Lucid Dreaming / Sleep Paralysis

Well like the title mentions... two days back I had a dream that what many considers as Lucid dreaming

lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. " 

I've came across many posts in 9GAG about people trying out lucid dreaming, gaining control whenever they can of their dreams and become the 'puppeteer' of their dreams. I actually never would have thought that it'll actually happen on me. 

It all started off like this, I was sleeping on sunday (2 days back) and unexpectedly, it all began.

I was sort of, floating around my body aimlessly, having no idea of what i'm doing. At that moment i KNEW i was dreaming at that point of time. What confused me during that period of time is that i couldn't return to my body, nor could i move my body.

My " soul " or whatever's happening began searching for something/ i'm searching for something. I had no idea of what i'm searching or looking around for, i was clueless. 

Out of a sudden, a shadowy figure with neon blue (those ju-on like color) face appeared out of nowhere and started screeching.

Obviously, a natural reaction would be to shout as loud as possible...i tried to shout but nothing came out. I forced myself to wake up during that period, I did eventually wake up after a few tries but the weird thing is


And even though I was practically awake (I know i'm on my bed and stuff), i tried to struggle and move my body but it was practically paralised. I tried shouting as I was so afraid but the weird thing is, nothing came out! Only soundless " hmmmm!!!! " came out (I could hear myself in my consciousness). I was practically clueless of what i was supposed to do.

The scariest thing is that even though i knew that i was awake (my eyes were closed but my consciousness was awake), i could see that " shadowy figure " still APPROACHING ME. It was still floating towards me.

Somehow, after a few minutes when that thing was about to do something to me. I finally " woke up ". I started to whail and shout continuously, trying to gain the attention of my maid.

I never had something like this happening to me before. I told my parents the story and they brushed it off, saying it was just another ordinary nightmare.

But what's tooo coincidental is that Elaine had the same dream at my house, the day before!!

Isn't it too coincidental, or is that a message or something? It's sooo freeaking scary.

Any of you guys actually had such experiences before? Do share them with me at 

Continuing on .... . Last monday i had my post mother's day dinner with my family. Located somewhere near chinatown. The place serves really good marinated pork slices (but the best is still at golden mile) and you should give it a try when you're free! I've no idea where it is though as i was too dazed to pay attention of my surroundings that day. 

Also had this super unique Bean curd tards!!! What's special about this tard is that it  doesn't have the eggy taste that egg tards normally have and it's super smooootthhheee. Thinking about it makes me hungry again.

It's located at Selegie, near Park lane mall. You guys should give it a try if possible too :D


  1. This 'lucid dream' sounds really frightening ><
    i don't think i want to experience it :) not being able to wake up although you're conscious is scary :)
    other topic : this food looks delicious :D
    i have no clue what it is (except the shrimps)... i have never seen such food before or this way of serving food ;) !
    i'd really like to eat it :3

    1. yummy yummy~ Sorry for the late reply! it's basically a steamboat cum bbq whereby you can opt to either bbq the food of cook it together with the soup. There's like this delicious marinated chicken, pork and also crab meat!

      For the lucid dream, yeah it was really frightening and it kinda haunted me for a day or so. Wouldn't want to experience it again :)