A Real Life Human Ken Doll

I was browsing through the net the other day and I happen to start on an article about this guy who's called Justin Jedlica.

Apparently Justin has had over 90 cosmetic procedures and has spent more than $100k during the process so that he could achieve what he calls " perfection ".

Yes, plastic surgery is pretty common nowadays and it's something most people would go through in order to look aesthetically better. However, there are some people like Justin Jedlica who's taking it to the extreme.

By lookin at his physique, you would have thought that he leads a healthy lifestyle (gym etcetc).

HOWEVER, what surprised me was that his "muscles" are actually more plastic than meat, as most of his upper body has been augmented with silicon implants (yes the ones that they use for boob implants lol). He has done pectorial implants, six pack implants, triceps and biceps implants. WTF

For his body, he started with his buttocks as he wanted it to be perkier, tighter, harder but didn't want to work out to get it (lazy and rich bitch) so he went for plastic surgery instead. Thus starting his long term affair with plastic surgery.

This was how he look like when he just got his chest muscle implants.

WTF RIGHT LOL. I was in astonishment because i didn't know that one could actually undergo such surgeries to have the regular jock (sculpted body) look.

Then again his body isn't amazing nor does it impress me haha.

What do you think of him?

Honestly speaking, I think that he looks okay the way he was before he started his affair with plastic surgery (on the left) as compared to how he looks now. Being THIS obsessed with plastic surgery is pure stupidity as he's putting his life at risk by turning himself into a living, breathing silicon sculpture and personally i find that he looks like a tranny now :\

What are your views?


  1. It's.. O.o how can he do that?? XO He is freaking crazy.. xD you can't be perfect.. >__<

    1. Well different people have a different perception of " perfection ". In his case, he's weird