My 19th Birthday

Hello people :D I've just passed my 19th birthday just a a week back .

I've been really really busy recently with a whole lot of things going on. Having to juggle between your school work, blog, work, social life and others is really tiring and i'm trying my best to endure :) Like what they say, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!

Anyway I'm currently uploading a new video onto youtube as i'm writing this down. However it'll still be a video of me doing my hair instead of other things. I've always thought of doing song covers and my friends encouraged me to do them too! But the thing is, i think that i'm lacking in vocal skill and also the necessary equipment needed to complete a professional video. Thus I've never really done a song cover on youtube till now. Then again... I may try :)

Soooo yeah here was how i spend my 19th birthday.

My family and I headed over to Turf City for a seafood feast at Unique Seafood (200 Turf Club Road  Singapore 287994, 6875 1895).

There, we were given a selection of live seafood to choose from and were given 50% off on weekdays :D

We were greeted by the huge array of live seafood. I've been here with my family on a regular basis for birthdays and other special occasions for these past few years. The taste has never disappointed us. Always yummy!

The frog's like " Eat me if you dare bitch! " lolol.

Here's what we had for dinner that day :)

Bamboo Clam in XO sauce 

Some fish in some sweet sauce

Garlic lobster

Broccoli and scallops (yum)

White pepper crab :) 

And i realize that I didn't upload any photos in this new blog that has my mum in it so here she is! 

I'm actually getting real sick of using the sweet filter that cam360 provides.

The photos you'll see which is taken from this week onwards (6th november) will all be filter-less unless otherwise stated :) 

Dearest F got me a birthday cake that day and folded a $100 note into the box. Really appreciate her present :) 

Daddy photo bombing the cake photo tsk tsk

And here's me with my cake! Happy 19th! Yay :D

Daddy had to photobomb me again >=( 
Can't stop laughing at his actions lolol .

The next day I headed over to plaza sing and had dinner with Shela and Ckae. 
Met up with a wilson, bjorn and ken afterwards ;) 

@ Plaza sing teppanyaki :D 

Shela with her depression maid hair and ckae :)

The following day after my birthday (lolol).

OOTD :D  All clad in black !

 Black Tshirt from Zipia
Berms from Bugis street
Watch from Zipia
Necklace from Zipia
Bracelets from Thomas Sabo :)

WOOHOOOO say hi to me :D

Had Sogurt at The Star, which is a new shopping mall located near Buona Vista Mrt

Wooooo dispensing the yogurt 

Green apple yogurt with kiwi toppings :D I LOVE KIWI !! 
It's not only good for the skin but full of enriching vita c for your body!

Do try out their strawberry/blueberry yogurt as they're reaaaally yummy and refreshing!  
You can add the flavoured burst toppings to have a sweeter time :)

Had the Sofries signature plate which has a different array of fries, nuggets and popcorn chicken!

Different condiments were provided such as BBQ sauce, cheese, etc. 
I love how we're given an array of condiments to choose from !

Anyway Sogurt is located at level 1 of The Star, you can't miss it :)
Will be heading back for more soon. Missing the taste of the food already!~

Celebrated my birthday with the rest of my friends after the yogurt feast at Ting Tai Fung.
(Special thanks to ryan,mon,noel,kc and marc)

Will never want to have another bite of chocolate cake for the next few months thanks to them >=(


  1. All the pictures of the food made me hungry. Ahaha.
    But happy belated birthday! Seems like you had a lot of fun.

    1. Hahaha thanks :D Yeah it was a whole lot of fun!