JDRS's Birthday

I've been a baaad blogger hahaha. Sorry for the lack of updates recently, RE6 is out recently and my friend bought it for me the first day it was released.... and guess what, I've completed the game already! BWUHAHAHAHA YES. That includes leon,jake, chris and ada's campaign #likeaboss

SOOO anyway the following pictures are from last month, 14 & 15 september to be exact. My friends daniel, ryan, joey and silver were having a joint birthday celebration that day at Capella Hotel.

Sooo before i go on to the celerbration...

On the 14th of september, Me, shela and wei jian were supposed to DIY something for the birthday boys & girl cause we thought it would be something really meaningful. They had the sketches, plans and materials prepared.... but ... HAHAH read on to know what happened..

SOOO that day, I met with super cute bulbasaur that day for dinner, after that i headed off to bugis to meet veron and rest before heading to shela's place.

Bought 12 cupcakes for them.

Honestly speaking, i find the red velvet cupcakes over- rated. Not that awesome as expected... HOWEVER , their salted caramel is the best!

Moving on, the stuff we had prepared that day.

We were supposed to DIY 4 plushies for them that was supposed to resemble them that day .

Sooooo i was there to help tear the cotton in fluffy pieces :3

After 3 hours of brain torturing madness, we failed to complete our present as there was a very big flaw in the whole plan.... the hair was a mess..  and thus we gave up.

The end product was terrible ): and the picture above was the plushie of Joey. 

I'm still kinda upset that the plan failed ... but anyway i bought them something special already (yay)
SOOOO moving on, to the 15 of september :D 

The theme for that day was black!!!

I LOVE BUTTER COOKIES! There were several packets of these all over the hotel

Merlion shaped cookies!! Nomnomnom

The people who're early! :) 

Awesome tanning beds outside the room with our own private pool.

Started camwhoring before all the guest starts rushing in ~

With joey :D

AHhhhh hotel beds are the best ;)

Okay i'm really lazy when it comes to captioning today LOLOL. I'm actually in a rush to try and complete my things right now ): So just enjoy the pictures okay?!

Attempt at OOTD. But i didn't to post this up onto isntagram haha

Yummy cupcakes prepared by desmond

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