How's your 2013 so far? I hope it's good heh.

Basically this post will be on the things I did for the last week of 2012.

28/12/2012 - I met up with standley, evon, michelle and lesden for a post xmas gathering at Nabins, bugis.  Our initial plan was to sheesha that day but due to the fact that most of the sheesha places near haji lane were having full house that day, we decided to just chill at nabins and have a couple of drinks.

 The lil boy, Standley. 

Michelle, evon and lesden had their drinks whereas I had my homemade lemonade LOLOL.
The driver can't drink and drive as it's illegal.

Standley didn't drink either as he wanted to be a good boy. 2 thumbs up for him.

 Some of the pictures taken with michelle that day

The car is currently a mess just like how messy my room is LOL. I'm driving the VIOS now instead of the audi as I'm not confident of my driving skills yet =\

You see ah, if i scratch the vios by accident, nothing will happen as it's a VIOS and my dad will let it go.

But if it's an AUDI, i think my dad will scream and nag me till the rest of my living soul is gone lolol.

Some weekend - Okay okay moving on. Went to club with le party people on one of the weekends. I forgot which date it was and the stupid cam360 refuses to tell me the exact day so... Let's just say it's a weekend, k ? LOL.

All clad in black and you can briefly see my boxers even though I've cropped it away HAHAHA.

Outside planet with ryan :)

 With veron :) 

Didn't snap a photo with andrea that day... pretty girl i shy HAHAHA :x

 Okay i'm kinda red already :p
 Correction: I'm very red right now HAHAHA. With joey :) 

Headed over to avalon and I forgot who treated us the champagne. Must be cedric or zhengyong. 


And this is the post clubbing me. Tired, ugly and sweating like mad. 
You can actually see that i've wrapped my neck with tissue as i was sweating like mad hahaha. 

New Year's Eve - Fast forward to the New year's eve celebration!!! I had potluck at michelle's house with the rest that day. I didn't know what to cook as the things I wanted to cook has already been done by the rest... So i bought beancurd instead.
The kirbys squishing together with the beancurd :p 

 With the full attendance!!!
I've no idea why my face looks so bloated in the pictures I took that day. But yeah It definitely looks bloated.

Food the gang prepared!! :) Yummy and full of love. 

We started playing preparing our drinks and had a bit before our post xmas gift exchange. 
Hehehe guess who my secret santa is. 

 Little boy standley getting himself some drinks


My secret santa was lesden!!!! He actually gave me a mug with my name on it and I swear it was really thoughtful of him lo! He even made DIY xmas cards for the gang (the snowman with sticks). The big T for Tyler card is from michelle :) Thank you <3 


 With lesden :)

 The little boy!!! He looks like randy toh (the blogger) here. DON'T CHA AGREE.

 And yes i had a couple of drinks myself... HAHAHA YES I drank but I was sober enough to drive.... and it's a new year ..... i didn't drink much....

): ): ): ): ): ):
Ok i'm sorry, i won't be drinking and driving anymore. Promise. 

This pic is to prove that i'm " SOBER AND OKAY!! " 

 Zakky and a couple of the zirca party clique came before midnight and we had champagne :D :D

CHEERS TO THE NEW YEAR! (please don't scold me for drinking)

The picture was uploaded at instagram. I've no idea why people think i look like Jang woo young here :x Maybe cause my face looks bloated? Hahaha

I went to pick up a couple of my friends at zouk afterwards and continued the party :)  Was supposed to head to another party at pasir ris chalet but some unfortunate stuff happen and i wasn't able to make it there. Noona & co please forgive me ):

New Year's Day (the day itself) - Celebrated (I think you can say I'm celebrating it?) with smarty pants at MBS. It's my first time up at the infinity pool area as it's exclusive only for the guests. The view was aweeesome !!!

Had a chitchat till the pool closes and we continued the conversation just outside the esplanade. Had some funny moments and misunderstandings over some " sugar daddy " topic but I shall keep that to myself cause I don't wanna embarrass smarty pants HAHAHAHA.

The awesome view at Esplanade on the waterfront. You can even see the little glowing merlion haha.

And that concludes my 2012. I hope you guys will continue reading this space as i'll be revealing some of the bigger things i'm doing .... soon! :D


  1. Wow, you sure had a lot of FUN there!I wish I could have a time like that ( I mean like a crazy fun day with friends or relatives XD ).