BtoB- 그 입술을 뺏었어(Irresistible Lips) Minhyuk Hair Tutorial

As the name mentions, my youtube tutorial for this time will be on btob's minhyuk! It's based on his hairstyle on their latest comeback - Irresistible Lips

Of course, there are a couple of differences between my version of his hairstyle.

1) As i'm currently having bangs, it's actually harder for me to have the exact same fringe as him. What I did do in the video is to actually use a hair straightener to kinda straighten and flaten my fringe alittle.

2) I added a little spikes to make it more special

3) And obviously my hair color is different as compared to minhyuk

Like the other two videos i've done. I'm not really expecting 0 dislikes but i really really hope that those who actually disliked my videos would tell me why (mainly because I want to improve for everybody).

For those who think my videos are kinda boring, I'll be adding in some games for us to play along in my next video!! YAYYY lol .

But just like, subscribe and leave down a comment on how i can improve yeah :)

So after completion of the video that day, i washed up and prepared to meet my dearest bff weemeimei . I'm going to have to meet her as much as possible for now as she'll be extremely busy from july till september due to her miss universe singapore pageant. Really hope she'll get to represent singapore for the miss universe pageant!

My hands were itchy while waiting for meimei to prepare. So i was actually trying out and kinda learning how to line my eyes with the eyeliner i got sponsored from SPH the other time. I was kinda aiming for the korean ulzzang look but .... i failed badly LOL.

I look like a tranny mainly because

1) I had no idea how am i suppose to use it
2) I coloured my eyelids (like practically coloured it instead of lining my waterline)

And the end results were like this ....

Soooo.... I went to the pasar malam (wet market) at bangkit with meimei afterwards and did some grocery shopping at prime :)

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