Jcube Opening

Have you all heard? JCube shopping centre will be open tomorrow (02/04) ~!!! I'm definitely excited for the launch of this new shopping centre as it's the revamped and reconstructed version of the previous, old Jurong east interchange shopping complex that has many many memories for me in the past.

I still remember that the old shopping complex had a cinema on the 2nd level which was the first time I watched a movie with my parents - Space Jam, it was also the first time I saw my daddy preparing for a surprise for my parent's wedding anniversary and many more.

Well, gone with the old and here come's the new! JCube shopping centre ^_^

It has an indoor ice skating rink which is some what similiar to the one at MBS. But the design itself speaks alot and i'm kinda like it !!!

Here are some things to note if you're heading there tomorrow

#1 - SHAW theatres will be giving away 1000 tickets to the first 500 people who're there on 02/04, 03/04 and 04/04 !!! Everybody is limited to one pair of tickets though but it's free !!!

#2 - With every $80 spent at Jcube, you'll be given a free tote bag!!!!

#3 - The first 50 guests will get to skate in 2 hour-long sessions FOR FREE! Skates will be provided, while socks and gloves can be purchased at The Rink.

I'll be heading there on tuesday for the free movie tickets and maybe ice skate a while since i'm there. I'll not be there tomorrow since i've a full body massage tomorrow with my mummy ^_^

Directions: Just take the train to Jurong East Interchange, Alight and walk to Jcube via the sheltered walkway

So what have i been doing this week? Hmmm ... I've been pretty much stalking Freezone 's site to see what are the items i would like to win. Interested? Just read up on my previous blog post on http://www.zaysong.com/2012/03/advertorial-win-big-with-freezone.html .

Other than that, I invited a couple of friends for sleepovers. Not much pictures taken as most of em are unglam snaps but well! I really enjoyed myself ^_^ Watched a couple of old movies like - Percy Jackson and the lightning theif, Dawn of the dead, Zombieland, Mean Girls and also Freaky Friday !! I really recommend Mean Girls and Freaky Friday to those who've not watched this shows that stars Lindsay Lohan in it !

While Meimei was over at my house for a sleepover, I did a major revamp for her blog!!!...

From this .....


I'm pretty much satisfied with what i did and i actually find it super chio for a simple web designed by me :P

Actually I think those who've slept over at my house are lucky people because they get to eat good food EVERYNIGHT for supper.

Anyway I'll be giving away a Nintendo 3DS soon on my blog. Do keep coming back for updates ^_^

For now, i shall munch away on this Cream biscuits my parents got for my from Japan... SHOKUJI OISHIKAA~~~

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