Happy children's day to all my blog readers :D May the child in you enjoy yourself today okay!

I've an estimated amount of 500 pictures from september to clear up LOL. Sorry for the lack of updates this couple of days as i've been busy doing some things here and there blahblah.

Was learning the ukelele during the first week of september. Had to travel back to school so that jessica could teach me in peace, without disturbance, without anybody.

Learning the ukelele was definitely fun, learning the methods of strumming and also how to keep up with the beat of the song together with the chords. So yup , it was challenging but painful too T_T


Le new sexy beaut 

 Had dinner with my parents at LONG BEACH @ Dempsy road. We were supposed to have JUMBO initially but the queue was overwhelming, thus we changed location and unfortunately, it was a bad choice cause the food is like ... 1.5x more expensive as compared to jumbo?

The food was yummy laaa! Not saying that it wasn't good at all but if you've too much $ to splurge on, why not?

Location: Blk 25 #01-01
              Dempsey Road 
Tel: 6323 2222
Open: 11am- 3pm (Lunch)
              5.30pm- 1.30am (Dinner)
URL: www.longbeachseafood.com.sg 

Folded some twin hearts the other day to make my ugly LV wallet look more appealing.

Anybody wants to learn this? :p Just tweet me up, i may consider doing a tutorial for this since there was a lot of people interested in learning how to do this!

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