Halloween 2012

I've been a big fan of Halloween ever since i started watching South park. I didn't had a chance to participate in any of the previous halloween events as most of them are held in the clubs and bars of singapore.

Persoanlly i think that Halloween is a one of a kind event whereby different people express their creativity in the form of makeup and costumes. Whenever i'm bored from time to time, i actually watch promise phan's makeup videos cause i find her videos really interesting.

See! Her videos are really good and realistic right?!

So yeah this year i jumped clubs from zirca to different bars and clubs, dressing up as a pikachu that day :)

I didn't know what to wear for my top and bottoms as I found it really ugly if i were to wear a plain yellow tee/shorts to club. So i ended up with just a white singlet with denim jeans :)

And since it was my first time celebrating this event, i took a whole lot of photos with my friends that dressed up specially for that day!

With Shela :)

With tear :) 

A final solo pic of me before I started the drinking spree. 

OH! And i used tear's black face paint to draw the pika nose x)

With Mr grim reaper. The entire costume + scythe costed him $100+ . WHY SO ENTHU! MY PIKA HAT LOOKS SO CHEAP LOL.

With bryan and this pretty chinese ghost. She looked really scary in the dark with the torch light shining on her face lolol. Anyway this is real random but she looks like my ex hahahaha.

Noel the Cheetah

Derence and Terence

Silver the Little red riding hood

Justin the duck face devil LOLOL 

With michelle as herself x)

With this scary white queen ghost. I actually poked her body to ask her how she moves without even looking. Apparently under those bling blings are some holes for her to navigate her way around lolol

With Delon. I drew on the Cece Frey inspired leopard prints on his face. The eyemakeup, flowers and other colours are NOT DRAWN BY ME. I'm damn artistic one okay LOLOL

With his twin brother, Dillon. Likewise I'm not the one who drew on the eyemakeup and doodles on his face. HOWEVER, i was the one who drew the scar thingy on his face. CHIO RIGHT.

With da twins

With this cute chinese ghost with pink rosy cheeks. 

With Delon & Daniel :D 

Derran didn't had anything on him so I put on the pikachu hat on him. IT SUITS HIM LEH. HAHAHA

With le super friendly Mario, David :D 

With the Mario Bros!!! David, Shawn and Terence. LOOK AT Terence (luigi with mustache)'s face HAHAHHAA. SUPER CUTE RIGHT

And lastly with paul the fireman :D 

Okay i'm actually really late for some movie i'm having at 7. I'll update soon ;)

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