Pre-loved clothing

Here are some of my pre-loved clothing and I'll be selling on this space now before i actually bring them to the flea to clear!

Items are either brand new or worn once/twice. Interested parties please email me at .  First come first serve basis (payment received). Prices exclude postage/mailing fees.

Two tone cardigan - $20
Condition - Brand new
Free size

The White Rabbit @ Dempsy Road

Hey guys! Start from today's post, my hair will be black and short, no more mr korean boy nor will i be having anymore blonde hair. My next colour will probably be pinkish red or some other dark colours, but for now i'll still stick with black :)
Headed over to The White Rabbit @ Dempsy the other day :) 

OOTD: Top from bugis street, watch from zipia, other accessories through my korean suppliers :)

Loving my sides :) LOOK LIKE TOM DALEY RIGHT #bhb Hahaha.

Headed over to Dempsey for The White Rabbit on the 10/08/2012
" The White Rabbit, a restaurant & bar housed in an awe-inspiring and beautifully-restored old chapel located off the dempsey area in singapore. "
The place itself was GORGEOUS and i would really recommend this place for you and your friends to chill or have romantic dining experience with your lover/family  The White Rabbit's overall concept gave me a very " Alice-in-wonderland " feel during my trip there, not only was it unique, it made me feel more relaxed, calm and at ease while i was there.

A friend who's dining with me for that day - Ryan!


I didn't make any reservations that day as I was too busy :P Thankfully, i had some connections and got a table that day, weeee~

And here comes the food!

This is their Lobster Capellini !! With fresh lobsters, shimeiji mushrooms, sesame seaweed and mascarpone cheese. Everything just blended in perfectly to give you the taste of perfecto~ The lobsters were really really fresh, sweet and succulent to the every bite!! However the pasta itself reminds me of our traditional chinese " beehoon ", just that it's a high class version and it's much thicker and smoother.


The Black Olive Sea Bass !! In overall I felt that this is the dish that isn't really worth trying though it's under the chef's recommendation. It tasted weird for me and the tastes of the olives were to overwhelming. The fish itself was too fishy and I didn't like how it was done. However, the asparagus and berries were really sweet and tasty to the every bite!

The meal itself costed around $80+. Definitely worth the price if you're looking for somewhere cozy to fine dine with, I would really recommend you guys to have reservations made for the tables though as they're fully booked most of the time!

For more information on The White Rabbit, you can visit:
The White Rabbit39C 
Harding Road 
Dempsey Singapore  
Tel: +65 6473 9965

Mini updates #1

Ahhh I need to clear the pictures i've taken during august asap~ Anyway i'm selling my preloved clothes at cheap prices. Just click here -> and if you're interested please email me at . You pay first, you get the item first  :) 

Here are some of the photos taken after my hair transformation. 

Last 2 photos before my hair's short and black! Back to basics :)

and whoop! It's black .

Celebrated my national day eve with my friends. Met marc and shela before meeting the rest for a movie! Had 10000 angels at Plaza singapura that day.

My all time favourite lychee breeze. Basically it's just ice blended lychee =\

And their yummy prawn aglio oglio, one of the best in singapore.

Caught seeking a friend for the end of the world that day :D

@Xingwang. Top from bugis street

I know i sibei act cute on the above pictures but hahaha i love skippy. Most of my scorpio friends have plushies too so i guess i'm fine :P

Finding Love in a Club

" Do not write off clubbing as one of the viable means of finding true love, the thing about it is that you've to use common sense to discern a wolf from a potential mate "

Like finding true love, it's generally trying to find a needle from a haysack; It ain't an easy task. The purpose of the club is for you to meet and greet the potential mate, make friends, drink and to enjoy. When you see someone whom you think is a " potential mate " in the club, do not pass judgement or size him/her up based on what you see they're doing, cause they may be dead drunk or whatever so they may not be conscious of what they're actually doing. You're in the club, you drink, you get drunk, have fun with your friends, get the number of the person you like and enjoy - And that's why you're in the club!

What's different about meeting someone in a club and online dating, such as facebook/twitter/blablabla, is that you'll be able to see that person up close, see how they really look like (unless you suaysuay kena those that looks like an angel on pictures but shyt on person), their mannerisms, the way they move on the dance-floor (you can pretty much determine how they have sex by the way they dance lol) and of course their habits!

Some people have the presumption that clubs is a place for imature socialites and people looking for easy sex. But hey, normal people visit the clubs just to dance and enjoy their night with their friends too! So do not write it off the possibilities if you are young, single and searching.

Spotting a good girl in a club
Sadly, good girls, unlike the predatory cougars (I've encountered this a lot) will come in a pack accompanied by a grenade. You can pretty be sure to spot a good girl dancing only in a circle of friends or hanging out at the bar with a barrier of women that are similarly single. If you're keen on approaching them, you'll have to realize that generally they're the ones that comes with armour (their girlfriends) and you'll have to break through each and every one of them before you can finally get to talk to the " one ". It's no easy task, trust me.

Just to share my experience with you guys, yesterday i met this really cute lady in the club called Gracia. I got to know her through this 2 caucasians whom i just got to know. When she first saw me, she grabbed my face, pinched my cheeks and said " Gosh you're so pretty to be in this club " (I think it's because of the UV paint from zirca lolol) and she gave me a peck on the cheeks afterwards.

Obviously i was stunned because this was something that i've never really experienced before (okay aside from girls grinding me and etc etc, I've never met someone THAT cute,being so daring and kiss me on first sight. She went out with Jill (one of the caucasian) afterwards and i proceeded to dance with my other friends.

I got sick of dancing after awhile and decided to look for that girl cause i really wanted to know her name (lolol) and i managed to find her at the back alley of the club with jill making out :P I was thinking to myself yesterday " Hey, she's cute and she's nice! Maybe I can make friends with her and see how things go ", so i walked up to them and started talking and chit chatting.

THEN SHE DID THAT FACE GRABBING PINCHING CHEEKS THING AGAIN LOL. I swear she's really cute (+ drunk)!! But then she told me this " You're sooooo adorable. But we can never be together " (DAMN) and the reason was primarily because she wasn't looking for a boyfriend now but a girlfriend :x She wanted to experiment with something new so yeah i went to one corner and started drawing circles.... HAHAHAHAHA. Kidding I just helped her back into the club afterwards =\

So in the end, the moral of the whole story is that sometimes, the nice girls are the ones not looking for relationship and may just be in the club for fun. You get the whole idea ... right?  So you just need to keep an open mind and be happy regardless of what happens. You're in the club to enjoy, not be sad, right? :)

and this is definitely a true story


Spotting a good guy in a club
Good guy fly in packs too, but normally it's a wolf-pack together with a couple of nice guys in between. The reason for this is that the good guys look up to the wolves to tell them how to get themselves a women. The wolf invites them in order to show them how he preys on their " food " that enters their trap.

HOWEVER, spotting a good guy is easy, being that he'll be holding back, looking out of place and probably holding onto some lame drink or his cell phone all the time as he tries to stay on beat with the music and smile at random people along the way lolol. (I feel like i'm describing myself... HAHAHA fake~)

So in overall, don't cut off the possibilities of finding love in a club completely. There'll definitely be dozens of douchebags, jerks, bitches and sluts but this does not mean that there's 0 good guys and girls there!! Just be patient and remember this: Whatever happens in the club, stays there. If you get rejected by someone in the club, it stays there. If you get into a fight in the club, it stays there too. You get to make out with a pretty girl or handsome boy, it TOO stays there. If you would like things to proceed further, always do it outside the club :)

Okay now that i'm done with the purpose of this current blog post, time for me to RANT!!!!

I'm seriously annoyed by my blog analytics mainly because my blog stats has been screwed up since months ago when i changed from to and now to  All my stats are split into the different sites and when i view my stats for this blog every now and then, it's a pathetic 50-200 readers (like seriously wtf). I was talking to calvin timo and a couple of other bloggers about this awhile back and they say that I'll gain readership back fast but seriously it's starting to annoy me. No, i'm not blogging for the sake of readership or money but still, it pretty much gets annoying when you see the pathetic views you have on your blog as compared to the past (1.5k on OKAY!). If this goes on i may consider stop blogging all together.

Sooo yeah, i'm done with ranting, moving on with my life! The first week of august was pretty much good ! Actually it was really good as compared to what i'm living now but yeah, the past's the past, i can only move forward~

I had skipper accompany me every night during that week. LOOK AT HIS STAREEEE

Met up with botak boy wynn before his enlistment the next day with marc. They came all the way down to lot one to meet up as i was sick that day. So sweeeet right :D

We dined at Olio cafe and had long chat before heading up to the roof top of lot one (my first time there).

Le me looking all sick and wynn still looking fabulous.

On the 3rd of August, I had my final presentation for this semester! Looking all smart and prepped :)

With my lovable group mates Xingyoong and Shikin :D AHhhh! Finally a pic of me with them, without michelle LOL.

Went clubbing at night with my party animals...

OOTD. Top from Zipia, Accesories from korea. Bagpack from zinc (been using it since sec3).

Did something that I really regret that day in the club. It still haunts me till this day.

With burrrrrgarrrrrr ! He really reminds me of my old mini maltese, except he's less hornier and lazier. He's really super adorable and i wish to bring him home one day LOLOL.

And look! There's skippy :D

Sorry for the lack of updates this week guys, have been really busy with my schedule + exams. Will be updating more after next week, i hope!

USS x KC's Birthday Celebration

" Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don't work out , just take another shot "

I've been a hardworking blogger these few days aye? :D  Soooo do come back more oftenly ok? Hahaha

Anyway on the 30th of July. Me and my favourite party animals went down to USS for sohwynn as he will be enlisting the following week. I was kinda surprised that I was invited initially as I did not know sohwynn before this. Really enjoyed myself that day!!

Had a mini "amazing race" with my fella party animals because WE WERE ALL LATE LOL. We all alighted from the taxi at almost the same timing and it was definitely fun lol. 

Cupcakes from RWS invites!

I became a member of the RWS invites thanks to panasonic awhile back :) Collected my tickets as complimentary gift that day!

 The whole assembly :D

Superstar blogger Ryan LOL. He started blogging not long ago and he's really hardworking, always taking photos for his readers. Do support ->

And soooo we had to wait for veron and wei jian to arrive before we could head in. Did some chilling at the RWS invites centre before heading in!

With CK !!! It kinda came as a surprise to me that i've known him for 2years !!! It's only till recently that we've became so close and it's obviously thanks to clubbing hahaha.

The guys :)

After chilling for a little longer, we've headed off for the cylon/human roller coaster as our first stop!! We split into two groups for that ride though.

Rejoined and had the " Revenge of the Mummy " with the peeps!

With darling shela! She's really lovable and been a really nice and supportive friend since the first time I met her! 

Me, ryan, sohwynn, joey and shela. 

Whoop whoop! With Ryan :D 

Shela and Marc

Had late lunch afterwards with them!

Had the meatball pasta, not the best cause i still find it overpriced

While waiting for the rest to walk over to the transformers ride. Pictures to beeee taken :)

Second time riding the transformer ride and we took it twice that day! Vroom vroom autobots roll out!

With ryan and our 3D glasses just before the ride!!

The guys had their smoke break so we ended up taking more pictures , woooo. With joey and wynn

And we headed over to the Jurassic park ride.

Left to right - Melvin, Shela, Joey, Marc, Wynn, Silver, Veronica, Ryan (and CK/Weijian who got cut off)

Super fun getting all splashed and wet ! :D Headed over for the water show afterwards and continued taking the rest of the rides.

AHHHH a giant pimple on my forehead that appeared out of nowhere lolol.

And finally a picture with veron.

And the gigantic USS globe outside USS!!!

Headed over to Vivo city to celebrate KC's birthday at .... The soup kitchen ? (i forgot where we dined at LOL).

Noel, kiro, kelvin, cynthia, esther and bf joined in and the gathering was soooo huge it really felt like it was a family gathering LOL. Love the cozy feeling =\

OH OH AND I've almost forgotten to mention that i got a skipper from madagascar! Found it too adorable to not bring home hahaha. Mask used in the picture is from , will blog up the advert soon :)

Thinking back, that day was a really really happy one and i'm glad to be able to pen it all down here where it'll become a part of me. 

Alright guys! It's back to studying. 3rd paper tomorrow, can't wait for the holidays where I can party all night :) Sorry for the long post~