How To Look Like A Korean School Boy!

As mentioned in my previous post, my latest video is up on youtube!

A pretty much simple look/hairstyle for those who wants to look like a korean schoolboy!

If you're a girl, share them with your friends/boyfriend :D

A korean school boy normally has hairstyles that can flaunt their facial features. 

Pictures taken on the day the video was shot. 

And for those who think that wearing a t-shirt won't be cute for a korean school boy.

Here's me wearing a polo tee :) 

If you like this look, stay tuned to my next blogpost cause i'll be showing you where i'm doing my hair now and also more pictures :) 


  1. Oi Bro! I cant wait and im excited to see your next blog about your hairstyles.. what kind of haircut in your hair?

    1. Hahahaha who are youu!! It's uploaded already :) I didn't cut my hair though, just did colouring

  2. Eeyy. what about your next blog? I want your hair! Can i get your hair? hahahaha. Your hair was so adorable!

    1. Hahahaha style it and use the tips i've provided from my videos!

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