Hello people!!

Don't know if this sounds like exciting news but remember I mentioned in my previous blogpost that i'll be making my youtube comeback/breakthrough/revival or whatever you want to call it.. ?

I had several ideas of what i would be talking about but i think that IF i really did that, i doubt that anybody would actually come to watch.

The correct tactic would be to ATTRACT people in to watch and subscribe to you so that in the future, more people will come and support you, yes?

Honestly speaking, I don't have much people helping me behind the scenes, I'm not really close to many famous people so what i really hope is that i can gain the support from my current readers, twitter followers and also facebook friends. I'll be also counting on you guys to help me share the videos i've done too ...if possible.

SOOOO to start my breakthrough, I would be doing HAIRSTYLE tutorials for your favourite kpop/e-pop stars.

What i had in mind now was to do LUHAN from EXO-K 's hairstyle shown below.

I've actually attempted this style before but didn't found it really matchy on me. I really want to show you guys how to do it ASAP but my hair's still short.

Perhaps I'll film a short hair-style version of the haircut shown below? I'm not sure.

I'm kinda digging this hairstyle now cause Luhan looks obviously stunning with this!

Side views are still absolutly fab (not fap).

However i really need moral support cause this is the first time i'm actually going to do something that i've never done before and i could use the support from you guys!

AND if all goes well *twists fingers* ... maybe i'll continue doing more videos? :)

SO yeahhhh, just stay tuned guys. I'll be updating my blog almost everyday from now on soooo just wait for the good news okay!

Here's EXO-K's performance today at M Countdown!

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