Us guys, or maybe it's just me

 Love, love, love. They say love makes the world go round but does it really do so?

Regardless of whatever people say, i'm still going to be writing about this topic once again. I'm a guy and I'm actually kinda proud that i'm able to voice out my opinions freely on my blog and share my views with all of you whenever I want to.

Soooo yup, i'll be writing stuff about relationship/love/etc again....

After being single for quite awhile, I'm realize that I'm actually relatively happy! I've awesome friends around me to make me happy and I've work to keep me busy. Not only that, I engage in different assignments and life improvement activities such as gymming, taking up my driving lessons and such to slowly improve myself and I'm actually loving the progress I'm having so far.

However, once in a while i DO feel lonely. I am human after all. I do yearn to be loved and to love.

This is the depressing part because whenever I feel lonely, as in love-lonely and not the generalized lonely, I start over-thinking about a whole lot of issues and start getting jealous easily when I see all the lovey dovey couples out there.

Thoughts like
" Am I that ugly? Why nobody likes me back? " 
" What if nobody wants me for the rest of my life? What if i stay single for life? OMG I'LL BECOME A MONK "

Okay la it's not that bad but yeah i do think that nobody will ever want to be with me for the rest of my life and that there's something with me.

I'll start panicking and continuously try to raise my "market value" in terms of my looks, character, body and such. After awhile it gets really tiring and all I wanna do is just take a long break away from reality and fly to some foreign land and chill and relax. However, I'm unable to do so lolol cause if i fly alone, it'll sound so emo nemo-ish.

Soooo yeah, whenever i feel love-lonely, i'll also tend to start trying to know more people so that hopefully, I'll be able to find the " right one ". But after doing this for quite awhile, I start feeling retarded because I feel as though i'm trying to force myself into being in a relationship or being in love just because I'm lonely.

Honestly speaking,i know that by doing this, the date or whatever i get myself into won't last because that isn't what I really want and I'm not ready at all.

I ask myself - " Do loneliness tend to make you fall in love more? " 

Well I don't know about you guys, but here's my view. It can be both a yes and a no. Yes, loneliness can make you fall in love, but not always. You don't see a random person on the street and fall for them just because you're lonely, right? I think you get to really know someone first, then fall for them out of the blue.

I think I can say that loneliness actually makes you think that you like someone else, or you love someone else but in actual fact... you don't! Then again, you may end up really falling in love/ or liking the person (you see where i'm going?) 

" Don't fall in love because you're lonely. Fall in love when you're ready. "
After thinking about it for quite awhile, I think I'll just take things slowly this time. I don't want to be affected by irrelevant issues which may deter me from achieving happiness or finding the "right one". For now, I just wanna be happy, make my friends happy and enjoy my time with them and see how things goes. Who knows, I'll be able to see the "right one" soon.

Since my love life have been shitty since my first relationship, I'm actually hoping that I've wisen up from my previous encounters (be it when i got cheated, dumped or whatever) and I hope that my eyes will be wide open this time. Then again,I believe luck plays in everything we do and I'm really hoping lady luck will start being by my side for once this time :)

Yes, I think i need a lady luck this hot to help me HAHAHAHA

Honestly speaking i do feel weird talking about love/relationship stuff from time to time. Maybe people will view me in a different light, maybe people will judge me. In the end, who cares! I'm just sharing my views with you guys and perhaps you'll learn something new from me.
Boys get eating disorders
Boys self harm.
Boys get depressed over love and relationship issues too.
Boys get suicidal
Boys commit suicide
It's not just the girls.

So to all the boy or male readers out there, stay strong :) 

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