Kim Robinson

Before I continue, I have to say that i'm really sick of using my old samsung camera to take pictures because of the lighting. It always has this orangey/yellowish lighting whenever i'm indoors taking photos with it. For my canon g12, it's too big for me to carry out all the time and i'm actually thinking of getting myself an olympus or samsung ex1 after reading many reviews of it's pros online. Which do you recommend? Email me :) 

Sooo anyway, recently I went to Kim Robinson at Ngee Ann City for a hair dye. 
391 Orchard Road 
#02-12 Ngee Ann City S238872

Tel: 67388006

I initially had platinum blonde in mind, or at least the ash blonde (similiar to the hair the guys in Emblem 3 has) but I decided to go for a much more low profile that wouldn't be too conspicuous for winter.

In the end, I decided to go for purple/pink/red!!! Either one or a mix of this colours :)

Here's one of the areas in Kim Robinson!

Comfortably seated with layers of towels to prevent the dye or water from reaching my clothes :D 

I had my awesome friends with me to accompany me that day :D

Placed a smiley face on Wilson, the stylist for that day because it was kinda of an unglam shot.

After bleaching the different layers of my hair. TADAHHHH!

I feel as though i'm a leopard with the random streaks of blonde ... .

Time to set in the dark purple! 

The purple looks so cool right :D 

In Kim Robison, they actually have this plastic ear muff for those dyeing their hair! 
They're so considerate and caring right!

And soooo the purple dye is being set :) 

I've no idea what that white creamy thing is but i think it's used to prevent the dye from coloring my skin.

All prepared to get baked and heated like a potato! Hahahaha!

After being " baked " for quite awhile, it's time for the hair wash!

Let me tell you, the hairwash at Kim Robinson is the best i've ever experienced in my whole life ... LIKE LITERALLY!!

The massage went on for a whole 15minutes, leading from my head to my back and it was sooo comfortably  I can literally fall asleep.

Look at the seats itself, so spacious and comfy !

And here's the end results :D 

The darker areas is the dark purple, which will fade to become brighter. 

According to the stylist, my hair will not be that bright because i've dyed my hair black awhile back ): So it'll be slightly harder to achieve the results i wanted.


My ears are totally red after getting heated up by one of their machines for the dye to set in.

Anyway, this is my dear friend shela who went bonkers awhile back and decided to randomly cut her hair by herself which made her looking like a maid in the end.

Thank god Wilson was willing to help her style her hair up and make her look presentable :D 

With just a hair dryer and skill, TADAH! Maid hair no more :D 

(Wah seriously cmi the samsung camera. Take pictures also blur)

Sooo anyway in case you're curious, I've actually taken pictures of the interior of Kim Robinson.

Look at how beautifully designed the place is. A salon fit for a king lo ~ 

They even had private rooms for those who prefer to have their hair done privately.
It's even equipped with TV lo ! 

The entrance of Kim Robinson, they're actually selling accessories too! 

The friendly receptionists :D 

Sooo in case you're wondering, Kim Robinson is located just beside Louis Vuitton at Ngee Ann City, Lvl 2!

You can't miss it horh, I've actually highlighted the entire shop for you!

Went for dinner and LAN session with my friends afterwards :D 


  1. did they blow your friend Shela's hair for free?

    1. Yes :) I asked them if they could do me a favour and blow shela's hair :)