Thank you 2012

2012 has been one hell of a ride for me. Time seems to have gone by within a blink of an eye and I can actually fully remember what i did during last year's new year eve countdown.

2012 has brought me many joys, new friends, new adventures, endless amounts of drama and have also let me see things I couldn't see in the past.

Back then at 2011, It was during this period of time when I decided to delete off . I consider it one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made cause till now, because of that old blog of mine, i was never able to get back the same amount of readers I've had in the past (mainly because the URL is screwed up) and most of my clients still address me as zaysong wtf.

But in any case, I hope that this blog will be on the right track again on the year of 2013. 

That said, here's my recap for the year of 2012.

I've nothing to say much about January and February but all i can say that it was literally hell for me during that period of time because of my previous relationship.

I went on a cruise trip with my classmates during the month of March to phuket. It was definitely a memorable experience because I've experienced what it's like to be on a cruise ship for the first time.

Secondly, It was my second time going overseas with my friends and i believe we had a fun time bonding, playing games, finding places to shop at phuket and stuff.

I had a couple of drama and misunderstandings involved with my close friends at class during mid-year but I'm glad that the problem is resolved :)

OH! And also a special shoutout for Xingyoong, Shikin and Michelle who've been my happy pills in school :)

All dressed up and prepped for the gala dinner on board the cruise ship!

For the class of DHLFM/02. I'm really glad to have known you guys for the past 2 years. I still remember back then, we won 1st prize for during our orientation week for the best class. Throughout these 2 years, there were countless dramas and hardship and we managed to go through it all. For the year of 2013, though we may be separated during our year 3 days. I hope you guys will still do your best and succeed in your future endeavors :)

Moving on the mid june, I had my first dip dye and also made a video about it on my youtube channel:

For June, I don't think that i actually did much during that period of time but if i remember correctly, it was during the end of June where I started clubbing.

Ever since then, I literally had a weekly routine of clubbing at various clubs from zirca, avalon to even thai clubs like nana. Through clubbing i've got to know a lot of new friends and it was definitely a fun experience for me.

For the year of 2013, I would like to cut down on clubbing, drinking, and hopefully find someone to settle down with hohoho.

Okay hahaha the previous statement is making me cringe and I'm finding it kinda funny but yeah, let's see shall we :)

I've lost a couple of important people in my life during 2012 but like the famous chinese expression states " 旧的不去,新的不来 ", which means " If the old doesn't go, the new won't come. "

I believe that whatever comes into my life and leaves will leave me with experiences and lessons which will nurture me and make me into someone who's better.

Through 2012, I've also managed to bond with friends who I've had for the past 2years, examples is this boy below named KC :)

This guy KC has been bringing joy to my life ever since we met and he's been making me laugh/smile all the time whenever we meet or hang out. His jokes, his kukuness and everything makes me love him to the max :) Thanks for being my friend for the past 2 years and I hope there'll be more to come as the years arrive.

Wahahaha our korean friend, Alex having Mookata with us at golden mile. It has one of the best thai steamboats there and you guys must definitely try it out.

 This year, I've also signed a couple of contracts which has affected my life ever since.

Though I've yet to think things through regarding my career path; about if i should sign the contract that I have after army OR if i should just open my own business and stay in singapore. I hope that whatever my choices are in the future, It would be a good one.

One of the contracts which I've never regretted signing was the contract with Gushcloud.

You guys may not know or have realized but i've been part of the Gushcloud family recently and through this family, I've got to know many awesome people like freda, sheena, mae, boythunder and also got closer to xavier. I've gotten campaigns and guidance under the people of gush and for this, I'm really grateful for my manager - Carmen for bringing me into this family.

Not to forget, here's a shoutout to the people who I've been close to for the later half of 2013. People like shela, joey, ryan, veron, weijian, silver, sohwynn, marc, ckae.

I think my looks have changed throughout the year and I'm not sure if i should be happy or be upset =\

But one of my most memorable and notable change was having my hair cut super short and have it black!

I also started gymming during that period of time and started gaining weight :)

And a visible change in fashion direction

Special momentos like skipper and skippy.

Cycling at ubin with the peeps :) 

And the idea of posing like the cast of 那些年 heh

Here's one of our failed attempts.

And here's the final copy with the caption after editing. Thank you Shela for helping us out in taking this awesome photo :)

One of the memorable events I attended

And here's me, half naked and sharing my progress with you guys on my blog.

Sad to say, I've stopped gymming since last month ever since I got hospitalized. I've shrank quite alot because of this and obviously my muscles are gone ):

Hopefully for 2013 my body will be able to take the pressure so that I can start gymming again :)

And also the road trips to JB. Massages and awesome food will definitely be remembered :)

And also my first time celebrating halloween!!!
Dressing up as a Pikachu that day :) AHhhh the memories.


An advert on how to stay stress free for HPB.

And also, the most tiring period of the year. With endless amount of school assignment, work, blogshop, filming/acting and more.

Then again, these were one of the important moments of the year where I learnt how to cope with my schedule, made a couple of new friends and tried out new stuff :)

Birthday Gift from my secondary sch bff paul :)

And also my second staycation with my friends at hard rock this year :)

I'm really grateful to have known you guys. Shoutout to standley, michelle, evonn, melvin, lesden, chris and sean :)

And one of the biggest milestones in my life so far !
Passing my traffic police test on my first try :) 

Lastly, I would like to thank each and every one of you who have been supporting me and this blog throughout the year. I really appreciate it and I will definitely work harder to reach greater heights. Let's all work hard together for our future! 
This last blogpost of the year goes to all of you :)

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