F.I.S.H by Fish&Co

Had my hair touched up again the other day because le stylist is unsatisfied with the previous work done to my hair. Thus the pinkish colour was removed and we did some violet touch ups instead.

I'll be heading back to the salon again this week to touch up and maybe lighten the colors up :D

Here's some of the pictures i took while waiting for my friends to get ready.
(Actually they look relatively the same lolol)

Tired boy is tired =x

Had F.I.S.H at Somerset 313 afterwards 

F.I.S.H by Fish & Co. (313@Somerset)

313 Orchard Road
#B3-37/38 313@Somerset
Tel: 66340478

I ordered the king prawn in BBQ sauce. It was relatively yummy and surprisingly it was filling (probably thanks to the potatoes).

It's only $17 and considering that it kinda taste like lobsters, it's affordable :D

Fleshy and succulent meat ! 

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