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Skarf should no longer be an unfamiliar name in Singapore after they invaded the hallyu wave just today with their debut track " Oh dance ". SKarf, the name itself indicates the collaboration between Singapore and Korea with " scarf " as their theme. S, represents singapore while the K represents Korea. The group is made up of 4 members, 2 singaporean (Tasha & Ferlyn) and 2 koreans (Sol & Jenny).

SKarf have been headlining singapore's kpop fandom base as they're the first girl group that has our own people in in. Initially the group had a fifth member " Elaine Yuki " , but she dropped out due to extreme stress and other medical reasons - .

In my honest opinion, I was expecting a debut from them that will make a " BOOM " in the whole hallyu wave but i was disappointed.

Before their debut, I was actually told that their debut would be a powerful one, with idol groups 2NE1 and SNSD as their "inspiration" and their music genre would be somewhere along that line.

But when i saw the first teaser, my face went O_O

It was nowhere near that standard, but it did shock me in fact.

Cause most of the members resembles celebrities that we've seen before in reality lol. I'm surprised at how much the girls have changed in just a year. Tasha looks like one of our old time mediacorp celebrity, ferlyn reminds me of bekah, sol reminds me of IU and jenny reminds me of suzy.

The second thing that shocked me was the fact that the MV provides a very "princess-y" feel instead of the " powerful " debut i was expecting. If i compare SKarf with other idol groups, the whole teaser and concept reminded me of Apink/C-real.

Thirdly, the NAME. AHHHH the name is the most important asset for a group to have and they had to name themselves after a scarf -.- Can't express how disappointed i was because i was expecting a much decent name lol.

And tadang!

It appears they have their own reality show too! I've watched it and found it kinda entertaining (I adore Jenny lolol). However at the ending what really disturbed me was ferlyn and her reaction while having the durian. I mean, she's a singaporean and yes the smell of durians is really really strong but does she really have to put up a front like that in front of the audience? Hmmm...

Nope, i do not have anything against her but i'm just saying. But hey, I like how her looks have changed from the powerful dance teacher from Music forest to a much sweeter and gentler Skarf member!

With much said, their music video was unveiled today~

My views: The song is really soothing to the ears but i find the chorus and the bridges incompatible. It's like... you're given a cheese burger in a seafood restaurant. HOWEVER, this is what makes the song unique in it's own way.

For the lyrics, it's really disappointing because I find it really .... weird. I'm not the only person to feel this way right?

For the girls... GOSHHHH tasha really caught my eyes throughout the whole time. She has grown (from the picture below) from the dance she was into a really beautiful woman. Well, there's always "magic" in korea that does wonders to the looks of people there so i'm not really surprised.

Secondly I really adore that wink of Jenny's.

Okay so to sum up the whole post - Like what I've mentioned previously, the song and concept as a whole really gives the apink/c-real vibe. Not that that isn't a good thing because they really suit the concept well! However what I would really like to see is a song that can really showcase their vocal and dance talents and not let this song overshadow it. I will be anticipating their next song though

Disclaimer: Everything i've written here is from a third party view. Yes i'm close to elaine yuki but everything i've written here is pretty much factual and the views of other kpop fans out there.

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