Hard Rock Staycation / Skinhub Beauty Challenge 2012

Starting off today's post with a candid picture of me!

First off I would like to apologize for not uploading the video (Ask Tyler) yet as I've been really really busy the past week doing the usuals of filming, school work, work and a whole lot of other stuff. I barely had any time to even meet up my friends and i'm missing them already ):

Just so you know, I was hospitalized on sunday and was admitted to NUH (unsure what time) because I fainted near my kitchen counter -.- Apparently I had high fever and LBP that day so i fainted lol. 

I promise to you guys that the video will be up on youtube as soon as my exams end !!! I'm also excited to show you guys the results of my mini makeover once i'm done and through with it.

So anyway on the 17/11/2012, I had a staycation with my friends at Hard Rock Hotel as michelle's aunt redeemed one of the rooms available that day with her casino points. Yippie

The last time I had a staycation was during March where I visited Hard Rock Hotel for the first time with weemeimei and it was rather a memorable one for me (Read: 3D2N Stay - In a rock ). This time, we had like 10 people sleeping in one room!! Talk about crowded heh

And this is Standley! If you've followed me on instagram (Tylerhikaru) already,
His face should be kinda familiar since i've posted up a photo of him previously. 

Say HI !!!

Anyway one of the things i can never get bored of in the hotel elevator is to stare at the reflection of bling bling " diamonds ". It makes your complexion looks as though it's perfect. WHAT MAGIC IS THIS!?

Shine bright like a diamond~

Michelle's carebear occupying an entire bed that day when the room was STILL empty.

We were bored and thus we started a camwhore spree to kill time while waiting for the rest to arrive. 

Look at my spasm face. Standley was all prepared to head to work that day.


 Standley left after we did the video as apparently he was late for work 

Around 6+, Ckae joined us. Sean, hayden and chris joined us around that time too. 
Evon and lesden was the latest D: 

We walked around RWS looking for dinner and had some drinking games afterwards.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE STAYCATIONS and I love hotel beds hahaha. However that day most of us had a miserable sleep because most of the guys were snoring very loudly during their sleep. It felt like a snoring orchestra that day, with all different tones/volume of snores and even OINKS added in.

YES OINKS. We had a friend who oinks instead of snores. HAHAHA epic staycation

So here I am, still looking bright and wide eyed before sleeping.

And here's how I look the next day. TIRED TO THE MAX (I love you guys for snoring LOL) 

You're probably wondering why baby michelle is here with me, and this goes on to my second topic for today's blogpost - Skinhub Beauty Challenge 2012

I don't know if you guys have heard of the challenge before, but apparently it was widely advertised on SMRT, magazines, blogs and even the poly campuses.

I happen to spot one of their advertisement posters on SMRT on the way home during one of the school days

Apparently this was what i saw that day

WAHHH!!! It looks like an interesting contest for people who're interested in experiencing what it's like to be in the modelling industry/runway and such. The prizes pretty much convinced me as I was intending to give the overseas trip to my parents (provided that i win), enjoy the massage (I'm in serious need of a full body massage) and the rest.

I thought that it would be a good opportunity to experience what it is like to be in a runway and stuff. So I convinced baby michelle to join the pageant with me that day.

SOOOO immediately after the staycation, I headed over to the infamous IMODELS Holdings office located at Orchad Central. I need not explain why they're infamous, just do some Google research yourself. I can't even count how many times they've approached me and blocked my path near town/bugis/other areas in Singapore and yes, apparently they're the co-organizers of the contest.

Firstly, let me touch on the other people who've participated in the pageant that day. The both of us were looking at the other people who were interested in joining the pageant and honestly speaking... they;re like CMI. Like seriously... tattered oversized jeans for the guys? Okay I shall not say more but you get the jest.

Michelle and I was supposed to be joining the competition together as a pair and was actually supposed to undergo the interview together. However, they decided to split us up that day so yeah, we figure out that we're okay with how things since we're going to join anyway.

I waited for my turn and few moments later and was brought into a room where my measurements were being taken with the traditional method. I grew taller by 4cm YAY (175cm).

Afterwards I was questioned a whole lot of stuff whereby the interviewee would grade me, my personality, my looks and posture during the process (I managed to get peek at the paper and i scored 90/100 LOL).

So here's the freaking annoying part. After interviewing me with the floods of questions, the lady finally took out a piece of paper telling me that is it a blabla-long thing and there was an agreement form I need to sign. OHHHH okay if it's just a simple form/contract or whatever you wanna call it, I've signed a plenty of them recently.

After explaining to me what the form was and the procedures, she went to tell me that to join contests like this, we need to pay for our own training fees. During that moment, I was like " What the? Is this some kind of scam whereby you sugar coat the people who're interested to join with the benefits and what so ever and at the end, tell them that they need to pay for their own training fees for the contest? "

Like seriously? She then proceeded to tell me that they need to reach a quota of 100 girls and 100 boys to participate (and they need to pay the sum of $300each) before the whole thing will commence blahblahblah.

Common sense tells you that $300 is like 1/4 of the grand prize cash money already ($1200) and what are the chances of you winning among 100 other people?

And thinking about it, it's like easy $ for them since it's $300 x 200 = $60000. Wah, you don't even need to invest money into the entire pageant already since the interested parties are the one paying for the pageants themselves.

I wouldn't be so annoyed if they've mentioned before hand that the participants need to pay the lump sum of money. BUT THEY DIDN'T.

Their ambassador bloggers (I think that they weren't informed at all so it's not their fault), SMRT posters, and other forms of advertisements didn't even state that you need to pay to join (you can refer to the photo i've posted above).

Here's the extract of the article again

Other than the training fee thing, I was extremely annoyed when the lady started mentioning that ALL CONTESTS/BEAUTY PAGEANTS requires you to pay for your own training fees. Going on and on while mentioning the different pageants (miss universe, manhunt etc).

Know what?

I've a friend who was one of the miss universe singapore contestants this year and NO, SHE WAS NOT REQUIRED TO PAY ANYTHING FOR HER TRAINING FEES.

You don't even need to talk about pageants/contests, even the auditions for the big labels does not require you to pay -.-

So lady from IMODELS HOLDINGS, before you start coming up with facts that isn't even true, please do some proper research.

Obviously I didn't participate in the pageant that day even though I managed to score high points and neither did Michelle (FYI, She joined the TEENS magazine pageant, didn't pay a dime and won 1st place last year).

So yeah, moral of the story is that


Nope, I'm not even sorry for writing this post because I would like all my readers to not get cheated into joining contests/pageants that requires you to pay for your own training fees, simply because that's complete utter bullshit.

To the 200 participants who has paid the $300 in sum to them, I hope you guys do win something from there, otherwise your $300 will be going down the drain. Especially so when you're competing against 99 other people.

That aside, at least I got to camwhore with Michelle that day :D

Anyway I'm currently discussing with a friend of mine who's a graphic designer into designing a simple yet unique layout for my blog. TIME TO MAKE MY BLOG LOOK PROFESSIONAL! Wait for it you guys! x


  1. Sorry to hear about this Tyler but I do agree that this whole thing is like a means for them to sugarcoat their way through and earn the big $$$. It comes to no surprise though as imodels has been doing this for a long time

  2. But the bloggers did mention about the package to pay...

    1. Actually i've visited a couple of their sponsored blogger's posts and realized that some of them didn't include that you need to pay for the package. Then again, i'm in no way blaming the bloggers. What i'm unhappy about is that they (skinhub/imodels0 should have made it clear that there would be fees needed to be made in order for one to participate in their print/visual adverts. Secondly, it's the professionalism that the lady has displayed which annoyed me especially since she didn't knew what she was talking about.