camwhoring :D

Iphone Camera Apps


Today I'll be doing a rush post and will be recommending the apps on my iphone which i currently use to edit my photos!!!

Soooo as you can see here, these are the apps under my photography tab.

I don't really use King camera, Camera 360 often so i'll be recommending the others :)

Firstly it would be Pudding camera

It's a photo taking app specially designed by koreans to help you take photos with adjusted filters and exposure. I used to use it real often in the past but not that often now. It's still a decent photography app though.

The second app i'll be recommending is Fotolr Photostudio.

Basically you can collage or edit your picture. They have many functions as shown below for you to try out!

One of the most common photo editing app, MEI TU XIU XIU!

Mei tu xiu xiu has one of the nicest filters and you can also use it to collage your photos! Though this app is real good. I seldom use it due to laziness :P

Picture below is collage-d using mei tu xiu xiu and the special effects are from " Smile Photo ". An app that enables you to apply some cute cartoons on your pictures!

Some of the filters available for Mei tu xiu xiu .

Next is one of the apps that i don't really use often . But it's really an awesome app! - Photowonder!!!

With photo wonder, you can actually beautify your face and facial features. Such as making your face, legs or whatever slimmer, making your eyes bigger, remove your acne, making your skin better and even whitening! So it's basically a mini photoshop. Below is a failed example of how i made my face smaller (actually i've yet to learn how to really use this app) LOL.  

MEMEFIER. Helps you to take photos while adding your favourite meme's to your face automatically.

YES IT'S AUTOMATIC. No need for you to actually waste time and start editing the faces in.

Just look at the various faces available. 

Next is powercam. It looks like a real professional iphone app but i've yet to explore much of it. Just take a look!!


If you're using the iphone 4/4s, did you know you can actually take your photos in HDR - High definition resolution.

Yes and i'll be teaching you on how to do this!

Firstly, just click on your normal camera.

Secondly, click on the options and the following options below will appear.

Now that HDR is on, just compare the pictures below. The picture is much clearer and has much more clarity.  

Now that i'm done with this, i feel so accomplished. Start downloading the apps i've recommended and try them out now!!


Hello people!!

Don't know if this sounds like exciting news but remember I mentioned in my previous blogpost that i'll be making my youtube comeback/breakthrough/revival or whatever you want to call it.. ?

I had several ideas of what i would be talking about but i think that IF i really did that, i doubt that anybody would actually come to watch.

The correct tactic would be to ATTRACT people in to watch and subscribe to you so that in the future, more people will come and support you, yes?

Honestly speaking, I don't have much people helping me behind the scenes, I'm not really close to many famous people so what i really hope is that i can gain the support from my current readers, twitter followers and also facebook friends. I'll be also counting on you guys to help me share the videos i've done too ...if possible.

SOOOO to start my breakthrough, I would be doing HAIRSTYLE tutorials for your favourite kpop/e-pop stars.

What i had in mind now was to do LUHAN from EXO-K 's hairstyle shown below.

I've actually attempted this style before but didn't found it really matchy on me. I really want to show you guys how to do it ASAP but my hair's still short.

Perhaps I'll film a short hair-style version of the haircut shown below? I'm not sure.

I'm kinda digging this hairstyle now cause Luhan looks obviously stunning with this!

Side views are still absolutly fab (not fap).

However i really need moral support cause this is the first time i'm actually going to do something that i've never done before and i could use the support from you guys!

AND if all goes well *twists fingers* ... maybe i'll continue doing more videos? :)

SO yeahhhh, just stay tuned guys. I'll be updating my blog almost everyday from now on soooo just wait for the good news okay!

Here's EXO-K's performance today at M Countdown!

Singaporean Pie

Being a blogger is SERIOUSLY SO TIRING!!! I've actually done up this post like 15minutes ago and i accidentally pressed the wrong button and erased the whole post.

Thus here i am again, trying to retype everything that i've just wrote 15minutes ago ):

SOOO anyway, i actually had much more interesting post in mind but i've wayy too many old pictures taken this month that i need to blog about so those interesting posts shall be pushed back till next time.

To start off, here's a picture of me .  Say HI !

I'm pretty much disgusted at my hair as it curls up whenever it's long. SO ANNOYING. I look so frickin weird but it's alright, you guys still love me.. right? :) 

And i still hate my dimples LOL.

TADAHHH! I got my own insurance done recently. I had to pay $100 on a monthly basis for 25years and once it reaches it's maturity, i get lotsa $$$. Then again 25 years is really a long duration and i'll never know what will happen to me then, right? =\

This is not really the first insurance i have under my name as my parents have signed several other insurances for me many years back. They're super sweet and loving i love my parents T_T

2weeks back, went to AMK hub to catch american pie with my friends. Had dinner at this place (i forgot the exact blk but it's behind amk hub) which serves super yummy chicken rice. Didn't take much pictures as i'm still using my iphone lousy camera.


I'll be making my youtube comeback soon! Like after i get my new camera, which is either the Samsung EX1 or the Olympus XZ-1. Still in discussions with a company to see which i can get for a much cheaper price soo yeah... I'll probably be doing videos about kpop , stuffs going around the world/singapore and also much more! I actually had some interesting ideas in mind already :P

Caught American Pie which was M18. A really sensual comedy but I LOVE IT.

It's funny in many unimaginable ways so I really recommend all those above 18 to watch it.

Then, lastr week i went to Yishun's northpoint to catch battleship with a friend. First time having a meal at Manhattan Fish Market.

Super yummy crab meat pasta. The taste was exquisite and totally aromatic. What i love was how the texture of the pasta actually blends with the sauce and crab meat all togetherrrr. Ahhh .

The only problem that it's portion is too small for a pasta that actually costs around... $10? 

And we catch Battleships!!!! First time watching a movie at yishun so like all suaku singaporeans, i take pictures.... Wait, all suaku singaporeans do this... right? LOL

Battleshipp!!! Honestly speaking the storyline was ridiculous and confusing but the action and effects was damnn goood. However i think that rihanna's cameo was unnecessary. Sponsored to watch this movie so i'm not complaining much ahaha.

One of the games i always play in the arcade. ARCANE HEARTS. YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY TRY IT OUT! I can spent 50c on the machine and play for 40minutes without dying! It's super fun and I was taught by the game master gene kwok 2 years back lol. Memories..

Tried out the Mung bean masks from . It cleared up almost all of my acne and i've to say it's super good and refreshing! Going to try out more of the masks sooon ^_^