Kpop Mondays - Irresisitable Twinkle

I think many of you have been waiting for quite some time for the 2nd issue of the kpop mondays right?


Really sorry as i've been really really busy with my exams, shop, youtube and more this few days that i've barely any time to blog. But i promise i'll blog more often after my exams yeah :) I've scheduled another post for tomorrow so do come back and read!

SOOOOO moving on, the recommendation for this week's Kpop Mondays!!!!


TTS is the latest sub-unit of SNSD!! As the name mentions, it consists of Tae yeon, Seohyun and also Tifanny! I kinda like the rhythm of the music as it's kinda hip and unique to hear something like this in the kpop industry. Nontheless, kudos to TTS for winning multiple awards in Music bank with this song!

Miryo ft Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) - LEGGO

This song is kinda under-rated and overshadowed by all the other kpop songs and I'm finding it unfair! I personally find Miryo's rap in this song real powerful ! Hope to see brown eyed girls making a comeback soon this year :)

BTOB - Irresistible Lips 

BTOB made their debut recently and they've made their comeback last week with irresistible lips! The song is kinda catchy too!!

B1A4 - Baby Good Night

NAUGHTY B1A4! Their latest comeback song brings out the summer in you but also tinges the playful side of every guy! The song is kinda telling us guys that playing around is alright (behind your girl). Then again, there are other representations of this song. Nonetheless this is one of my favourite songs at the moment as it really has a real soothing tune and I really love b1a4's vocals. I THINK I'M TURNING INTO A BANAS SOON LOL.

JJ Project - Bounce

JJ should not be an unfamiliar name since they made their appearance in Dream High 2 and yes! They've debut under JYP quite recently with BOUNCEEE!~  COME ON SHAKY SHAKY! The song kinda makes me miss 2PM and reminds me of them too! Don't you think so?


G.NA made her comeback recently with 2HOT. Honestly speaking i'm kinda anticipating something similiar to her soulful debut track " 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 " (and yes i think it's her best track yet). Still it's something you can listen to when you want something to spice up your mp3 :D


HelloVenus is a new girl group and honestly speaking they sound real promising! However I think they should have made their debut in the early 2012 (During spring) as the song suits the mood more then :D Do listen as it's real unique!

Apink - HUSH 

APINK made their comeback two weeks back and honestly speaking, this song kinda reminded me of Roly poly + another song that I can't remember.


STEP IT UP STEP IT UP! Kara will be coming to singapore soon and i've been listening to their songs ever since pretty girl! Will you be attending?

ANYYYWAYYY I'll be recommending my favourite english songs at the moment soon! Honestly speaking i think i'm kinda neglecting all my blogposts for way too long, such as my 3DS giveaway, insole giveaway, tips in growing taller and more ...

Do forgive me yeah! I promise to get it all done after my exams at june, alright ? :)

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