Samantha Thavasa Anniversary Fashion Show

I attended the Samantha Thavasa anniversary fashion show with weemeimei on wednesday! 
Samantha Thavasa is one of Japan's leading fashion brands and has been endorsed by both Japanese and international celebrities alike. Including Jessica Michibata, Beyonce, Penelope cruz, Taylor Momsen and most recently, Korean girl group After School. Known for its girlishly chic handbags and accessories, Samantha Thavasa embodies femininity at its best - womanly confidence with a youthful dash of fun and spontaneity. - ST Facebook Page
Fashion shows like these which involves only female stuff normally wouldn't interest me. But do you guys know who the latest ambasaddor for Samantha Thavasa is ? It's MIRANDA KERR!!

So you can practically that I went down that day to look at girls *_*

Anyway, I personally think that I looked horrible that day ugh. Triple eyelids with horrible complexion.

The theme was stylish so I decided to clad myself in black!

Tshirt: G2000
Skinny Pants: Z
Belt: Hermes (I think, borrowed from my dad lol)

As you can see, the crowd were mostly female and i kinda feel overwhelmed lol.

Managed to take a couple of decent shots of the models holding Samantha Thavasa's Bags

The model below is my favourite! She kinda looks like miranda kerr :p 

I look like I was high or something thanks to my triple eyelids ):

Another photo with botak boy xavier

After the event. Meimei and I headed over to punggol to pick up william and lance to have supper together.

The goodies that the people of Samantha Thavasa has provided us with :D