As a teenager living in Singapore, we're often undergoing many challenges in life, be it physical challenges, emotional challenges or even psychological challenges. The method as to how we handle these challenges in life actually predetermines what our results would be. Money? Fame? Result slips? Achievements? All of it!

In the current Singapore we're living in, most of us believe that education is the key to gaining a competitive edge in Singapore, everybody wants to excel!! Get to a good school -  Get a proper cert so that they'll be able to get a proper job in the future, which in turn ensures that they can provide for themselves in the future. However, as we plan for our future, be it our education or whatsoever path we're pursuing, have you ever realize that there is always a tremendous amount of pressure/stress factor that can actually make us feel really depressed?

What if we're not studying well enough? What if I'm lacking the money to study in xxx university? 

Back then when I was still in Secondary school taking my O's, I was one of those  whom people would normally look down at.

I scored terribly for the first half of the GCE-O level years, totalling up to an amount of 41 points, which will definitely get me nowhere in life. I was totally lost during that period of time, unsure of what to do because I fell out of a relationship during my CA1 period and kept thinking about it then. My results as mentioned, was horrendous and everyone looked down on me.

I was overwhelmed with stress from many factors...

My results were a disaster, everyone look down on me, my parents were worried if i would get into a good polytechnic and pursue a course that would earn me $ in the future, there was also relationship and friendship problems. It was really too overwhelming for me during that period of time.

I was afraid that I would score badly for my exams, thus disappointing my parents. The stress, I was feeling it, and it was definitely working its way into making me in a depressed state. 

However, my mum told me something that day that pulled me up from all that depressing pit hole I was in.

She told me this 

 " Son, it doesn't matter if you don't do well for your GCE-O level papers, it doesn't matter if you end up in a bad school in the end as long we know that you've tried your best, that's enough. " 

Her words woke me up. I started taking out all the irrelevant factors that were stopping me from exceeding my expectations/scoring and doing well. 

I started becoming happier as the days passed by and overlooking the things that may affect me.

Guess what, just by staying happy and stress-free, I scored 20 points for my prelims. I even got a bursary from MOE for being the most improved student for my batch.

And for my o's? I was a 13 pointer, being one of the top 5 in my class (I'm in NA) and out scoring all those who looked down on me. Even my teachers were in awe when they got to know about my results.


Okay i'm just kidding, but this is just a part of my life that I've never blogged about before.

So how do you fight off all the stressors? I'll be providing some of my personal tips and things I did in preparations for not only my O's, but exams in poly or your future endeavours.


Always remember to study and emphasize more time and effort into memorizing the important points/factors of the paper. Make sure that you do not spend too much time on the less important ones! By doing so, at least you'll actually score better because you'll be reaping in the major marks. 

By studying smart, it also ensures that you won't be over stressing and over cramping your brain with all the information. Yippie!

Never panic. 

Never start panicking just because you can't solve a problem or can't seem to find a solution to the question you're practicing.

Always remember, YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

It's never too late to seek help, be it from your family, friends or even teachers! 

Even if you're REALLY alone, WE CAN ALWAYS RELY ON THE INTERNET! Google has the answers to everything so just Google away! 

Start planning your schedule! Plan and make a mini countdown as to how many days you've left till your examination starts. Note down the important things to focus on to study and also which subject to practice on!

Get yourself a simple schedule book! I got mine at TYPO @ Somerset 313! This is for the year of 2013 though, See! I'm making preparations in advance! hahaha

If you prefer something more technological, use your phone's calendar and note down the important things you need to do!

And one of my favourite method of relieving stress that I’ve adapted recently is exercising!!!

Don't be lazy! Start working out at the gym, swim, run around the park or whatever! Just do something and exercise!

Since exercise reduces stress chemically, it can also have a meditative effect during sustained cardiovascular work outs. The rhythmic running on the open road or treadmill can relax and clear the mind. Clearing the mind allows for a fresh approach to perplexing and stressful problems~

Regular exercise also impacts on the way you feel about yourself. For example, if clothes fit comfortably and your body is toned due to regular exercising, you feel good about yourself. If you feel good about yourself, your self-confidence is given a boost and stress due to feelings of inadequacy is reduced as a result. It will not only make you healthier but regular exercise will also cut down on stress and anxiety and their associated symptoms.

TADAHH! It's like hitting 2 birds with one stone. You feel better with yourself because of the exercises and self-confidence +1!!

One of my favourite things to do is to take power naps especially when I’m stressed out! Nothing beats a good power nap to refresh your mind and clear out all the stressors that may have a negative impact on you.

An alternative to taking power naps would be taking a break, such as going out with your friends, or just a simple stroll at the park.

Talk to your friends, family and do what you like during your spare time! When you're doing so, never think about the stuff that can make you feel stressed! When you're out, enjoy it while you can!

As the saying goes- WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!

Sometimes when you've not enough time left to play around but feeling too stressed up and annoyed by the things you're studying. 

Visit ! I love to visit 9gag whenever I’m feeling down because simply reading a gag just takes a few seconds and that few seconds of laughter can actually really help you unwind :)

That's all of the tips I can share with you as of now! Do visit cause this site has more information and tips on how you can manage your stress and study better.

Not only that, do participate in their facebook contest whereby you can win prizes for the tips you contribute! Click here for their facebook page -> 

They'll also be tweeting tips on , do follow them yeaaahh!

All the best~


  1. Thanks for this article! xD... i learned a lot to you... btw thanks bro!

    1. You're welcome and glad you've learnt much!

  2. Thanks bro! I feel that i'm a teenager not a bussiness man to be such a stress

    1. Hahaha you'll have to learn how to manage it even if you're a business man. Stay strong :)

  3. Thank you Mr. Tyler! I usually think that the most happy in our life is to be a teenager.. Im proud to be a teenager.. LOL,,,Hey Mr. Tyler i wish that you would become sucess in the future..maybe a superstar xD, or an artist and you will be discover and be an action star! I study hard and I want to be like you.. I see your accounts that so popular like many subscribers,followers,and a friends in the social network in-sites! I hope it will increase by the next day... :D

    1. Hahaha i think our childhood days are more carefree and happier! Lesser dramas and fights. But different people have different perspectives and views. Anyway you're really random and i really appreciate your blessings :) I hope that I will continue to improve for you guys too. Thank you whoever you are!