May is ending!!!

-Random Entry-

Last week was a total drainer for me! I had to rush many stuff out before my examinations and I've been really really tired. Currently i'm helping TheWhitePotato in their launch of their Korean outlet at Busan, doing more videos (which includes extensive research and also time), preparations for my exams which i'm currently undergoing now and more. 

Basically I've too little time to rest and i can't wait for the holidays to arrive!!! By then i'll make sure to film up as many videos as possible and update my you tube channel once a week!

Some of you may be curious as to why i'm tired over the creation of the videos. Well... to be honest i take up around 2-3 hours of my time just to do up at 5-10minutes video. This includes filming of the video itself, editing of captions, cutting unnecessary parts off and trying to make the video look as simple as possible. The editing itself is killer and the 2-3 hours does not include the time i spent on researching!! Now you know how tiring it is righttttt hahahaa.

SOOOO anyway... let's move on . 

 As you can see, I look really really tired for this past few weeks that I've too little time getting many of my things done. Many of you have been wondering what I normally wear to school. Well to be honest i'm a REAAAAAL lazy person when it comes to preparing and i only take 1-2minutes deciding what to wear for school.

Actually no decision making is needed as I just put on whatever i deem wearable and leave home immediately. More time spent on sleeping and less time being fussy on what to wear!

Today's post would be mostly pictures taken from last week with darling Michelle :)

Anyway she just created a blog not long ago, do read when you're free!

 Loving my sideburns that day. I shall call it the saber tooth side burn lolol (due to the jagged sides).

Started camwhoring with this girl for the next 30minutes as we had too much spare time in the library. My classmates xy & shikin were there too but they were too busy researching on some stuff :P

Loving how i look from the side view of my face (top left pic) and LOL at the centre parting pic (bottom right)

Bottom right kissy picture was inspired by Elaine :P She used to do that in the past when we take pictures. I think I should be taking pictures with her soon!

Unglam picture on the right but i still posted it up cause michelle looks cute there :)

This girl looks so fab when she winks lol

And then she requested to do a slut look but i had no idea what to do so I pulled down my shirt and made some weird actions LOLOL .

All photos are taken under exposure mode. The app is taken via power cam for iphone ;)

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