Photoshoot + Facial

Winners for the Hada Labo Giveaway (choosen vi a randominizer so there's no biasness)

Extensive whitening mask - Geraldine Seet
Hydrating mask - Ivy
Facial mist - Charlene
Essence - Cecilia
Lotion - Sylvia wong

Winners plesase contact me via and i'll mail the items to your house!!

I'll be hosting more giveaways so just keep coming back and you may be a lucky winner!

Okay soo recently i went to acc weemeimei to a photshoot, which was supposedly have me inside as one of their models. However i backed out due to some clashes with the photographer's friends. Was having really bad complexion that day.

Had to mail all of this out to TWP customers!

Probably one of the smallest studios i've ever seen lolol

After meimei was done with her shot. The photographer asked if we would like to take a few shots together. So tadannggg! The pictures have not been sent to us yet sooo we're still waiting :)

We went to BPP to have our lunch later. First time seeing YOSHINOYA in a kopitiam like seriously. The name reminds me of noya yap btw lol. 

Bought some candys from the shop at b1 .

Was supposed to head to ECP to cycle with edison, meimei and jansen but the plans were cancelled due to some last minute problems.

I still remember meimei spamming the taxi call button lol .

Last sunday, went to accompany my friend for a facial at AMK. Wasn't really happy that day so that explains the shirt :)

Dinner specially cooked by pauline, the beautician ^_^ I've been her regular for 2 years since Elaineyuki recommended to me. However it's been quite awhile since i've last been there as my complexion is slowly improving ...


So i ended up camwhoring :D

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  1. Just a reminder. I think you should blur out one of your customer's address...Its rather obvious