DIY Avocado Honey Mask

Today I'll be teaching you one of my favourite DIY mask that's not only cheap but also easy to do!


Did you know that an avocado by itself has deep cleansing properties which helps in getting rid of the dirt and grime accumulated on the face? Not only that, it opens up the tiny ducts for cleansing and clearing the dead skin cells and thereby preventing acne breakouts!!

Avocado is also a highly effective ingredient which helps to smooth and moisturize dry skin/remove excess oil. It's also an extremely rich source of vitamins and lecithin which is helpful in restoring your skin back to health (pssst soft and supple skin)

TIPS FOR GUYS: Avocados are good for gaining healthy body mass, eat one a day to gain healthy mass for your workout. You can add it into a milkshake and drink it at regular intervals or just add it into your mass gainer/protein shake!

SOOO enough of the avocados....

Let's take a look at the ingredients needed to make this Avocado Honey mask shall we? :)

All you need is a medium ripe avocado, natural honey and lemon!

Let's get it started !!!

Cut the avocado in half! Please be careful while doing so as it's kinda hard to cut it thanks to the gigantic seed in the middle.

Fine cut the avocado and mash + grate it afterwards. You can do this using a fork/scissors/grater.

Next up! We'll be adding in the next magic ingredient :)

Honey is a natural antiseptic and many people use it as a mask by itself to help soothe and heal their skin. Honey is superb for healing burns and small cuts. It's also a humectant (it helps to keep your skin moisturized). Because of all these amazing qualities, honey is thought to be able to treat acne as well! Honey will help to clear your skin if your acne is caused by bacterial problems. It can also help to soothe existing breakouts and heal irritated skin, which could improve your complexion.

Honey will be mainly added to this mask because of it's sticky and anti-acne while moisturizing properties. It'll help to make sure the mask stays on your face.

Sooo moving on~

Next ingredient: Lemon

Lemon is an excellent choice for those with oily and pimple prone skin types thanks to it's skin healing elements. The mask will act as a natural cleansing agent and make you feel refreshed. As the dirt and dusts will be removed from your skin gently, it will make your skin appear brighter and acne scars lighter!

(The lemon will also help in making the avocado mask last longer)

Once you're done making the avocado mask, store it in a sealed tight container and refridgerate it ! I love my masks to be cold before i apply them on my face.

I was exhausted when i was applying this on my face. It had a really refreshing effect and my skin was really soft and supple after usage.

As you can see, i applied a thicker amount on concerned areas (my peeling skin :< )

Poor tired me.

The after shower look whereby i was forcing my eyes open throughout the rest of the night. Mad tired that day T_T

Okay hope you'll enjoy making the mask for yourself !

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