Hard Rock Staycation / Skinhub Beauty Challenge 2012

Starting off today's post with a candid picture of me!

First off I would like to apologize for not uploading the video (Ask Tyler) yet as I've been really really busy the past week doing the usuals of filming, school work, work and a whole lot of other stuff. I barely had any time to even meet up my friends and i'm missing them already ):

Just so you know, I was hospitalized on sunday and was admitted to NUH (unsure what time) because I fainted near my kitchen counter -.- Apparently I had high fever and LBP that day so i fainted lol. 

I promise to you guys that the video will be up on youtube as soon as my exams end !!! I'm also excited to show you guys the results of my mini makeover once i'm done and through with it.

Getting over someone you love

Ever been in love, like seriously in love with someone who doesn't love you back? Or with someone who clearly doesn't show any interest towards you?

Well, I have and I think that most of you have also experienced what it's like before. Be it a crush or a break up, it both feels the same - Terrible.

This situation is always an unfortunate one. However, you/ll need to know that it is ideal for 2 people to love each other the same, at the same pace to make it work. Life is never ideal though and to get this kind of relationship to work, you really need a whole lot of patience!

You'll need to weigh either waiting for them or moving on as options. If your feelings are real and you choose to hang in there, you must not scare them away with your feelings (I tend to do this :<)

If things are meant to work out, you should be great friends before becoming lovers anyway. While you let both your feelings reach equilibrium, you'll find it becoming easier to ignore your strong feelings for them and just sit back, relax and chill with them.

*It's not always important for you to impress them, or do nice things for them in a loving way because it may give you hope to know that they can see you in the same light.

But how do you get completely get over someone you love when they do not feel the same way?

Kiehl's Boys Aboard!!


Okay I know it's been ages since I've last mentioned any of the kpop stars in my blog as i'm trying to gain a whole new target audience for my social media platform.

HOWEVER! That won't stop be from fanboying whenever i see hyomin X) 

Random photo of me in the gym. Friends has been teasing me for wearing track pants to gym.

CANNOT MEH! I feel more secure what hahahaha


Hello people!!!

I realize that I've been rather lazy when it comes to replying questions that people ask me on my different social media platforms and that is why i'm going to start answering your questions in a video format! The video will then be up on my youtube channel: www.youtube.com/tylerhikaru

YES! Whatever you ask me now, I'll answer them! However you're gonna have to be read through this list of "requirements/instructions" before you start tossing the questions at me!

1) I'll only be answering the interesting ones or questions that I can answer (please don't ask me difficult questions)

2) You can ask me anything, about me, life, school, club, friends, alchohol, sex, advice, tips, ANYTHING!

3) There is no limit to the number of questions you wanna ask so YES, FLOOD ME MORE. Flood me with interesting ones! 

I'll be reading through your questions and the cutoff time would be on this FRIDAY, 16/11/2012 at 23.59 hrs!

So go on and toss me your questions, NOW NOW NOW!

* In case you do not know how to use the formspring widget. All you have to do is just type in your question in the box above and send your question to me! You can hide your name to make your question anonymous if you don't want anybody (even me) to know your identity. *

* I tried using tumblr for the " Ask me " widget but it didn't work and i've no idea why. I'm a noob at tumblr T_T * 

Us guys, or maybe it's just me

 Love, love, love. They say love makes the world go round but does it really do so?

Regardless of whatever people say, i'm still going to be writing about this topic once again. I'm a guy and I'm actually kinda proud that i'm able to voice out my opinions freely on my blog and share my views with all of you whenever I want to.

Soooo yup, i'll be writing stuff about relationship/love/etc again....

F.I.S.H by Fish&Co

Had my hair touched up again the other day because le stylist is unsatisfied with the previous work done to my hair. Thus the pinkish colour was removed and we did some violet touch ups instead.

I'll be heading back to the salon again this week to touch up and maybe lighten the colors up :D

Here's some of the pictures i took while waiting for my friends to get ready.
(Actually they look relatively the same lolol)

Kim Robinson

Before I continue, I have to say that i'm really sick of using my old samsung camera to take pictures because of the lighting. It always has this orangey/yellowish lighting whenever i'm indoors taking photos with it. For my canon g12, it's too big for me to carry out all the time and i'm actually thinking of getting myself an olympus or samsung ex1 after reading many reviews of it's pros online. Which do you recommend? Email me :) 

Sooo anyway, recently I went to Kim Robinson at Ngee Ann City for a hair dye. 
391 Orchard Road 
#02-12 Ngee Ann City S238872

Tel: 67388006

I initially had platinum blonde in mind, or at least the ash blonde (similiar to the hair the guys in Emblem 3 has) but I decided to go for a much more low profile that wouldn't be too conspicuous for winter.

In the end, I decided to go for purple/pink/red!!! Either one or a mix of this colours :)

Here's one of the areas in Kim Robinson!

How To Look Like A Korean School Boy!

As mentioned in my previous post, my latest video is up on youtube!

A pretty much simple look/hairstyle for those who wants to look like a korean schoolboy!

If you're a girl, share them with your friends/boyfriend :D

My 19th Birthday

Hello people :D I've just passed my 19th birthday just a a week back .

I've been really really busy recently with a whole lot of things going on. Having to juggle between your school work, blog, work, social life and others is really tiring and i'm trying my best to endure :) Like what they say, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!

Anyway I'm currently uploading a new video onto youtube as i'm writing this down. However it'll still be a video of me doing my hair instead of other things. I've always thought of doing song covers and my friends encouraged me to do them too! But the thing is, i think that i'm lacking in vocal skill and also the necessary equipment needed to complete a professional video. Thus I've never really done a song cover on youtube till now. Then again... I may try :)

Soooo yeah here was how i spend my 19th birthday.

My family and I headed over to Turf City for a seafood feast at Unique Seafood (200 Turf Club Road  Singapore 287994, 6875 1895).

There, we were given a selection of live seafood to choose from and were given 50% off on weekdays :D

We were greeted by the huge array of live seafood. I've been here with my family on a regular basis for birthdays and other special occasions for these past few years. The taste has never disappointed us. Always yummy!

A Real Life Human Ken Doll

I was browsing through the net the other day and I happen to start on an article about this guy who's called Justin Jedlica.

Apparently Justin has had over 90 cosmetic procedures and has spent more than $100k during the process so that he could achieve what he calls " perfection ".

Yes, plastic surgery is pretty common nowadays and it's something most people would go through in order to look aesthetically better. However, there are some people like Justin Jedlica who's taking it to the extreme.

By lookin at his physique, you would have thought that he leads a healthy lifestyle (gym etcetc).

HOWEVER, what surprised me was that his "muscles" are actually more plastic than meat, as most of his upper body has been augmented with silicon implants (yes the ones that they use for boob implants lol). He has done pectorial implants, six pack implants, triceps and biceps implants. WTF

For his body, he started with his buttocks as he wanted it to be perkier, tighter, harder but didn't want to work out to get it (lazy and rich bitch) so he went for plastic surgery instead. Thus starting his long term affair with plastic surgery.

This was how he look like when he just got his chest muscle implants.

STAY COOL, BEAT STRESS with Breathe.sg

As a teenager living in Singapore, we're often undergoing many challenges in life, be it physical challenges, emotional challenges or even psychological challenges. The method as to how we handle these challenges in life actually predetermines what our results would be. Money? Fame? Result slips? Achievements? All of it!

In the current Singapore we're living in, most of us believe that education is the key to gaining a competitive edge in Singapore, everybody wants to excel!! Get to a good school -  Get a proper cert so that they'll be able to get a proper job in the future, which in turn ensures that they can provide for themselves in the future. However, as we plan for our future, be it our education or whatsoever path we're pursuing, have you ever realize that there is always a tremendous amount of pressure/stress factor that can actually make us feel really depressed?

What if we're not studying well enough? What if I'm lacking the money to study in xxx university? 

Back then when I was still in Secondary school taking my O's, I was one of those  whom people would normally look down at.

I scored terribly for the first half of the GCE-O level years, totalling up to an amount of 41 points, which will definitely get me nowhere in life. I was totally lost during that period of time, unsure of what to do because I fell out of a relationship during my CA1 period and kept thinking about it then. My results as mentioned, was horrendous and everyone looked down on me.

I was overwhelmed with stress from many factors...

My results were a disaster, everyone look down on me, my parents were worried if i would get into a good polytechnic and pursue a course that would earn me $ in the future, there was also relationship and friendship problems. It was really too overwhelming for me during that period of time.

I was afraid that I would score badly for my exams, thus disappointing my parents. The stress, I was feeling it, and it was definitely working its way into making me in a depressed state. 

However, my mum told me something that day that pulled me up from all that depressing pit hole I was in.

She told me this 

 " Son, it doesn't matter if you don't do well for your GCE-O level papers, it doesn't matter if you end up in a bad school in the end as long we know that you've tried your best, that's enough. " 

Her words woke me up. I started taking out all the irrelevant factors that were stopping me from exceeding my expectations/scoring and doing well. 

I started becoming happier as the days passed by and overlooking the things that may affect me.

Guess what, just by staying happy and stress-free, I scored 20 points for my prelims. I even got a bursary from MOE for being the most improved student for my batch.

And for my o's? I was a 13 pointer, being one of the top 5 in my class (I'm in NA) and out scoring all those who looked down on me. Even my teachers were in awe when they got to know about my results.


Okay i'm just kidding, but this is just a part of my life that I've never blogged about before.

So how do you fight off all the stressors? I'll be providing some of my personal tips and things I did in preparations for not only my O's, but exams in poly or your future endeavours.