Unappreciative people

Sometimes I really can't take it when people are being so unappreciative these days. Yes and I'm talking about how I really feel right now, at this very moment.

Everytime I try to do something good for someone (or everyone), there'll always be others talking shit about me on the other side without knowing clear facts of the situation beforehand.

Today I found out that there was this group of girls who've apparently been talking about me online.

Initially I wouldn't be aware of this till a follower of mine sent me a Facebook message informing me of the things they've said.

Basically it's regarding the SM town live tickets giveaway I've been discussing with my manager/management recently and some of the things they've been saying goes like this:
" I'm getting sick and irritated of seeing his (mine) tweets all the time "


If you're that sick and irritated of seeing my tweets from time to time, then you should have BLOCKED and unfollowed me on twitter long ago (oh if you're the one guilty and reading this, I've probably done you guys a favor and blocked you already). I don't understand why people treat it as though I owe them a living when they follow me. Get this clear into your head, I don't give half fucks whether you follow me or not. I TWEET WHATEVER I WANT, WHENEVER I WANT TO AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME.

" Who the fuck is he thinking that RITS will just simply give him the tickets just like that for a giveaway "

LOLOL this really made me cracked up. Since when did I even mention that this giveaway is affiliated with RITS or the sponsors for SM TOWN LIVE? Get your facts right, anybody with $ and power can get the tickets anytime, anywhere and unfortunately it's people like you who can't get them, Booohoo.

" Does he even listen to Kpop? Why does he always pretend to love Kpop so much? " 
" Yayayaya he gets to meet the celebs all the time. Look! I'm just beside taemin right now and he's kissing me "

As mentioned above, do some research before you start bashing on somebody you barely know because the last time I did some research on these group of girls, they only started listening to Kpop this year. Helloooooo, I've been listening to Kpop since 2008 and you're probably still a kid in primary school then

Secondly, your level of sarcasm amuses me because what you've stated above was something you can HOPE, WISH and PRAY everyday for the rest of your life but never will it ever happen in your wildest dreams because I doubt that for someone whose heart is as ugly as yours will get something as good as that to happen on you.

Mind you, every time I've an opportunity to meet these Kpop celebs, i wont be taking credit at all as it'll be thanks to the people with POWER pulling the strings. Whenever I get to have a meal with beg,b2st and others in the past or had close encounters with t-ara/mblaq/2ne1 or others, it was all thanks to these people (biggest thanks to my manager hyung).

Aghhhh just the thought of the group of girls simply puts me off and it's not only because of the things they've accused of me, but also their unappreciative attitude.

Honesty speaking, whenever I do something like this, like giving special updates, giveaways or whatever. There'll always be unappreciative people around the whole time and it's really irritating me to the maximum.

Let's just take the big bang tour tickets giveaway previously - I've discussed with company x (not affiliated to any sponsors or event organizers) to give out special passes or seats to my followers and it took me time to write up the fucking email, consolidating all the hundreds of responses, names, twitter ID and what's not and most definitely consumed a whole lot of my time. What do I get back in return? People whining about not winning this and that, i'm a scam, me/company's biased, people whining EVERYDAY about the smallest flaw you can think of.

If you people can't be appreciative of what I'm doing, I've nothing to say. But by using social media and smearing my name, saying I'm a scam, I'm ugly (like how is that even related), you hate me and bringing up all the irrevelavant issues and what's not, it really irritates me to the point I feel like plucking every freaking hair out of your head so that your brain can think better without the extra weight on your head.

And for those who claim I'm a scam for the previous giveaway, why the heck would I even print screen the details, take photos of the tickets, meet up with the winners to pass them the tickets persoanlly and mail out the merc to the secondary prize winners? All this freaking takes a whole lot of time and effort - I've to cab back and forth to the office to collect the tickets for you guys, mailing costs $ and imagine the time I've the spend, trying my best to squeeze time into my tight schedule.

The previous winner for one of the pair of bb tour tickets still had the nerve to ask for an additional pair instead of thanking me. When I told her I couldn't get more, she gave me a black face like I owed her a million $, seriously? I didn't talk much about this since I'm probably not going to see her again but wtf is with that attitude.

My own blood brother even ask me to get the tickets and merc for him if possible and instead of giving it to him, I GAVE IT TO MY FOLLOWERS. This is what i get in return? No thanks, I'd rather it not happen again.

All together I seriously find that it's this bunch of SOPHOMORIC (to the extend of being highly juvenile) and irrational Kpop fans that seriously puts off all the other non Kpop listeners.

Lastly, as mentioned on my twitter, the sm town tickets i've requested from the company is still undergoing approval and I'll only be informed on Thursday on the results (most likely approved). After seeing how things are going and how unappreciative some people can really be, I think I'll just call off the entire giveaway and pass the tickets to my close friends instead. I don't wake up everyday to please anybody. For the rest who wants to pursue this matter and bitch about me...

Shall end this entire post with a happy picture of me taken recently :)

(if you're reading this, be grateful that i didn't take any screencaps of your profiles)

Pulau Ubin

Headed to Pulau ubin on the 1st of September~

Actually i've no idea why i did my hair that day since it was gonna be ruined like almost immediately when we boarded the jetty but i still did. hahahaha.

I met up with my buddy of 3years at pending first before heading to the jetty to meet up with the rest.

Reaaaally tired that day. Taken with noel :D See! My hair is already in a mess!!!

With silver. Knew her since 2years back and we only started hanging out recently.

Actually there were a whole lot of photos taken during this whole trip but a whole lot of them were removed =\ Either due to the unglam faces of my friends/me or the weird angles.

First group photo :D

Look at veronica's glance with noel. Ji romantic yi xia haha.

My cramped face hahaha!

With Joey!

After 15minutes we arrived at Pulau Ubin and hence our cycling trip began !

We started off cycling together but after an hour, we were all split up lol.  Managed to find joey and shela after awhile.

While taking a short break :P 

Headed to one of the checkpoints for that day! The chek jawak jetty 

Went on a camwhore spree with the rest while waiting for ryan, veronica and noel to locate us!

And finally, after they arrived we started taking more photos again :D


Our sitting positions are inspired by Na xia nian, a very touching and funny chinese movie.

Had an extremely hard time writing the fonts onto our photos itself. I got the date wrong though T_T It was good, right? hahahaha .

Anyway i apologize for the lack of updates this week, have been really busy with driving lately. Finally booked my PT and it'll be on the 17/12... which is 3months from now T_T Can't wait to get this done and over with.

Random thoughts #2

On the last day of August, I attended one of my love's 21st birthday celebration. 

Happy birthday Frances!! Really glad to have known you for the past 3years+ :) Hope that we'll still be able to meet up more often as time goes by.

Anyway after the party, we headed over to avalon for a couple of drinks that day.... WELL not really a couple cause there was at least 5 bottles of molten brown (oh god champagne), vodka and endless flow of martell . 

Left avalon around 1+ and headed to another club. Happened to see one of my friends kelvin that day!

Okay so here comes the random thoughts.

Recently I've managed to get some updates regarding some stuff about some people and i was extremely disappointed by the updates.

I've been questioning myself - Why are people soooo desperate for sex these days that they're willing to do ANYTHING just to fulfill their sexual desires, even if it means they've to stoop to doing despicable things for it. Is it really that necessary? Can't you just control your freaking whoremones?

Don't tell me reasons like you're single or lonely or whatever shit cause that simply doesn't give you a reason to cause trouble for others. Just because you're single/lonely doesn't give you the perfect excuse to wreck someone's relationship, neither does it gives you a reason to fuck up someone's life. Stop being so freaking selfish,self-centered and start sparing a thought for others will you? WAKE UP! Life isn't all about YOU YOU YOU AND YOU. Spare a thought for others and stop being so inconsiderate.

Another thing is about those who're contradicting mofos' who think that being all paradoxical or oxymoronic is cool and shit. No, you're still making a retard out of yourself. You, yourself, if you're a slut, do not call others a slut and judge others based on what you THINK they're doing. That's what you THINK they're doing and not what they're DOING. Stop being so paranoid and think that everybody HAS to talk about you all the time too because honestly speaking, nobody gaf about you.

Le sigh, society's having more and more of sophomoric people these days that I seriously think that it's getting harder for me to open up to people these days. It's like, you've no idea who you can trust because of all these pretentious people who always have an ulterior motive up their sleeves. Being despicable won't bring you that much joy in the future and trust me, there's karma.

Watch what you say and think before you speak. You'll never know if one day what you say and do can be used against you. There are birds everywhere and you're just unlucky that a lil bird decided to tell me what you've been talking about and doing recently.

& Yes, all these random thoughts penned down today are all targeted at the same person

Resident Evil: Retribution review

Adding onto the hype that RE: Retribution is bringing in, here's a blogpost solely about Resident Evil

You guys may not know, but i've been a reaaaal big fan of the resident evil series (both the game and the movie) and I think i'll love the entire movie's concept for Retribution.

When I saw the movie poster outside cineleisure the other day when I was watching step up 3... I was like " WHATTTTT ? HOW DID THEY MAKE SOMEONE LOOK LIKE THE ACTUAL ADA WONG (game) ".

I was really amazed when I saw Ada wong because she looks like the exact replica of what Ada looked like during RE4. NOT ONLY THAT, the teaser has shown that she'll be showing some of her HOT SOMERSAULT during her " mini " fight with Alice (Milla jovovich) 

It's been 2 years since the last resident evil movie and I have been waiting for their next release since then (primarily because they ended the whole scene with jill valentine appearing).

Other than special appearances like Jill valentine, there would be " clones " of the previous resident evil series such as " Rain " (as shown below). AHhhh I really can't wait to watch the movie now.

 Random, but this angle of Jill valentine (aka Sienna Guillory) looks like taylor swift hahaha.

ARE YOU GUYS EXCITED FOR THE RELEASE OF THE MOVIE LIKE I DO? It'll be out on the 13th of September. For me, I'll watch the movie by hook or by crook no matter what.


Alright in case you're not THAT excited yet, watch the trailers to see if they'll be able to spark your interest :P

----------------------------- UPDATE ----------------------------------

Okay so I'm back from my driving and watching RE: Retribution!

In my honest opinion, those who've caught all of the previous films would find this sequel alittle confusing due to it's plot. However I managed to kinda of understand what the whole situation was talking about at the end of the movie (anyway there will be a sequel).

ANYWAY, the movie was REALLY REALLY good, there was action scenes almost every 10mins of the movie and the thrill element was there, together with alittle horror added in (screamers alert).

I caught the movie in IMAX 3D and I was really impressed with each and every details that was shown on the movie itself. IT WAS SO CLEAR YOU'LL FEEL LIKE YOU'RE PRACTICALLY IN THE MOVIE!

Ada wong (aka li bing bing) played her role real well but I think they could actually make her stand out more, other than that, she's really portrays Ada wong well !

I'd rate the movie 4.3/5 thanks to it's amazing cinema graphics and also intense action plot. A must watch for resident evil fans and action movie fans alike. BUT HEY! If you'd like a little thrill in your movies, just go for it too.

Zirca's Fresh Coat event

Went for Zirca's Fresh Coat event on the 26th of August. MAN IT WAS A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

Basically it's a special event where it involves the zirca crew splashing UV paint at you .

YES UV PAINT! Meaning you'll be glowing in the dark as you party along to your favourite hits.

The music was good that day, the crowd was awesome and the UV paint was COOOLD but SHIOK. I'd really like to thank Zirca for the VIP access that day :D

The UV paint prepared by the Zirca crew

It was my first time attending this event and I didn't know much about the event itself until my friend told me what it was about. Went to do some research regarding the event itself and found these pictures from the Fresh Coat 2011 page.



Apparently this was what i wore that night before heading down to zirca. However i realized that it would be a burden to be actually wearing so much on that day, so i brought along an extra shirt just in case things would get TOOO dirty

Met up with shela and a couple of other friends before heading down to Zirca 

COUNTDOWN TO PAINTFALL!!! It was a heck load of fun as we count down to the paint fall while partying to our favourite hits. Deekosh was there to host the event too!

Headed off to my "home" club afterwards with shela. Loving the design on my shirt that day LOLOL.  I'M GLOWING!!!

 While waiting for the cab. Wasn't really THAT wet yet as we left around 1+ but my whole neck, shirt and hair was covered in UV paint. Face still moderate la haha

When i arrived at " home " club, the bouncers, countergirls and all my friends were asking why i was so wet and colourful that day .

The mess on my shirt at the end of the day HAHAHA
In overall FRESH COAT WAS DA BOMB and i really enjoyed myself there. Really hope that the next fresh coat event will come real soon :P 

Peace out (Y)