BtoB- 그 입술을 뺏었어(Irresistible Lips) Minhyuk Hair Tutorial

As the name mentions, my youtube tutorial for this time will be on btob's minhyuk! It's based on his hairstyle on their latest comeback - Irresistible Lips

Of course, there are a couple of differences between my version of his hairstyle.

1) As i'm currently having bangs, it's actually harder for me to have the exact same fringe as him. What I did do in the video is to actually use a hair straightener to kinda straighten and flaten my fringe alittle.

2) I added a little spikes to make it more special

3) And obviously my hair color is different as compared to minhyuk

Like the other two videos i've done. I'm not really expecting 0 dislikes but i really really hope that those who actually disliked my videos would tell me why (mainly because I want to improve for everybody).

For those who think my videos are kinda boring, I'll be adding in some games for us to play along in my next video!! YAYYY lol .

But just like, subscribe and leave down a comment on how i can improve yeah :)

So after completion of the video that day, i washed up and prepared to meet my dearest bff weemeimei . I'm going to have to meet her as much as possible for now as she'll be extremely busy from july till september due to her miss universe singapore pageant. Really hope she'll get to represent singapore for the miss universe pageant!

My hands were itchy while waiting for meimei to prepare. So i was actually trying out and kinda learning how to line my eyes with the eyeliner i got sponsored from SPH the other time. I was kinda aiming for the korean ulzzang look but .... i failed badly LOL.

I look like a tranny mainly because

1) I had no idea how am i suppose to use it
2) I coloured my eyelids (like practically coloured it instead of lining my waterline)

And the end results were like this ....

Soooo.... I went to the pasar malam (wet market) at bangkit with meimei afterwards and did some grocery shopping at prime :)

May is ending!!!

-Random Entry-

Last week was a total drainer for me! I had to rush many stuff out before my examinations and I've been really really tired. Currently i'm helping TheWhitePotato in their launch of their Korean outlet at Busan, doing more videos (which includes extensive research and also time), preparations for my exams which i'm currently undergoing now and more. 

Basically I've too little time to rest and i can't wait for the holidays to arrive!!! By then i'll make sure to film up as many videos as possible and update my you tube channel once a week!

Some of you may be curious as to why i'm tired over the creation of the videos. Well... to be honest i take up around 2-3 hours of my time just to do up at 5-10minutes video. This includes filming of the video itself, editing of captions, cutting unnecessary parts off and trying to make the video look as simple as possible. The editing itself is killer and the 2-3 hours does not include the time i spent on researching!! Now you know how tiring it is righttttt hahahaa.

SOOOO anyway... let's move on . 

 As you can see, I look really really tired for this past few weeks that I've too little time getting many of my things done. Many of you have been wondering what I normally wear to school. Well to be honest i'm a REAAAAAL lazy person when it comes to preparing and i only take 1-2minutes deciding what to wear for school.

Actually no decision making is needed as I just put on whatever i deem wearable and leave home immediately. More time spent on sleeping and less time being fussy on what to wear!

Today's post would be mostly pictures taken from last week with darling Michelle :)

Anyway she just created a blog not long ago, do read when you're free!

 Loving my sideburns that day. I shall call it the saber tooth side burn lolol (due to the jagged sides).

Started camwhoring with this girl for the next 30minutes as we had too much spare time in the library. My classmates xy & shikin were there too but they were too busy researching on some stuff :P

Loving how i look from the side view of my face (top left pic) and LOL at the centre parting pic (bottom right)

Bottom right kissy picture was inspired by Elaine :P She used to do that in the past when we take pictures. I think I should be taking pictures with her soon!

Unglam picture on the right but i still posted it up cause michelle looks cute there :)

This girl looks so fab when she winks lol

And then she requested to do a slut look but i had no idea what to do so I pulled down my shirt and made some weird actions LOLOL .

All photos are taken under exposure mode. The app is taken via power cam for iphone ;)


A rather late update!! But it's never too late to compensate you guys right? :)

Anyway my exams is nearing it's end soon. 3 more papers to go !!! I need to buck up and work harder!

(Pictures taken after filming of the zayn malik tutorial)

Sooo the other day (18/05/2012) i went to my cousin's 21st. I didn't take much pictures with her and the place as i was busy playing with the kids and doing other stuff. But here's the 2-tier cake that TASTED AWESOME! They had this coco-balls thing in between the layers of the cake and the slice I was given was all sponge (i hate the cream). Yums.

Some pictures I took as i was bored.

As you can see above, my exams are tightly packed and I barely have anytime to rest. But i really hope that my efforts won't go to waste!

SCHOOLBOY MEEE!! I didn't went out last week as I was too busy handling some important stuff after school.

With my classmate xingyoong and darling michelle :)

Was trying out the " power cam " app on the iphone and it had this cool fire effect.

I can proudly say that i'm too hot that i'm on fire now, literally. LOL

Canvas photo effect of michelle. Spot my nose LOLOL .

Ending this post with a photo of her trying to imitate me.

Kpop Mondays - Irresisitable Twinkle

I think many of you have been waiting for quite some time for the 2nd issue of the kpop mondays right?


Really sorry as i've been really really busy with my exams, shop, youtube and more this few days that i've barely any time to blog. But i promise i'll blog more often after my exams yeah :) I've scheduled another post for tomorrow so do come back and read!

SOOOOO moving on, the recommendation for this week's Kpop Mondays!!!!


TTS is the latest sub-unit of SNSD!! As the name mentions, it consists of Tae yeon, Seohyun and also Tifanny! I kinda like the rhythm of the music as it's kinda hip and unique to hear something like this in the kpop industry. Nontheless, kudos to TTS for winning multiple awards in Music bank with this song!

Miryo ft Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) - LEGGO

This song is kinda under-rated and overshadowed by all the other kpop songs and I'm finding it unfair! I personally find Miryo's rap in this song real powerful ! Hope to see brown eyed girls making a comeback soon this year :)

BTOB - Irresistible Lips 

BTOB made their debut recently and they've made their comeback last week with irresistible lips! The song is kinda catchy too!!

B1A4 - Baby Good Night

NAUGHTY B1A4! Their latest comeback song brings out the summer in you but also tinges the playful side of every guy! The song is kinda telling us guys that playing around is alright (behind your girl). Then again, there are other representations of this song. Nonetheless this is one of my favourite songs at the moment as it really has a real soothing tune and I really love b1a4's vocals. I THINK I'M TURNING INTO A BANAS SOON LOL.

JJ Project - Bounce

JJ should not be an unfamiliar name since they made their appearance in Dream High 2 and yes! They've debut under JYP quite recently with BOUNCEEE!~  COME ON SHAKY SHAKY! The song kinda makes me miss 2PM and reminds me of them too! Don't you think so?


G.NA made her comeback recently with 2HOT. Honestly speaking i'm kinda anticipating something similiar to her soulful debut track " 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 " (and yes i think it's her best track yet). Still it's something you can listen to when you want something to spice up your mp3 :D


HelloVenus is a new girl group and honestly speaking they sound real promising! However I think they should have made their debut in the early 2012 (During spring) as the song suits the mood more then :D Do listen as it's real unique!

Apink - HUSH 

APINK made their comeback two weeks back and honestly speaking, this song kinda reminded me of Roly poly + another song that I can't remember.


STEP IT UP STEP IT UP! Kara will be coming to singapore soon and i've been listening to their songs ever since pretty girl! Will you be attending?

ANYYYWAYYY I'll be recommending my favourite english songs at the moment soon! Honestly speaking i think i'm kinda neglecting all my blogposts for way too long, such as my 3DS giveaway, insole giveaway, tips in growing taller and more ...

Do forgive me yeah! I promise to get it all done after my exams at june, alright ? :)

Infatuation & Love - Reasons to a failing relationship and tips

I've decided to spare some time to touch on this topic.

The other day, I was browsing through twitter and I chanced upon this quote which says

"  It is scientifically proven that a crush only lasts 4 months. If you still love them after that period, you're truly in love. " 

As I think about it, honestly speaking it made so much sense. What I realise about love and relationships this days is that most of them don't even get past 4 months, majority of them falls under the " infatuation " category. What i think though , of the credibility of the quote it is due to human nature that we " assume " that we know somebody based on first impression.

This is the reason why they say " First impresssion counts ". That's because they do, they really do.

When you're going out with someone for the very first time,  I think it would be natural for you to conceal everything visibly " bad " about you, to show and impress the other party you're going out with. What I mean by being visibly "  bad " are those who're uncouth for example, pretending their all gentleman-ly and stuff. So yeah you get the point right?

The main point is that IF still you love a person for more than 4 months (the process of dating etc etc), it means that the person you'll fallen for is still the same after that period of time.

In other cases, or more commonly cases as to why relationships don't last more than 4months is mainly because as we get to know more about the opposite party, we tend to find out more; Be it their flaws and their nature. Who you may have thought as a goody 2 shoes can turn out to be someone who's nothing but a jerk, slut etc, throughout this 4 months time frame.

Other than this, what are the other common reasons as to why a relationship fails?


It is ironic that we can easily become jealous of our closest friends. It often occurs when there is a feeling of separation and competition. One thing we need to learn is to be happy at the success of others, otherwise sooner or later the jealousy will consume you.

Don't get jealous over petty issues when you're in a relationship. You'll need to learn how to trust as a suspicious mind is more than often very poisonous.  Always remember this, If your partner lets you down, it is not your fault. But if you suspect, because of your own insecurity, you  will be bound to create serious problems in your own relationships.

What your partner can do to help you in overcoming your jealousy is to give you assurance. As simple as that.


There is actually a difference between real love and emotional attachment. For us humans, when we have emotional attachment to someone, we need their attention and presence. When we have excessive attachment to others, we can easily become jealous and demanding. Never over demand as this leads to even bigger problems. Try to talk things out and lower your expectations. The bigger your expectations, the bigger the hurt will be when it all turns out otherwise.

One easy way to counter this would be to develop a strong self belief and inner confidence, we can'tt just rely on others to provide this. Strong relationships need a certain detachment, we need to accept others for what they are, rather than expecting them to give us all their attention.


Even the closest relationships need to value the individual freedom of others. Problems will inevitably occur when we seek to dominate others. Come on! We're not a lion/wolf pack right? Why not just go easy on others already?

How would it feel if your partner was the one who pesters you 24/7 without giving you any freedom? Or let's say, you have an important work assignment that is due the next day and your partner is consistently bagging you to head out with them? You wouldn't like that would you.

Also, make sure you create time when your partner is the focus of attention; do things that they enjoy doing, and don’t just drag them along to your office parties. But remember to learn how to seperate work and personal issues, never bring home or to your personal life the angerr or any other negative emotions from work.  

Selfishness is  the root of all relationship problems. When we are selfish we think of ourselves first and foremost and more than often ignore the needs of others & become an ego centric. Ego centric people are never easy to live with and tend to be a drainer (practically saps your life from a relationship). When we are selfish we want the praise, support and backing of others but we are not willing to give anything in return. 
Let's just put this in a friendship type of scenario - How would you feel if you've always been there for a friend whenever they need help but disappears when you need emotional support from them? Unhappy isn't it? This applies in all prospect of our lives.  
The main point is to learn how to give and take. Not TAKE EVERYTHING AND NEVER GIVE ANYTHING IN RETURN.
For those who've always been selfish, if you feel that your partner is always taking and never giving, just a tip... Start loving yourself more and be selfish for once, just do it for your happiness.

Too much time or too little time

Rememeber this, we'll need time to ourselves; Strong relationships should be able to deal with periods of separation. This allows individual expression and individual growth. You must learn to accept that in order to last in a relationship.

A successful relationship require a certain level of tolerance of other's weaknesses. If we keep picking up on the faults of other people, expecting them to change, we create permanent tension. For example, your partner or friend may not share you judgement that they are faults. This  does not mean we have to ignore when others do wrong things, or ignore when you YOURSELF are doing the wrong things. My favorite phrase is that everything takes two hands to clap. Before you start looking at the faults of your partner, spend some time looking into the depth of the problem and find out what you did wrong too.

If your partner tells you where you're in the wrong, you should be able to cope with constructive critisim and suggestions. Don't become obsessed with noticing only the bad things and forgetting the good things they've done for you in the past.

One thing  about us humans is that we're kinda too attracted to noticing the faults of others, but it doesn't help relationships to do this. If you become too critical about all this, it'll create long term problems.

To tell you the truth, I'm speaking all this based on my recent relationship failure (Yes i just broke up recently and i'm single now). Though i'm still kinda upset, i'm trying to see the good in the bad . That's how i'm staying happy!

So here are some tips for those who're still in love

1) Focus on the things you can control such as your attitude, behavior, words and y your energy. If you want something to change in any stage of a loving relationship, make it your own traits or actions and not your partners.

2) Learn healthy ways to express your disappointment, anger or frustration. Never vent out your anger as you'll never know how much hurt you could inflict on your partner. A friend told me " When you're angry or sad, never say anything and try to isolate yourself. You'll never know if you might say anything on impulse which you might regret later on ". This made so much sense, don't you think so too?

3) Appreciate your partner's good qualities, be grateful for the life you share and gratitude can enhance all stages of relationships. Let your partner know how much you're thankful for them being in your lives, show a simple sign of appreciation whenever they do something to make you happy.

4) Your partner can't make you feel stupid or worthless! You're the owner of your own feelings. If you feel unfulfilled or sad about your life, look at your own dreams and goals. Are you pursueing the life you were meant to life? What's your motivation? What's your purpose in life? Are you following your heart? Develop your personality, mind and spirit. Figure out what will make you happy in this stage of love and create the life you were meant to live.

Okay that's all for today. I think i spent a little too much time on this blogpost! I'm having my first mid term examinations tomorrow and i've yet to get a start on them. I may be posting more about how to handle heartbreaks and othhers in due time.  For now, let me know what you think! :)