Halloween 2012

I've been a big fan of Halloween ever since i started watching South park. I didn't had a chance to participate in any of the previous halloween events as most of them are held in the clubs and bars of singapore.

Persoanlly i think that Halloween is a one of a kind event whereby different people express their creativity in the form of makeup and costumes. Whenever i'm bored from time to time, i actually watch promise phan's makeup videos cause i find her videos really interesting.

See! Her videos are really good and realistic right?!

So yeah this year i jumped clubs from zirca to different bars and clubs, dressing up as a pikachu that day :)

I didn't know what to wear for my top and bottoms as I found it really ugly if i were to wear a plain yellow tee/shorts to club. So i ended up with just a white singlet with denim jeans :)

DIY Avocado Honey Mask

Today I'll be teaching you one of my favourite DIY mask that's not only cheap but also easy to do!


Did you know that an avocado by itself has deep cleansing properties which helps in getting rid of the dirt and grime accumulated on the face? Not only that, it opens up the tiny ducts for cleansing and clearing the dead skin cells and thereby preventing acne breakouts!!

Avocado is also a highly effective ingredient which helps to smooth and moisturize dry skin/remove excess oil. It's also an extremely rich source of vitamins and lecithin which is helpful in restoring your skin back to health (pssst soft and supple skin)

TIPS FOR GUYS: Avocados are good for gaining healthy body mass, eat one a day to gain healthy mass for your workout. You can add it into a milkshake and drink it at regular intervals or just add it into your mass gainer/protein shake!

SOOO enough of the avocados....

Let's take a look at the ingredients needed to make this Avocado Honey mask shall we? :)

Recent Updates

How have you guys been?!

I've been reaaaal tired with so many things going on recently. The first week of the school term is literally killing me already and i've so many things to do!!

The pictures from today's post are mostly irrelevant photos that i've been wanting to clear since last month haha.

Soooo anyway, this post will just be a little update on my life

The 6weeks school holidays have been really fun. I've got to know many new people thru partying and also been through a whole lot of new experiences which helped me into changing a better person.

One of the lessons I've learnt is that those who actually bother to stay, will stay. 

& Those who care, will prove they do and not just say it out. 

I've been rather dissatisfied with my general appearance this few days and I've been considering undergoing fillers or whatever aesthetical enhancement that can make me look better.

Oh well, trying to look better is simply one of the ways in which we should always be doing so that our looks will stay competitive with the rest as our youth won't last. What we can do is try to prevent our looks from deteriorating!

Anyway i can't wait for my Traffic police test which will be on the 17th of December! I really really hope i can pass it on the first try cause I've been practically complaining every now and then about not being able to drive legally ):

I've no idea why i've to wait 3 freaking months for my TP anyway cause it's like... so long? My other friends only waited 1month for their TP... cause i'm just unlucky to have all the slots booked already. Tskk

Okay i think i shall end this post with the rest of the pictures i've been wanting to upload.

I'll update a quality post soon, sorry for the lousy posts like these recently. Hope you guys will stay with me! :)

Gym Progress: 2 months

Here is my progress after 2months of gymming :)

(Update at 13/10/2012: OMG I DIDN'T GYM FOR THE WHOLE OF THIS WEEK. DAMN LAZY LOL. I don't think i'll be posting up my 3rd month progress)

Pictures taken during 19 September 2012

JDRS's Birthday

I've been a baaad blogger hahaha. Sorry for the lack of updates recently, RE6 is out recently and my friend bought it for me the first day it was released.... and guess what, I've completed the game already! BWUHAHAHAHA YES. That includes leon,jake, chris and ada's campaign #likeaboss

SOOO anyway the following pictures are from last month, 14 & 15 september to be exact. My friends daniel, ryan, joey and silver were having a joint birthday celebration that day at Capella Hotel.

Sooo before i go on to the celerbration...

On the 14th of september, Me, shela and wei jian were supposed to DIY something for the birthday boys & girl cause we thought it would be something really meaningful. They had the sketches, plans and materials prepared.... but ... HAHAH read on to know what happened..

SOOO that day, I met with super cute bulbasaur that day for dinner, after that i headed off to bugis to meet veron and rest before heading to shela's place.

Bought 12 cupcakes for them.

Honestly speaking, i find the red velvet cupcakes over- rated. Not that awesome as expected... HOWEVER , their salted caramel is the best!

Moving on, the stuff we had prepared that day.

We were supposed to DIY 4 plushies for them that was supposed to resemble them that day .

Sooooo i was there to help tear the cotton in fluffy pieces :3

After 3 hours of brain torturing madness, we failed to complete our present as there was a very big flaw in the whole plan.... the hair was a mess..  and thus we gave up.

The end product was terrible ): and the picture above was the plushie of Joey. 

I'm still kinda upset that the plan failed ... but anyway i bought them something special already (yay)
SOOOO moving on, to the 15 of september :D 

The theme for that day was black!!!

I LOVE BUTTER COOKIES! There were several packets of these all over the hotel

Merlion shaped cookies!! Nomnomnom

The people who're early! :) 

Awesome tanning beds outside the room with our own private pool.

Started camwhoring before all the guest starts rushing in ~

With joey :D

AHhhhh hotel beds are the best ;)

Okay i'm really lazy when it comes to captioning today LOLOL. I'm actually in a rush to try and complete my things right now ): So just enjoy the pictures okay?!

Attempt at OOTD. But i didn't to post this up onto isntagram haha

Yummy cupcakes prepared by desmond