The " Korean Gangster " Look

Okay i've been a real bad blogger hahahaa! I've like 900 pictures now on my phone and i've yet to upload them onto this blog so i shall take things slowly and upload them 1 by 1. Sooo my darling readers pleaseee come backk, i've lots of photos for youuu~

Hahaha anyway here are some of the photos i took late last month before heading to the club :)

Have been a serious party animal recently, like clubbing almost everyday of the weekend and it's really damaging my wallet, complexion and lifestyle hahaha. BUT I LIKE IT!

New kicks! Really loving the design and colour of the sneakers, just a simple ZIP and i'm reading to go. 

Oh and i clubbed with one of my twitter followers that day, we soon became good friends hahahaa.

Then few days later, I had dinner with my family at the nearest CC at Bukit panjang.

It's under imperial treasure i think. Gosh i forgot the name of the restaurant but the restaurant serves super yummy food ( the price is murder though, we spent $500+ that day). 

Since it's just nearby, I decided not to do anything to my hair and just leave the house. #lazy


A new post will be up tomorrow or the following day ahaha :P Do check back more often!

Random thoughts

What you're going to read may just be the most senseless blabber you've ever read. 

I'm starting to learn that you can't make someone love you. You can't make someone be faithful to you nor control your fate sometimes. You know, things just happen... good, bad, indifferent. You just have to let some things go and hope they turn out for the best.

It's like falling off a horse. You're in the air and you know it's going to hurt like hell when you hit the ground? But hey, there isn't enough time for you to stop it. So you could just close your eyes and hope for the best.

You can't predict what's going to happen next in your life as life is pretty much unpredictable. One day you're happily single and BAM! You've fallen into the hole of love. You'll never know what you'll find inside. A pile of sweets and happiness? Or a pool of anguish and suffering. Will you fight for what you want and climb up the hole?

Life's really too unpredictable #justsaying. One moment you can be real close friends with this guy/girl and you can somehow just fall in love with them, without knowing and warning. I suppose i understand what they meant when they say " Love comes when you least expect it ". 

It's really really hard learning how to juggle all the different issues we have as we grow older. Sometimes i feel as though we're becoming weaker as we grow up. Why? There's no need for us to experience this much problematic drama and issues when we were young. We just cry it off and we'll be better moments later.

Life wants us to learn more about it as we grow, but have you ever realized that this learning process also made us suffer in different countless ways too? We've learnt how to love; but we also learnt how terrible it feels to be heartbroken. We've learnt how to overcome problems; but it is only learnt through hardships and pain.

Yes, we've learnt to be more appreciative of the good things we have in life but it's NEVER ENOUGH. Life just keeps screwing us all up over and over again. I feel as though we're forced, or we've no choice but to overcome them without any routes available to take the easy way out... Then again, it's how we become stronger, no? hahaha.

우리 사랑했잖아 제발 날 울리지마  오직 내겐 너 하나뿐야 눈을 감아도 보여 귀를 막아도 들려 제발 날 떠나가지마 " We were in love, please don’t make me cry, for me, it’s only you. When i close my eyes, i see you,when i block my ears, i hear you. please don’t leave me

" 돌아올것 같아서 다시 올지 몰라서 오늘도 너를 기다려 너는 모르지 넌 모르지 아파하는 날 이 노랠 하는 지금도 "
- You might come back, because you might return again today, i wait for don’t know, you don’t know how much i’m hurting even as i sing this song

Then there are those moments where you just feel like taking one step closer, but afraid that the step you take would be the wrong one. How many of you have kept these words, these actions, these steps inside your heart and never dared to show it? How many of you have contained it inside of you? Afraid of taking any action.

We all have the fear of doing the wrong thing but know what? You really need to give it a shot cause you only live once. When's the next time you'll be able to gain an opportunity to tell your loved ones that you love them before they die, or before they leave your life? How many of you did not dare to make a confession to someone you love just because you fear that you would not be good enough for them? Or the fear of them not reciprocating these feelings? 

I have. Countless times in my life.  Most of the time, it all lies on the fear of the problems stated above and boom! The person I like is taken by another who dares to take action.

If it really happens, trust me - You'll hate yourself for life for not taking the opportunity when you had the chance too. Weigh the chances, follow your heart and do not let the fear take over. What's the possibilities of it being in your favor? You'll never know but at least, if it all ends badly, you know you've tried. You know you've done your best. 

Likewise, for those who've experienced a failed relationship in the past. Tell yourself you've done your best and you definitely deserve better. Never stoop yourself to their levels just to be with them. Instead, look up and aim for someone better, someone who can teach you the right thing. Lowering your standards means lowering your chances of having someone who can love you right. In the meantime while searching for that someone new, why not do something that would improve and benefit you?

" I have died everyday, waiting for you. Darlin' don't beafraid,I have loved you for a, thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more.... "

Invest your love in someone who you think deserve it, not one who takes it for granted.

Just had a bad relationship? Cry it out, EVERYTHING! All the emotions, all the memories, be it bad or good. When you're done, built a bridge and GET OVER IT. 

The memories will stay, the happy ones, the sad ones. In the end it's all bittersweet memories. You'll be wishing you had another chance to experience those memories all over again. But honestly speaking, you can't  (more than 90% of the time). ! The truth sucks and it hurts, but it's all factual.

But do remember, if there's old memories. There'll definitely be new ones, newer (and hopefully better) people who'll enter your life. People who can make new memories with you, even if they end up being bittersweet like the rest. It's an experience that built and mould us into someone better! A better person, a better being. Yes, there are those who've strayed and became a player blablabla but sooner or later, they'll realise that the vicious cycle they're living is meaningless. They've lost many opportunities to be with someone better.

Those struggling to move on .... Just be happy that the memories are there. The pain? Just be grateful as it reminds you that you're still alive. Believe me, you're not alone and never will be. Stay strong k? :)

Tomorrow, i'll be the person much stronger than the one i am today. 

(Lol., had a sudden thought of my " 1st " and couldn't help but cry remembering the bittersweet memories. But know what? I'll believe i'll definitely find someone better, or maybe i've already found one. )

Boon lay raja restaurant

Sorry for the lack of updates!! Ahhh i'm feeling guilty now and my readership has been going down down down.

Doesn't matter, i believe you guys will come back for me once i start updating regularly again, right? :) 

Anyway a month back i attended my uncle's wedding at boon lay raja restaurant. The whole event wasn't really that a memorable one for me lol, felt more like a casual dinner with my relatives and family. The " mood " just wasn't there !

Sooo yeah before that i went to the gym with my brother. It was my week 2's progress. YAY it's been 1month since i started out gymming so far!!! I'm happy with my progress so far cause i'm developing chest muscles lolol, what i've always wanted since young hahahahhaa.

Here are some pictures before i head to the gym with my brother


For those who're interested in working out sooner or later, you should try out this pills called creatine pills (i think that's what it's called). It helps to boost muscle and blood regulation = Lesser body aches and more stamina during and after work out.

Anyway, this was my outfit for that day, tried out a new curly fringe up hairstyle inspired by wooyoung from 2pm. 

Le camwhore time with elaine during the wedding :D

Will be back to update more soon :)

Big Bang Tour SG Tickets Giveaway

Have been fidgeting with google analytics and trying to install it on my blog but i can't seem to get it to work and verified. No idea why though, gonna try again tomorrow.

OKAYYY anyway here's a good news!

You guys who're following me on twitter should know that there's a giveaway on my twitter currently for the Big Bang tour singapore tickets right? Initially it was mentioned there will only be 2 pairs of tickets to be given away, together with 4 sets of merchandise... right?

WELL ! I managed to talk to the committee about this and they've decided that they will only open a week 3 giveaway (MEANING THAT THERE WILL BE ANOTHER PAIR OF TICKETS UP FOR GRABS) if the response is good!!!

So here's the deal !

All you have to do is

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Golden mile steamboat + Chilli crab feast

3weeks back (on the same week i got my dipdye), I had the yummy golden mile steamboat again with my bro, elaine and friends.

The thai steamboat at golden mile is famous for their use of pork oil to bring out the fragrance of the food there. Definitely yummy and raved by many! I think i can finish 1 full plate of pork by myself!

I had weird triple eyelids that day that makes me look like i had perfect parallel eyelids. Yay or Nay?

Went home to change afterwards and headed to zirca and that's all for that night :P

Few days later, i met up with mengyu and giscille for dinner at bukit gombak. What for?

Oh nomnomnom.

What's chilli crab without the man tous (fried buns)!!!

For my new blog readers that don't know who the both of them are... they're actually friends i got to know last year through alpha entertainment! Giscille is currently signed as a trainee with alpha and mengyu is one of the TVN kpop star hunt's top 10 finalists (singapore top 10).

After nomming and talking about what has happened to us over the past few months that we've not met up, we headed over to the playground for more catching up! The 2 girls started using my phone to camwhore haha. Unfortunately i'm going to be mean and not post up all of them :)

and then, i joined the fray.

Anyway the panasonic esymphony campaign is up! Do participate if you want to win yourself awesome prizes!

Just visit !!! Do enter this unique code _eco18 !!

Dipdye for guys

I know i've been a pretty bad blogger this few weeks, rarely updating but i truly truly apologise for everything! I kinda hope this post will make up for the lack of posts as there's a video at the very end!
Soooo 3weeks back i went to my salon at tampines one to have my hair cut and also to try out a new hair colour.

Initially i had blonde in mind (i've no idea why blonde again) but yup, i went back to being blonde but this time in a much unique way. Read on to know~

Before leaving home, i shot a video which was SUPPOSED to be posted up on my youtube channel but i decided not to as i look super ugly in that video + it's not really a tutorial. So yup i scrapped that idea but i'm still posting the results of that video - This hairstyle.

It's pretty much a very ordinary hairstyle for those with medium length hair. Looks kinda korean-ish right? :)

PIG NOSEEE! I can do it. hahahaha

Then i decided to pose like some of the photos i've seen of mason moon and the korean babies so ignore the aegyo haha.

 Soooo yup , i headed over to twister at tampines 1 to have my haircut + hairdye. It's at the 5th level, you can't miss it!

Left picture - After having my haircut + hair wash
Right picture - After it's dried.

And it's time to steam my hair :D bleaching in progress!

And after 4 long hours. I have super nice dip dye-d hair!

But that wasn't the end results as my fringe ( the yellowish blonde area) was bleached again to achieve the ash purple colour.

This are the results :D

 Not really obvious at first but yup. It's unique in that way!

Basically i met up with silver that day again and also with the two army boys who had dinner with us! Randy and kc (i've mentioned kc in my previous post). He's real cute ain't he hahaa! Like a small boy.

On the picture on the right, he was imitating one of my friends. hahaha

For the rest of the pictures, they are stills from my latest video. Do take a look and subscribe to my channel!