Kiehl's Boys Aboard!!


Okay I know it's been ages since I've last mentioned any of the kpop stars in my blog as i'm trying to gain a whole new target audience for my social media platform.

HOWEVER! That won't stop be from fanboying whenever i see hyomin X) 

Random photo of me in the gym. Friends has been teasing me for wearing track pants to gym.

CANNOT MEH! I feel more secure what hahahaha

Nowadays I've been trying my best to juggle between my school life, work, acting, modelling stuff, handling endorsement deals and a whole lot of other stuff. It's really tiring but i'm not complaining as I'm working for something bigger in the future. If I can't take the pressure now, how am i going to take on the big bosses in the entertainment industries. Right? Heh heh.

Had some time off to sing K with my friends the week before. My hair is really getting messy and hard to maintain this few days and I'm thinking of doing something to it really soon!!! Look at how unmanageable it is!

Girls always complain they their hair is unmanageable, complaining that it's costly to do up their hair.

KNOW WHAT? I think that guys need to spend more money when it comes to doing their hair!

Girls only dye/cut their hair once a blue moon or something but US GUYS!?

We need to do it monthly or even on a tri-weekly basis.

Not only that, it's really troublesome trying to keep up with the trends nowadays :<

SOOO yeah back to me singing K with my friends! Here's Shela again :)

This silly girl will be leaving singapore soon )': 

Though I know her for a short period of 4months, she has been there for me and bringing joy to my life every now and then. I'm going to be missing her when she's gone T_T

Happen to chance upon delon and veron!

My face is literally shining -.- I wonder how i'll look when i go tan bwuhahaha

And here's rainbow!

Had Kbox and played pool with rainbow, shela, ckae, bjorn and ken that day :)

I think my vocals slightly improved alittle leh! #notbadmeme

Few days later, I worked for kiehls as a kiehls boy!

I've been a kiehl's boy since a long time back :D

Though many people have been telling me that the standards of Kiehl's Boys (their looks) have been dropping throughout the years, it doesn't affect me as I'm really glad that i'm able to work with one of my good friends, Jon!

Say hi to Jon! *wave wave*

Actually the job scope is relatively easy as compared to other jobs available outside.
The Kiehls Boys just need to stand there, smile and give out samples/pamplets.


  However, bad habits die hard and we ended up chilling at Wendy's HAHAHAHA.

Darling michelle came over to visit me the next day :D 

And here's Delon again!

In overall i'm really grateful for the friends, fans and readers alike who came down specially to visit me and I hope that I've thanked each and everyone of you personally that day myself :D 

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