The Dictator

Watched the dictator the other day with silver and kc. It's been 2years since i've last met silver (at june too LOL) we decided to catch up and watch a movie! 

We watched " The Dictator " and it was a really really good and funny movie ~ I was practically laughing every 5minutes of the movie. I will definitely recommend it to everyone !

 I tell you something about kc (the guy in blazer).

I got to know him 2 years back at a friend's 21st and we've been friends since then. He was also part of the mon&co clique i used to mention alot of times. HE, THIS KC GUY, IS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST FRIEND I EVER HAD, LIKE SERIOUS.

Whenever i'm feeling down, or whenever i'm out with him, i 100% confirm plus chop will laugh. Love him to the max haha.

Had subway after loitering about at bugis. 

 And played LAN at cyberdome (concorde hotel) afterwards :)

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Full House Cafe

I can't believe the polytechnic holidays are ending this soon. It feels as though I'm just starting to enjoy my holidays and now it's going to end soon T_T

Anyway I've been trying to gain weight for the past 2 weeks, will blog about my progress soon! Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle for my NAFA and also try to sculpt a better me :)

During the first week of my holidays, I managed to catch up with one of my close friends for the past 2 years. Actually i've managed to catch up with a couple of them recently only but there's more to come ( i hope) .

Had this drink called the Gummy Bear @ Manhattan Fish Market, Plaza Singapura . It turns green after you mix the honey at the base of the drink. Kinda reminds me of the cocktail you can find at the beach cabana lol.


Caught Snow White and the Huntsmen. IT WAS AWESOMEEEE. The only thing I dislike about the movie is that the queen herself is actually prettier than snow white -.- Talk about disappointment. 

GELATICIAAAA ice cream at the basement of plaza sing. They serve real nice ice cream with FREE toppings. I had this ferrero rocher flavoured one and it had tiny chumps of ferrero rocher in it ! Yumm

Headed over to Fullhouse Cafe at the hotel near park lane mall afterwards to chill.

The girl in the pic is cynthia :D She really changed a lot from the last time i've seen her! Much prettier and more mature! But she's still the lovable person i know hahaha

As you can see, the ambience of the cafe itself is very unique and beautiful. The menu even had a comic strip to entertain you in case you're bored (the comic strip doesn't make any sense though).

What i wore for that day.

The rest will be pictures of me/us . Enjoy !

Ghost Hunting

Went ghost hunting with meimei and jansen a couple of weeks back during my may mid semester exams period (I've no idea why i'm hunting ghosts instead of studying then LOL). 

It was a random plan as me and meimei initially thought of going xiao gui ling to catch for turtle (or at least see something). But we ended up talking about ghost stories there and spooking ourselves. We didn't thought that the trills were enough so we went for another one with jansen the next day. 

@Xiao gui ling (bukit gombak). We reached around 8pm so it wasn't really spooky as there were too many foreigners and couples there loitering around. We decided to go to somewhere else spookier... and we ended up with ...

As you can see, NEO TIEW ROAD LOL. We were heading to one of the top 10 most haunted places in singapore - Neo Tiew Estate.

The entire area gave us a creepy "aura" even though we were travelling on cab to our destination. It just keeps getting creepier and creepier ._.

Me, Jansen & Meimei on the cab near neo tiew estate. It's so blur so i doubt you can see anything here haha, just 3 figures and....



THIS IS NEO TIEW ESTATE (the exterior). We decided not to venture inside as the cab driver was also afraid and didn't want to wait for us even though we were willing to pay for more. The INTERIOR IS MAD SCARY AND THE DESERTED PLAYGROUND WAS WORST. FYI, this is an abandoned estate well known for the ghosts living in the trees. I heard that the people who used to live there left the place as one of their neighbours got killed by those friendly things.

MOVING ON , we went to the farm resort which was quite a distance away from the place. We decided to venture around the area in hopes of finding something creepy.

After the ghost hunt, i was kinda hungry so i suggested supper at my parent's workplace since we had nothing else to do. So we ended up at boon lay hawker center.

I got one of this zutzut things from my parent's stall neighbour. Initially i was using it to scare meimei but we ended up playing with it for a whole 2hours LOL.

I took several more to make up " Jansen, Meimei and Tyler " LOL


Ended to xiao gui ling again as it was past midnight already and it wasn't that scary the 3rd time. We headed over to prime and bought a couple of snacks (MY FAVOURITEEEE DOUBLE CHOCO MINI MAGNUM)

Sorry for the lack of updates these days. Have been real busy trying to catch up with my friends and also juggling with many other stuffs. My youtube will be having weekly updates from now on so do subscribe and support okay ;)

Here are some of the pictures i forgot to upload the other time.