CLICK Bloggers Showcase

I attended the CLICK bloggers showcase held at Oglivy last thursday with a couple of the gushcloud bloggers. We were given a first hand preview of an upcoming web series called CLICK, which revolves around a couple of youths and their emotions (friendship,betrayal & love). 

Spot me spot me!! 

It was really fun getting to know the other gushcloud bloggers present that day. I even manage to take a couple of photos with them! :) Hover your mouse over their names for their blogs !

Bubbly GeckGeck

The super cute Rachel !!!

I was really glad I was able to see her that day as she was one of my eyecandies on instagram for quite some time.

Pretty Valerie . Being the noob I am, I almost mistook her for the other valerie who is also a blogger. Ahhh very sorry *bow*

Audrey Jiejie - I heard about her from a couple of people prior to meeting her. She's really friendly and niceee. 

Jaime . I think I spent most of my time talking to her that day :x
Xavier ....Not the first time you're seeing his face here... right? 
Anyway I'm really sorry for being late that day!
Definitely not an unfamiliar in the blogosphere, Kaykay

She looks really really pretty in person! I SWEAR. 

Shine - I heard about her from xavier's tweets a couple of times. Definitely not an unfamiliar face in the acting industry too!

OH! And anyway I would like to apologize for the lousy quality of the pictures. I decided to use the LIGHT function from CAM360 as it helps to provide a soft artificial lighting to the pictures but I think that the photos above are kinda overexposed.

I can assure you guys that all the ladies present that day were all really pretty (and stick thin too omg).

Picture stolen from Jaime :) The full assembly! 

 With the cast of CLICK and 987. I look so awkward LOL .
The pose I made made me look like i'm a daddy figure
And a last group shot taken with the bloggers :)  Credits to

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